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Satprem Mother Agenda Vol 08

Satprem Mother Agenda Vol 08

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Published by ArcanaArcanorum

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Published by: ArcanaArcanorum on Jan 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mother's AgendaVol. 8Institut de Recherches Evolutives142 blvd du MontparnasseF-75014 Paris
January 4, 1967
 About a European visitor 
My impression was that she should let herself unwind, that her stay here would be good if she could open out, as a flower does, like that, relaxed.She is very tense towards life
(Mother clenches her two fists and stiffens):
it's"something to keep an eye on" and "beware of"! So if she could ... After all, it'ssuch a great thing when you can say, "Oh, I can have trust, there REALLY issomething concrete like a Grace, I can have trust."That would be a great progress.
(Mother gives a flower called "Radha")
So we'll say, "Surrender to divine solicitude brings thevictory."
January 9, 1967
 Are you tired?
 No ... I can't say "tired," I don't feel tired.... I am very ... very deep within.I feel I am there
(gesture above the head),
and usually it's not like that. Sincethis morning I've had the feeling of being there
(same gesture),
and it's extremelystrong there, as if something were being done. I feel work is being done (at nightalso).
 I don't know if it's an effect of your experience, but I have great difficulty being in physical things: in words, gestures, all outward things. A great difficulty.
It began yesterday, with the sense of a very widespread action taking place.
January 11, 1967
... In the afternoon, the lists [of appointments] have lengthened to such a pointthat I have no time left. Before, I used to start my daily work (the mail to besigned and so on) at 3:30, then it became four, and now it's quarter to five. Therewas a time when I finished at four, so I did the translation of 
(that was avery, very long time ago); later I finished at 4:30, so I still had time to takesomething, eat a little; now I finish after five, so
that settles it!It MUST be like that since it is like that.It's perhaps a lesson (it's an indication), but there is a purpose to it.
As for me, I try to understand the lesson I have to understand. I am learning to be very patient....
Oh, a patience ... People constantly bring revolt, abuse, all that. To me it's anabsolute zero, sometimes it's even amusing; sometimes I find it funny. But when Ifind it funny is not when I am in my best state, because when I am in my ownstate – the true state of compassion – it doesn't change anything, it doesn't evencause a small ripple on the surface, nothing. When it's funny is when it makes mestart working on people who have done one thing or another. When something isworking, then I find it amusing.Yesterday I was asked the question; I was asked whether abuse, the feeling of  being abused, and what in English is called
(which is somewhat akinto self-esteem), have a place in the sadhana. Naturally, they don't, that goeswithout saying! But I saw the movement, it was extremely clear: I saw thatwithout ego, when the ego isn't there, there CANNOT be that sort of ruffling inthe being. Because I went back far into the past, to the time when I still felt that(years ago), but now it's not even something alien – it's something impossible. Thewhole being, even, strangely, even the physical constitution, doesn't understandwhat it means. It's the same thing when materially there is a knock 
(Mother showsa scratch on her elbow),
like this, for instance: it's no longer felt the way an injuryis felt. It's no longer felt that way. More often than not, there's nothing at all, itgoes absolutely unnoticed in the midst of the whole; but when there is something,it's only a sense – a very ... sweet, very intimate sense – of a help trying to makeitself felt, a lesson to be learned. But not the way it's done mentally, always with astiffening; that's not it: it's instantly a sort of offering in the being, which givesitself in order to learn. I am speaking of all the cells. It's very interesting. Of course, if we mentalize it, we should say it's the sense or awareness of the divinePresence in all things, and that the mode – the mode of contact – comes from thestate in which we are.
This is the body's experience.And the only perception when there is some
or other in individuals,some shock or other, is always a clear vision of the ego – the ego manifestingitself. They say, "It's the other's fault." I wouldn't say, "Oh, so-and-so was angry"or "Oh, so-and-so ..." No, it's his ego; not even his ego: THE EGO, the ego principle – the ego principle still interfering. That's very interesting, because for me the ego has become a sort of impersonal entity, while for everyone, it's theacute sense of his personality! Instead of that, it's a sort of way of being (which wemay call terrestrial, or human), a sort of way of being in greater or lesser quantityhere or there or there, and which gives each one the illusion of his personality. It'svery interesting.
Yes, but the trouble is, others don't learn their lesson, so ... So theyinvade you.
Oh, if they learned their lesson, everything would change very soon!
So the result is that you are invaded, submerged.
Can't be!
 All your time is swallowed up, all your...
I can't be submerged!
I'm too big!
 But still, materially you're overburdened.
I have noticed that if I resist, things go wrong. If I have a sense of fluidity,there aren't any clashes any longer. It's the same thing as with this scratch
(Mother  shows her elbow)
. You see, if you stiffen up and things resist, you give yourself aknock. It's like people who know how to fall: they fall without hurting themselves.With people who don't know how to fall, the slightest tumble and they break something. It's the same thing. We must learn to be ... perfect oneness. To correct,straighten things out, is still to resist.So what's going to happen [if the invasion goes on]?... It'll be amusing, we'llsee!
(Mother laughs)
The others aren't in the same state, so maybe they'll feel hurt, but I can't help it!
(Mother laughs)
We should always laugh, always. The Lord laughs. He laughs, and Hislaughter is so good, so good, so full of love! A laughter that envelops you in anextraordinary sweetness.This, too, men have
distorted – (laughing)
they've distorted everything!
January 14, 1967
(As she comes into her room, Mother stops in front of a tray of flowers that 

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