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BB280 Book##

BB280 Book##

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Published by erikahitchens

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Published by: erikahitchens on Jan 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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’s OvenElectronic Bread MakerINSTRUCTIONS FOR USEAND RECIPE BOOK©Copyright. Breville Pty. Limited 2004Due to continual improvements in design orotherwise,the product you purchase may differ slightly fromthe one illustratedin this booklet.PRINTED ONRECYCLED PAPERModel BB280Issue 1/04Model BB280Breville is a registered trademark of Breville Pty. Ltd.ABN 98 000 092 928BrevilleCustomer Service CentreAustralian Customers
Breville Customer ServiceCentreLocked Bag 2000Botany NSW 2019AUSTRALIA
Customer Service:1300 139798Fax(02) 9384 9601EmailCustomer Serviceaskus@breville.com.auNew ZealandCustomers
Breville Customer Service CentrePrivate Bag 94411GreenmountAUCKLAND,NEW ZEALAND
Customer Service:09 271 3980Fax0800 288 513EmailCustomerServiceaskus@breville.com.auwww.breville.com.auPageBreville Recommends Safety First4Know your Breville Baker’s Oven6Bread andDough Settings8How to Use the Preset Timer9Using the Bake Only Setting10Beginner’s Guide to Baking Your First Loaf11Weighing and Measuring17The VitalIngredients18Hints and Tips to Better Bread Making22Questions andAnswers23Control Panel Messages26Troubleshooting – Recipe28Troubleshooting –Machine30Care and Cleaning32Easy Bake Recipes34White and Savoury Breads34RapidBread37Sweeter Flavoured Bread39French Bread42Yeast Free Bread43Wholemeal andGrain Breads45Dough48Prepackaged Bread Mixes52Glazes56Baker’sOvenCONTENTSCongratulations2Congratulations on the purchase of your newBrevilleBaker’s Oven.76LED window displayEasy to use control panelBakes 750g and 1kg loaves13 hourpreset timer8 automatic programsfor bread and doughPowerinterruptionprotectionStart/Stop buttonOven (baking chamber)Large viewingwindowBread panKNOW YOUR BREVILLE BAKER’S OVENKNOW YOUR BREVILLE BAKER’S OVENcont’dDisplay WindowTheDisplay Windowshows firstly the setting and crust colour selected,thenautomatically changes to show the total time for the setting. Whenthe Startbutton is pressed the time displayed (in hours and minutes) isthe time remaining until the selected setting is completed.MenuPress this button to select the 8
automatic settings available. Thesesettings are listed on Page 8 “Bread andDough Setting Selections”.Each time theMenubutton is pressed, the setting ischanged and a redlight illuminates alongside the setting selected. The settingselectedisalso shown on the Display Window as a number between1 to 8.CrustPresstheCrustbutton to select the 3 crust colours available for thebread settingsonly. The colour selected is shown on the DisplayWindow as a letter P, H or L.P= Medium crust colourH = Dark crust colourL = Light crust colourTimerUse thePreset Timerto delay the start of the selected program. Pressthe + or –buttons (which will move time up or down in 10 minuteincrements) to preset thetimer (Refer page 9).Start/StopThe Baker’s Oven features acombinedStart/Stopbutton.To Start: Press theStartbutton to commence the selected program orbegin timer countdownfor the Preset Timer.To Stop: To stop and cancel the bread machine in mid-cycletheStopbuttonmust be pressed down and held for 5-10 seconds until the machinebeepsand the Display Window is reset. This will result in the programbeingcancelled.DO NOT PRESS THE ‘STOP’ BUTTONwhen checking the breadas this willcancel the cycle. The machine will not continue operation.MAIN FEATURES OF THECONTROL PANELThe Control Panel is activated by switching the bread machine on at the power point and at theON/OFF switch located under the right-hand side of the appliance.The Control Panel is designed to performseveral functions. The LEDdisplay indicatesthe setting and crust colour selection then thecompletion timefor the setting. The variousbuttons are used to set the functions and tostart or stop the bread machine. The buttonsshould be pressed firmly. A soft “beep”soundis made as each button is pressed.27CONTROL PANEL MESSAGES – ERROR DETECTIONWhen theStartbutton is pressed tobegin the program and there is a problem relating to thesensor, the breadmachine will beep twice and then flash an error message specific totheproblem.There are 4 different messages.If the error messages EEE orHHHappearin the Display Window contact your nearestauthorized Breville Service Centre(Refer Page 33).CONTROL PANEL MESSAGES26ERROR MESSAGEPROBLEMCORRECTIONE01Ifattempting to usePress Stop to reset.the bread machine Open the lid andremoveshortly after a loaf the bread pan to cool.has been baked, itsAlways allow the breadinterior will still bemachine sufficient timewarm, i.e. the sensortocool before using again.temperature will stillbe above 40
C.E00The ambienttemperatureEnsure the room temperatureis too cold.is above 10°C.2928TROUBLESHOOTING – RECIPEBread sinksOverSticky patchDoughy Heavyincentrebrownedon top centredenseof breadtextureFlourNot measured  correctlyLow % ProteinPassed use-by-dateSelf raising  flour usedSugarNotmeasured    correctlySaltNot measuredcorrectlyWater/LiquidNot measured correctlyToo hotToo coldYeastNot measured correctlyBread MixNot measured  correctlyUsed in place    of flourRoom tempToo hotToo coldCoarse holeyBread rises Bread doesn’t Corrective actionRef pagetexturetoo muchrise enoughCheck method of weighing/17measuring ingredientsUse suitable high proteinflour 18or add gluten flourDiscard and use fresh flour22Use bread or plainflour – self-raising flour 18already contains baking powderas the raising agent Use metric measuring spoons17Use metric measuring spoons17  Check methodof weighing/measuring17Water must be between 20-25
C25Water must be between20-25
C25Use metric measuring spoons17  Check method ofweighing/measuring17  Bread mix already contains salt, sugar, etc. 22andcannot be substituted for flour Room temp must be less than 28
C25Room temp
must be more than 10
C25Bread notBread risesBakedUnder Preset timer Bread not Loaf isbakedtoomuchBread isbrowned did not sufficiently smalldampCrustfunction baked     3130MachineMachine will Error codeIngredientsnot operateE01 in notmixedDisplay WindowUnit unplugged Kneading blade not on shaftSelected settingincorrectPower interruption(Refer to page 24)Stop button pressed after startingmachine(Refer to page 24)Machine has not cooled from previous use Lid openedduring rising or bakingHot bread left in pan too longIncorrect crust colourselectionStart button not pressed Bread pan unseatedTROUBLESHOOTING – MACHINESTORAGEWhen storing the bread machine, press theStop button, switch off at the On/Off buttonunder the bread machine, switch off at thepower outlet then unplugthe power cord.Ensure the bread machine is completelycool, clean and dry. Placethe bread pan andkneading blade into the baking chamber andclose the lid. Do not place heavy objects onthe lid. Store the bread machine upright.REPLACEMENT BREAD PANAND BLADEBoth the kneading blade and bread pancoating are operating parts ofthe machineand as such are subject to normal wear andtear over the life of themachine. Dependingon your usage of the bread machine they mayneed replacement if the bread begins to stick.SPARE PARTSReplacement parts are availablefromBreville Spare Parts:AustraliaCustomer Service1300 139 798NewZealandCustomer Service0800 253 007 (Spare Parts)0800 273 845 (Service)33Beforecleaning the bread machine, press theStop button, switch off at the On/Offbuttonunder the bread machine, switch off at thepower outlet then unplug thepower cord.Allow the bread machine to cool completely.BREAD MACHINEThe body andthe lid should be wiped overwitha soft damp cloth. If overspills such asflour,nuts, sultanas, etc. occur in the bakingchamber, use a damp cloth tocarefullyremove. Before re-using your bread machinemake certain that all partsare completely dry.BREAD PAN AND KNEADINGBLADEThe bread pan and kneading bladearecoated with a high quality non-stick coating.As with any non-stick coatedsurface NEVERuse metal utensils or abrasive cleaners onthese items. Do not washbread pan orkneading blade in the dishwasher.TO CLEAN THE BREAD PANANDBLADE:Fill the pan half-way with soapy water (use anon-abrasive detergent),allow to stand for10-20 minutes. Remove the kneading bladeand clean both theblade and inside of panusing a soft cloth. Be sure to remove anycrust or doughthat may become lodgedaround the blade and the drive shaft. Wipethe outside ofthe bread pan with a soft,damp cloth. Ensure the pan and blade arecompletely dry before placing back into thebread machine.Take care not to scratch thenon-sticksurface on the inside of the pan and thekneading blade.Do not use harsh cleaners, abrasives,brushes or steel wool.Never wash the bread pan or kneadingbladein the dishwasher.CARE AND CLEANING32Some discolouration mayappear in thebread pan overtime. This natural effect iscaused by moisture andsteam and willnot affect thebaking bread.Never immerse the breadmachine or the bread paninwater.The recipes in this section been developed toproduce a loaf of bread similarin volume tothat of bread made on any of the longerbread cycles. Unlessotherwise stated, all ofthe yeasted bread recipes can be baked onthis cycle,however the volume will beslightly reduced and the texture a littlemoredense.PROCEDURE1.Place the ingredients into the bread pan,in the exact order listed in the recipe.2.Wipe spills from the outside of the breadpan.3.Lock thebread pan into position in thebaking chamber and close the lid.4.PressSelecttothe setting as specified inthe following recipes.5.To change crust colourpressCrusttoHfor Dark orLfor Light.6.PressStart.After baking, pressStop. Remove

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