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Pancha Maha Yajnya_Bro

Pancha Maha Yajnya_Bro

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Published by thapas

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: thapas on Jan 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ¬@ flÊ ∞Ã ◊fi„UÊÿôÊÊS‚ÃÁà ¬˝ÃÊfiÿãÃ ‚ÃÁà ‚¢ÁÃfiDÔUãÃ ŒflÿôÊ Á¬fiÃÎÿôÊÊ ÷fiÍÃÿôÊÊ ◊fiŸÈcÿ-ÿôÊÊ ’fi˝rÊÔ ÿôÊ ßÁà
Pancha vaa ete mahayajnaassatatiPrataayante satati santishtante Devayajnah pitr. yajno bhutayajno Manushya yajno brahmayajna iti
aittiriya Aranyaka 2.10“Tese are the ve great sacrices which are to be perormed on a daily basis and completed. Tey are
deva yajna, pitr .yajna, bhutha yajna, manushya yajna
brahma yajna
… livig in harmoy 
Deva Yajna
 Artist –
Srp S & By Spy,
Nrityagram –
Role Model – Shri.
R Sm,
Lakshmi Machine Works, Coimbatore
 Artist –
Dr. n Prsd
, rivandrm –
Mo am
Role Model – Shri.
M.M. Mrgpp
, Vice Chairman I Grop, Chennai
BRahMa Yajna
 Artist –
Prydrs God
, Chennai –
Role Model – Smt.
S B
, VS Grop, Chennai
ManuShYa Yajna
 Artist –
 ad Mgds
, Delhi –
Role Model – Dr.
 ard Srs,
 Aravind Eye Care System, Madrai
Bhutha Yajna
 Artist – Dr.
 a Rm
, Chennai –
no Brm
Role Model –
Dr. vd S,
Fonder Navdanya Fondation, New DelhiVedic Chanting by Pillayarpatti Patsala Finale : Shanthi Paat : Stdents o Bharathanjali o 
 a G
Stradar : Smt. Padmini NatrajanVENuE :
Ms admy 
DAE :
 jry 2012
 IME :
6.00 – 9.00 p.m.
 Pancha Maha Yajna 
 An Evening o Danceand Recognition o Inspiring Role Models
With the blessings o  
Pysr Swm Dyd Srsw
Pysr Swm Prmrd Srsw
Surupa Sen & Bijayini Satpathy Dr. Neena Prasad Aditi Mangaldas Anita Guha 
 Anitha Gha is one o the most soght-ater Bharatanatyam grs in Chennai and has a reptationo training aspirants to proessional standards in her dance school Bharathanjali. She is also knownor her thematic dance prodctions, the latest being the ‘Parishvanga Pattabhishekam’ (Kishkinda Kandam and Sndara Kandam).
Deva Yajna
Srpa Sen and Bijayini Satpathy rom Nrityagram, Karnataka, are acclaimed Odissi dancers whoare known or their grace, energy and dynamic presentations. Srpa is the Artistic Director o theNrityagram Dance Ensemble and Bijayini is the Director o the Odissi Grkl at Nrityagram.
Dr. Neena Prasad is a well-known Mohiniattam dancer rom Kerala whose dramatic depth is notable.Besides being a perormer and a teacher, Neena is also an academic with a doctorate in dance. She iscrrently holding a post-doctoral research ellowship on the evoltion o the heroine rom the colonial era to the present.
BRahMa Yajna
Priyadarsini Govind, Chennai, is one o India’s most talented classical dancers. She is a soght-ater solo artist who is known or her intense expressional ability and chiselled Bharatanatyam movements.She has the rare ability to nd room or innovation within the bondaries o tradition.
ManuShYa Yajna
 Aditi Mangaldas, Delhi, is a Kathak dancer o high repte who has orayed into the realm o abstractionand contemporary movement techniqes based on Kathak. Her choreographies interpret space andtechniqe to create poetic imagery. She is the principal dancer and choreographer o the AditiMangaldas Dance Co.
Bhutha Yajna
Dr. Anita Ratnam, Chennai, thogh trained in Bharatanatyam, Mohini Attam and Kathakali hasalways been a seeker – seeking new ideas, new meanings, new movements. She has evolved a niqestyle o dance, Neo-Bharatham that combines Bharatanatyam, theatre, storytelling and contemporary movement techniqes.
Priyadarsini GovindDr. Anita Ratnam

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