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anxious thinking and intrusive thoughts

anxious thinking and intrusive thoughts

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Published by Adrian Tea Brown
Are you fearful of another anxiety panic attack coming to haunt you again? Your fears are over here
Are you fearful of another anxiety panic attack coming to haunt you again? Your fears are over here

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Published by: Adrian Tea Brown on Jan 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Suffer No More From Panic Anxiety Attacks - Vanquish All Fears And Enjoy Lifehttp://www.anxietyandwomen.com/panic ==== ====Diet to help Eliminate Anxiety Anxiety Cures -A proper diet to help eliminate anxiety Water There is no quicker way to reduce general anxietythan having good eating and drinking habits. One ofthe most easily implemented and effective additionsto your diet is fresh water. Water is a great quencherof thirst but more importantly here It is a helpfultool as an anxiety cure. Nearly every function of the body is monitored and peggedto the efficient flow of water through our system. Watertransports hormones chemical messengers and nutrients tovital organs of the body. When we dont keep our bodieswellhydrated they may react with a variety of signalssuch as anxiety which we would never think are relatedto our poor drinking habits. Diet to Help Eliminate Anxiety : WaterHere are some interesting information about water: Seventyfive percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated.In 37% of Americans the thirst mechanism is so weak thatit is often mistaken for hunger.Even MILD dehydration will slow down ones metabolism as much as 3%. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs foralmost 100% of the dieters studied in a University ofWashington study. Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue. Regular fresh drinking water is a vital ingredient to yourdiet when looking at anxiety cures. When we are dehydratedour cells can feel this at a molecular level and communicatethis to the subconscious as an underlying subtle anxiety.The key to rebalancing a deficit of fluids is to drink eightglasses of fresh water daily.
 Have you noticed the effects of dehydration on your emotionsbefore? If you have ever suffered from a serious hangoverfrom a night out on the tiles you will understand thefeeling of dehydration all too well. Hangovers resultfrom dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. I am suremany of you are familiar with the tendency to have whathas become known as the hangover fear. This is aheightened sense of anxiety and jumpiness that resultsfrom the dehydration caused by a hangover. The surestway for someone who suffers from anxiety to experiencea panic attack is to drink excessive amounts of alcoholand wait for the hangover to set in the following day.Water is a great cure for anxiety in this particular situation. It is important to be aware that dehydration is a factorthat contributes to anxiety and that a diet to helpeliminate anxiety should contain ample amounts of freshwater. Personally I have found that not only doesregular intake of water ward off subtle feelings ofanxiety thus greatly helping as a cure for anxietybut it is also incredibly effective for building staminaand avoiding fatigue. Diet to Help Eliminate AnxietyDiet (Food) On average most people have a very acidic diet whichresults in not just a lower resistance to stress butto a variety of serious health problems. Your diet issomething you can immediately control and help you buildyour resources of anxiety cures. As you master your dietnot only are you improving your overall wellbeing butare also building up a positive mental attitude whichsays "I am in control of my body." If our internal environment is too acidic this canexaggerate any anxiety we may be experiencing. Thebody is in a greater state of health when it is balancedinternally. What is needed is to bring the bodysinternal pH balance into acceptable parameters. Theelimination of high anxiety is not easy unless youmaintain an alkaline balance in the food you eat.If your food is too acidic or you indulge in excessiveamounts of foods your body cannot function at its best.It will have difficulty eliminating toxins from your bodyand will have less of a buffer zone to stress leaving youfeeling vulnerable and shaken when anxiety strikes.
 Food such as salt sugar and refined or processed productslower your bodys resistance whereas food such as fruit andvegetables raise it. As you control your bodys needs youempower yourself and gradually build a body that does notfeel threatened by an onslaught of high anxiety. Proteins nuts grains and dairy products (except yoghurt)along with alcohol sugar and salt are acidic foods. Fruit vegetables and juices are alkaline. Diet to help eliminate anxietyFor optimum balance you need an 80% alkaline diet. Thismeans concentrating on fruits and raw vegetables usingproteins in small quantities for when you need energy.A person with a good diet needs only 50 g of protein a day.This should consist of 7 ounces of animal protein (or avegetarian equivalent) or 36 ounces of good yoghurt. Therest of your diet to help eliminate anxiety should bealkaline (should you have a very strenuous or physicaloccupation you may need more than 50 g of protein a day).Below is a more comprehensive list of alkaline foods thatwill help bring greater balance to your diet and help youcure your anxiety more easily. Diet to Help Eliminate AnxietyA diet to help eliminate anxiety should contain. ParsnipsRutabagasCauliflowerMushroomsGreen BeansGreen PeasWhite PotatoesTomatoesMuskmelonCantaloupeLimesTangerinesStrawberriesPineappleOrangesGrapesApricotsBlackberriesPeaches

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