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Do you suffer panic attacks driving?

Do you suffer panic attacks driving?

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Published by Adrian Tea Brown
Are you fearful of another anxiety panic attack coming to haunt you again? Your fears are over here
Are you fearful of another anxiety panic attack coming to haunt you again? Your fears are over here

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Published by: Adrian Tea Brown on Jan 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Suffer No More From Panic Anxiety Attacks - Vanquish All Fears And Enjoy Lifehttp://www.anxietyandwomen.com/panic ==== ====Anxious Thinking Visualization Tool for Ending Anxious Thinking andIntrusive thoughts Anxiety causes an imbalance in your life whereby all ofthe mental worry creates a topheavy sensation. All ofyour focus is moved from the center of your body to thehead. Schools of meditation often like to demonstratean example of this topheavy imbalance by showing howeasily the body can lose its sense of center. A student is asked to come to the front of the group andstand with his legs apart. The teacher then asks the studentto focus on a personal worry or concern. Once the studentis fixated on the worry the teacher quietly moves to theside of the student and tells him he is going to attempt topush him over. The teacher pushes on the students shoulderand is able to topple the student with relative ease. The same student is then asked to forget the worry and focushis attention on a grounding visualization. The teacher onceagain attempts to topple the student but finds much moreresistance than previously. The student is grounded firmlyin place. The class is given this demonstration to displayhow important it is to feel grounded and centered in thepresent and not continuously caught in mental activity. Whencaught in mental anxieties a person can feel disconnectedfrom life as they go through life on autopilot. Beating Anxious ThinkingI am going to teach you a single visualization that isseparated into three parts. The purpose of the visualizationis to enable you to quickly clear mental stress tensionand anxious thinking. The visualization can be used whenfeeling stressed and is particularly useful when your mindis racing with fearful anxious thinking. There are numeroussuch visualizations found in different self help coursesbut I have combined three of the most effective ones andadapted them so that the resultant single visualizationcan be used literally anywhere.
 This visualization process when practiced frequently isvery effective for eliminating deepseated mental anxietiesor intrusive thoughts. To gain maximum benefit the exercisemust be carried out for longer then 10 minutes at a timeas anything shorter will not bring noticeable results. Thereis no right or wrong way to carry out the visualization. Beintuitive with it and do not feel you are unable to carryit out if you feel you are not very good at seeing mentalimagery. As long as your attention is on the exercise youwill gain benefit. It is best to do this exercise in a quiet place where youwont be disturbed and then when you are more practicedyou will be able to get the same positive results in a busierenvironment such as the workplace. You should notice a calmingeffect on your state of mind along with a sensation of mentalrelease and relaxation. Okay lets begin. Alleviating Anxious ThinkingEither sitting or standing close your eyes and move yourattention to your breath. To become aware of your breathingplace one hand on your upper chest and one on your stomach.Take a breath and let your stomach swell forward as you breathein and fall back gently as you breathe out. Take the samedepth of breath each time and try to get a steady rhythm going.Your hand on your chest should have little or no movement.Again try to take the same depth of breath each time youbreathe in. This is called Diaphragmatic Breathing. When you feel comfortable with this technique try to slowyour breathing rate down by instituting a short pause afteryou have breathed out and before you breathe in again.Initially it may feel as though you are not getting enoughair in but with regular practice this slower rate willsoon start to feel comfortable. It is often helpful to develop a cycle where you count tothree when you breathe in pause and then count to threewhen you breathe out (or 2 or 4 whatever is comfortablefor you). This will also help you focus on your breathingwithout any other thoughts coming into your mind. If youare aware of other thoughts entering your mind just letthem go and bring your attention back to counting and breathing.Continue doing this for a few minutes. (If you practice thisyou will begin to strengthen the Diaphragmatic Muscle and
it will start to work normally leaving you with a nicerelaxed feeling all the time.) Visualization to Counter Anxious ThinkingNow move your attention to your feet. Try to really feel yourfeet. See if you can feel each toe. Picture the base of yourfeet and visualize roots growing slowly out through yoursoles and down into the earth. The roots are growing withquickening pace and are reaching deep into the soil of theearth. You are now rooted firmly to the earth and feelstable like a large oak or redwood tree. Stay with thisfeeling of grounded safety and security for a few moments. Once you have created a strong feeling or impression ofbeing grounded like a tree I want you to visualize a cloudof bright light forming way above you. A bolt of lightningfrom the luminous cloud hits the crown of your head andthat ignites a band of bright white light descending slowlyfrom your head all the way down your body over your legsand out past your toes. As the band of light passes overyou feel it clearing your mental state. It is illuminatingyour mind and clearing any rubbish that you may have beenthinking about. Repeat this image four or five times untilyou feel a sense of clearing and release from any anxiousthinking. In finishing see yourself standing under a large luminescentwaterfall. The water is radiant and bubbling with vitality andlife. As you stand under the waterfall you can feel the waterrun over every inch of your body soothing you and instillingwithin you a sense of deep calm. Try to taste the water. Openyour mouth and let it run into your mouth refreshing you.Hear it as it bounces off the ground around you. The wateris life itself and it is washing away stress and worry fromyour mind and body. After a moment open your eyes. Try to use all of your senses when carrying out thevisualization. To make the pictures in your mind asreal as possible use your senses of touch taste andhearing. Feel the water trickle down your body; hearthe sound it makes as it splashes over you. The more realistic the imagined scenarios the more benefityou will gain. Many people report very beneficial andsoothing results from using these simple visualizationsfrequently. The mind is much like a muscle in that in

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