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Make Fast Money

Make Fast Money

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Published by 702LionWeb.com
DO NOT Buy ###~ Mobile Money Machines ~### UNTIL You've Read This Shocking ###~ Mobile Money Machines Review ~### http://Click-Here-Now.To/gomobile
DO NOT Buy ###~ Mobile Money Machines ~### UNTIL You've Read This Shocking ###~ Mobile Money Machines Review ~### http://Click-Here-Now.To/gomobile

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Published by: 702LionWeb.com on Jan 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====DO NOT Buy ###~ Mobile Money Machines ~### UNTIL You've Read This Shocking ###~ MobileMoney Machines Review ~###http://Click-Here-Now.To/gomobile ==== ====On May 14 and 15, in Cairo, Egypt, over 400 senior executives from financial services institutions,mobile network operators, development organizations, solutions vendors and regulatory and policymakers gathered, their mission, how to bring banks to the close to 5 billion people around theworld who have little or no access to banks, through mobile money and self bank. Conventional banks Conventional banks have traditionally looked at the poor masses with disdain. They do not wantthem near their lush, pristine halls and these have also learned from years of neglect to look at thebanks from a distance. But all that is about to change! The poor do not need to go to the bank, thebank is about to be brought to them through Mobile Money or Self baking. A new card has been dealt I read a book years ago, by a renowned futurist Daniel Burrus and in his book Technotrend, hestated that once a technology card is dealt, it will be played. Mobile Money or Mobile Banking andMCommerce are two sides of the same technology card. The card has been dealt and will beplayed, not just because it works, but because it makes sense and have huge potentials. Mobile Money or Self Banking has been in the works for 8 years. It was not until 2007 that it hasrecorded any significant leap. The Internet was also slow in development, but once the componenttechnologies that powered it began to integrate seamlessly, the growth of the Internet wasphenomenal. The same can be said to be the case with Mobile Money, MCommerce and SelfBanking. For Mobile Money or Self Banking to work, different parties and technologies will have towork together- the Mobile Network Operators, MNOs, the financial institutions, the policy makers,the vendors and all, will have to talk to and understand each other. A word of advice to governments One of the issues that recurred during the 2008 Cairo Initiative is the question of governmentregulations. There is the real danger of governments over-regulating the nascent industry due toconcerns about money laundering. While that is a legitimate concern, the Cairo group cautionsgovernments to proceed with care and common sense in their regulations. Mobile money, Self bank find love in less developed economies Oddly enough, banking the unbanked with Mobile Banking has found more love in less anddeveloping economies than in the more advanced economies like the US. Some of the leading
early adopter countries include South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Ivory Coast and some EU membercountries. Operating out of Canada, SelfBank Mobile has created a platform that gives anyonewith a WAP enabled mobile device such a cell phone or PDA the ability to become their own bankand the best part is that the service is free. SelfBank Mobile has dealt a technology card and fromthe look of it all, it will be played. The question is at what level will you be involved? The questionis not whether you will be involved, the question is how. The future clearly is MCommerce andMobile banking and SelfBank Mobile is providing the frame work for all that to happen. On the surface On the surface, it appears that only the unbanked masses will see the true benefit of mobilemoney and self banking. While this may be true to an extent in the Developing and less developedeconomies where access to banking is limited and in some cases non existent, and accounts forthe positive reception and growth in these economies for mobile and self bank, there are alsobenefits even to the Developed economies. The issue of the unbanked i is not a problem of lessdeveloped economies only. There are large populations of unbanked even in the largesteconomies such as the United State, due to past banking issues and credit problems. Where I think this is going As we all know, there has been a real thrust toward a cashless economy and this has been in theworks for many years. Now, we see a technology that has the potential to really tip us over intothis new cashless era. As different players and technologies in mcommerce, Mobile Money andmobile network operations continue to speak to each other better through interoperability,momentum will continue to build, Mcommerce will slowly build and gain traction and soon reachcritical mass. When that happens, commerce will compel non complying entities to begin to deployMCommerce ready technologies if they have to remain in business. Spinoffs and linkages In between, there will be spinoff effects with new linkages created and old ones abondoned orexpanded. This will increase commerce and create new opportunities and propects for many.Commerce will then truly be global and not limited by space or time. Accounts owners can wip outtheir mobile device anytime and begin to conduct commerce. More concerns One of the major concerns that people have about Mobile banking and Mobile Money is securityand you may also be wondering about the same. The issue of safety and data integrity is a validand important one and is being addressed by the use of enhanced digital security authenticationand processing to protect user information and transaction details. Also developers are at work, tofind new ways to make Mobile Banking experience safer. What can you use Self Bank Mobile for You can you self bank, mobile money to: send and receive money

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