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Satprem Mother Agenda Vol 12

Satprem Mother Agenda Vol 12

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Published by ArcanaArcanorum

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Published by: ArcanaArcanorum on Jan 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mother's Agenda
Vol. 12Institut de Recherches Evolutives142 blvd du MontparnasseF-75014 Paris
January 1, 1971
(On this day all the disciples filed silently past Mother, who is still unwell, sitting in her chair.)
1971Blessed are those who take a leap towards the FutureMother.
January 11, 1971
(This fragment was noted from memory by a disciple following the long  physical ordeal Mother went through for nearly a month and a half.)
Physical vision requires a much more continuous concentration. The physical vision serves to stabilize. It gives continuity to things. The same withhearing. So when neither of them are there, you become conscious of the thingdirectly, which gives you the true knowledge of it. That is probably how theSupermind will work.My physical vision and hearing have been pushed into the background to be replaced by identity through consciousness for the growth of consciousness.The way of relating to things, of knowing, is through an identification of the consciousness with the thing or person. Instead of having the usual sense of separateness, you have a constant sense of union. There are quite interestingexperiences. People call me and think about me. That comes into my field of consciousness. And after some time I am told, “So and so has come,” or “Something has happened to so and so,” and I say, “I know.” I wasn’t toldanything at the time it happened, but I was conscious of it as if it werehappening to a part of me.
January 16, 1971
(Satprem has not seen Mother since last December 2. The latest turning  point in her yoga has just occurred, similar to those of 1962 and 1968. Her small voice quivers and is lost in a murmur, yet her laugh is fresh asa young girl’s.)
I am happy to see you!
Good morning, Mother.
Are you feeling better?
Yes, Mother. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you....
Yes.... One of my legs went dead for a long time – it’s just starting to come back to life – it was paralyzed. This leg
(the left).
So naturally everything wasdifficult.... I had an intestinal ulcer, but that didn’t last long. It was moreserious but it didn’t last. An intestinal ulcer. But what ties me down is this legthat became paralyzed.
(Mother touches her left leg.)
The lower part of it, fromthe knee to the heel. So naturally you become an imbecile!
You are completely helpless.
 But then it means a lot of work is being done, doesn’t it?
What was remarkable (I want to tell you this right away) is that theconsciousness established there
(gesture above her head)
has grown stronger and stronger and clearer and clearer. And it’s CONSTANT. I worked – I wenton working – not only for India but for the world, and in touch (“consulted,”you understand), actively.As for the transformation, I don’t know.... What I had explained about the“replacement of the consciousness”
(the transfer)
went on methodically,methodically, absolutely methodically and continuously, but with ... someapparent impairment, or at least the capacities of my body were greatlydiminished for a certain time. But there is a curious phenomenon concerningsight and hearing: from time to time they’re clear, as clear as can be, and atother times they’re completely blurred. And it has very, very clearly another origin – another origin of influence. But I think it will take months before I canunderstand it. In any case, the general consciousness
(gesture above her head),
what could be called the universal consciousness (or at least terrestrial), hasn’t budged for one minute – not one single minute. It has stayed there all the time.Only, you’re a complete imbecile; you know how it is when you can’t doanything: you’re helpless, you can’t even go from your chair to the bed, youcan’t do anything – one leg isn’t there.Even now I can’t walk unaided, I need someone to hold me up.
 But it will come back, Mother.
It is coming back. It is coming back little by little. There was a time whenit was total: it was cold as ice. There was no circulation. Something had blocked the circulation. Now it’s better, it’s coming back to life.Only, I thought of the
we can’t leave the
like that. Didyou prepare it?
Yes, it’s all ready, Mother. I’ve already given it to the Press.
Oh, what did you give?Here....
(Mother gives some packages of soup)Thank you, Mother.... First, “The Synthesis of Yoga” (the chapter on “The Liberation of the Spirit”), then “Conversations with Pavitra,” then “Thoughts and Aphorisms” commented on by you,and then “Mother Answers,” and finally two old Talks of 1953 inthe Playground.
Oh, that’s ... [old].
 But they’re very interesting.
Concerning what?
 For example, someone asks you why you don’t have disciples of higher quality to do the work here.(Mother laughs whole-heartedly, her laugh is so refreshing!)
He’s a severe critic!
So you answer that if you had very “realized” people, they would  probably be more resistant to your influence.(Mother nods her head)
Did you see what Z noted down [note of January 11, 1971]?
Yes, Mother, I’ve seen it.
What did you think of it?
 I thought it probably would have to be like that: it’s the beginning of a new functioning.
It’s a new functioning. It’s interesting. In fact I was thinking that perhaps Icould explain it to you if you ask me a question or two. And then, maybe itcould be used [for the
], so there’s not an abrupt break in thecontinuity.

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