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Trading On The Forex

Trading On The Forex

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Published by 702LionWeb.com
For Professional Systems of Forex go to: http://Click-Here-Now.To/getforexsystem
For Professional Systems of Forex go to: http://Click-Here-Now.To/getforexsystem

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Published by: 702LionWeb.com on Jan 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====For Professional Systems of Forex go to:http://Click-Here-Now.To/getforexsystem ==== ====(See beginning of this article under name Forex Secret. Forex Literature As A 90-95% Of TheTraders Loose Their Deposit. (Part I) B. Williams quotes 5 bullets killing a trend, whereas I exemplify their insufficiency and I add up 11more thereto, not denying the above 5 of them. B. Williams idealizes the Elliott wave theory, whereas I show that the combination of fives andthrees is none the idealizable, otherwise a mankind 100-year development project could have longbeen elaborated on the basis of Elliott waves pattern, leading to exasperation at the fact thathumanity progress does not follow Elliott and Williams. The other thing is that nowadays brokershave mastered the job of manufacturing more waves out of the 5 initially. The aforesaid is applicable to each of the 20 problems of Forex. A portion of my live Forex trading methods are to be found in this book, while the other portionthereof is forwarded upon request. Those eager to continue training under my supervision as wellas to trade live, please, feel free to contact me on my e-mail address below.It all could be funny unless it were sad. But IT IS sad, because the above examples are scaring innumber. Bearing it in mind, do, go again through excerpts from distinguished scholars books: - Awesome Oscillator (AO) serves us keys from the Wonderland; - Accelerator Oscillator (AC) gives us with significant superiority over other traders; - using AO is similar to reading tomorrow's "Wall Street Journal", while using AC is reading of theday-after-tomorrow's issue thereof; - by using AO solely, one may attain profits even without any knowledge of current rate; should theoscillator turn down, one may merely ring one's broker and say: "Sell at the market price!". As You have guessed, these are extracts from B. Williams's "New aspects of Exchange Trade".Have You read the thing? And now, please, give a glance to the a foregoing figure, depicting theway, the vaunted Williams's indicators may entail an abyss of losses. But what truly makes my blood boil is as follows. B. Williams is a professional psycho therapistand his narrative style is none of an incidental one. This is a suggestive method by virtue whereofhe attempts to demonstrate the exclusive, correct and faultless nature of his trading technique.The "faultlessness" is to be discussed in an individual chapter, and my only claim here is that I caneasily draw hundreds of examples, where one can bump into loss by way of following Williams's
indicators. By myself, I am an advocate of theory of chaos. But this theory is disclosed by Williams in a veryprimitive and a superficial manner, which fact results in his blind follower losses. As to the author,he resorts to propaganda methods instead of providing a clearcut distinction between the cases,where the above theory is 100% effective and those, where it is not.Williams could have explained to his admirers directly, that in these certain instances the theory isto be relied upon, while in these instances it is not to. The difference is in this, this and this. In theformer instances one should necessarily enter, whereas in the latter instances one should abstainfrom entry. But the guy haven't done the job (due to either not being desirous or to not havingsufficient knowledge). I was a success in finding out distinct operability criteria of the Williams's technique. To achievethis, I had to improve the Alligator, by virtue whereof I enabled my students to easily pinpoint thedifference between the Williams No.1 option (a trend, encouraging profits) and No.2 option (a flat,inflictive of losses). By the by, it is supportive of the chaos theory methodological correctness and of imperfectWilliams's method structure, plotted on the basis thereof. Instead of acting upon the trader'sconsciousness Williams resorts to forbidden subconscious programming procedures, thusstimulating man's inherent and acquired instincts as if saying: "If You wanna get rich, follow me!My method empowers one to trade without a single glance at a price! The Awesome Oscillatorconstitutes a key from a Kingdom!" Etc., etc., etc... Hence, only 1 of 20 Williams's followers exhibits Forex-earning capabilities in a most favorableenvironment. Thus, under this statistics, B. Williams is better not to be idolized, the way he hasbeen by the crowd of his admirers. On the other hand, other Forex maestros' trading techniquesare far worse than that of B. Williams. So, let's continue illustrating Forex truisms being erroneousin live trading. - The "Theory of Chaos" of B. Williams. The author has not advised what should be added upthereto. A separate chapter here is dedicated to the issue. - Trader's psychological problems. I haven't found any revelations pertaining to THE WAYS OFELIMINATING THESE PROBLEMS. - The issue of a stop-loss order is certainly important: even under trend hedging is anindispensable protective shield against market surprise. But is the problem too far complicated torequire a dozen pages' elucidation? Has the author beheld any secret? Wah! He hasn't noticedanything but he still has repeated all that wanders from book to book on Forex. Once I was stunned by a question put forward by one of my students after having read B.Williams's "Trading Chaos": what's the use of giving so much attention to the stop-loss problemand above all what's the good of chewing over the role of safety cushions in the automobileindustry as though readers are down with minority? Doubtlessly, it's funny reading that Williams has never violated traffic regulations, priding himselfon the occasion. Any psychiatrist could tell a hell lot about such a personality type, although, I
should admit that Williams is American, not Russian. Drawing picturesque, memorizing examples, each scholar is right to insist on protective barrierplacement as a loss killer. But there is hardly anyone to introduce certain novelty into the issueand to disclose the secret as to what there should be in the trader's store besides a stop-loss toinsure against his deposit melting and extra losses. A separate chapter here is targeted at theissue. I have shortly come across an aphorism: "Genius is not to the effect, that nothing can be addedthereto, but it is to the effect that nothing can be deleted there from". If You go through numerous books on Forex at this aspect angle, You are sure to surprisingly findout that 90-100% of their contents may be subject to withdrawal. WHY?BECAUSE nothing new and 100% correct is offered therein. Instead, reiteration is going on ofwhat is familiar to any professional, since everyone is itching to exhibit one's originality by way ofretelling: a paramount authority of FA over Forex exchange rates; continuation and reversalpatterns; a stop-loss importance; a divergence being a component of a trend reversal, etc., i.e.book-to-book travelers. "An outstanding Forex trading techniques" and "a genius scholar", etc., making their appearancein books' abstracts and annotations are off springs of 1% originality added up by an author to 99%of common knowledge. Sale is publisher's primary target, giving birth to "genius" mediocrities and plagiarism. Standingseparately among these books are opuses by B. Williams, being admired and scrutinized regularlyby the majority of scholars and by myself. But EVEN HE cannot be qualified as "genius" withaccount to the above formula. He is rather "eccentric" than "genius". The thing is not, that his technique is addenda-allowing (this fact backs the correct Williams'schoice of the chaos theory to be applied to Forex) and I easily managed to add 11 trend-assassinating bullets to the 5 of Williams. The thing is that a number of Williams's postulates AREWRONG and thus loss- inflictive. These can be and should be subject to removal. CONCLUSION: I guess, it's understandable by now, that script-writing has turned to be businessfor scholars, incorporating additional advertising and additional charges for their students.However, the above is not worth millions Forex losers sacrifice. Much more respect-triggering is Warren Buffet, having made a minimum of USD40 bn at the stockmarket without writing any books on his trading tactics. W. Buffet is the world's second-rich manafter Bill Gates, although this fact being thoroughly doubtable. B. Gates is supposed to declare thewhole of his income obtainable from the Microsoft Corporation, whereas W. Buffet, being a trader,is sure to deem himself entitled to show the Inland Revenue what he really wants to. The difference is fairly evident. The profit obtained from US companies, constituting the Gatesofficial fortune major portion, may be kept track of, as well as the offshore profits may sometimesbe properly checked. But Buffet's profits attractable at all. Do You expect a man, lending his owndaughter a sum of USD20 against a receipt, to allow ALL of his profits to be taxable by state? Or amoderate portion of profits is sufficient, yeah? It is entirely his job, whereas we are to learn to gain

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