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Writing Guide

Writing Guide

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Published by FathFethi
it helps students to have models of writing when peparing themselves for the bac exam in Algeria
it helps students to have models of writing when peparing themselves for the bac exam in Algeria

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: FathFethi on Jan 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Belhrech Said Secondary school –Djelfa-
A guide for writing
For students of secondary School
Collected and chosen by :Mr.Aribi 
Belhrech Said Secondary school –Djelfa-
Belhrech Said Secondary school –Djelfa-
It seems that most of our students fear writing or they do not care about it for some reasons. Even inexams writing is on 5 to 6 points ; some of them do not write at all , others copy only the text or the questionswhile others do not write correctly. I hope this guide will serve to encourage them to write and improve their  productions
1-WRITING A PARAGRAPHHere are some tips to help you write a paragraph:
1- Do always write a
topic sentence
that gives an idea about what the paragraph is about.2-Give
 supporting details
i.e. ( explain the idea given in the topic sentence then add examples, statistics, facts…to clarifyyour idea)3-Use
linking words
to connect your sentences and to make your style look more beautiful.(do never forget that you are going to be penalized for not using enough liking words i.e. less marks)
- When you have finished, read your paragraph through and try to correct the mistakes you may have made in punctuation,spelling and grammar and so on.
These are steps you should follow in order to write a composition
Understand the topic and circle the questions / ideas they want you to write about.2- Collect ideas (if you have problems with English, write them in Arabic, or French ).3- organize your ideas and plan your writing ( topic sentence, supporting details……).4- Write the first draft.5- Revise the first draft ( the form, then punctuation. After that go to the verbs and check your tenses….)6-Write your final draft.
These words are usually found in the topics given in the exam paper:
arguePresent the case for and againscompareLook for similarities and differencesdiscussConsider all the sides of the problem.defineBring out the meanin summarizeDescribe without details, in a short way.illustrateMake clear with examples
You always have a choice between two topics. The topics are linked to the reading passage. One of them is even in avery close relation with it.*Don’t write something too long or something too short.*Respect the number of words/lines you are asked to write.*Pay attention to the way the subject is presented: Is it a question? Does it begin with ‘Why?’ If so, you shouldunderstand that it is a justification: you are going to write perhaps about reasons and causes. If it begins with ‘Whatdo you think of ...?’ It means you are going to develop an opinion sustained by arguments.*You are asked to write a composition. You may decide to write just one paragraph. When writing your paragraph,do not forget the key idea. Do not forget to use relevant linking words. If you decide to write more than one paragraph (two or three short ones), do not forget that you must write an introduction (one or two lines) and aconclusion (one or two lines).*Two things are essential: A written composition should be legible and interesting. The presentation and thehandwriting are very important.
 P aragraph 01
 How parents can help children succeed in school ?
Parents can help their children be successful in school by encouraging them. Children usually enjoy playinggames instead of studying.
parents should take the responsibility to monitor their studying. They shouldalso remind their children to do their homework at home after school.
parents can encourage them tostudy by buying story books with pictures, or they can buy text books or tapes that help children learn to spell or read. The best way to encourage children to study efficiently is to reward them when they get an “A”. As a child, Iexperienced this. My parents gave me a gift when I got ‘A’ in my math lesson. I was very excited.
 As result 
, if  parents really want their children to succeed in school, they need to pay attention to their children’s studies andencourage them.
 P aragraph 02
The educational systems of Europe and the United States.
The educational systems of Europe and the United States are similar in a number of ways. To begin with,elementary school classes look the same everywhere: There are about twenty to twenty-two pupils per class, and theclasses are coeducational*. Also, there is one teacher for all subjects for each grade (except in Scandinavia), and themajority of elementary school teachers are women. In addition, the subjects which are taught at the elementary levelare basically the same everywhere: reading and writing, mathematics, introductions to the sciences, music, sports,and art. The only major difference in the elementary curriculum* is that most Europeans study a foreign language inelementary school, but most American children do not.Coeducational: attended by members of both sexes.
 P aragraph 03
What are the causes of school dropping?
Education is necessary for the individual to avoid illiteracy, it also participates in the society's development ,
, a lot of student lease school at an early age what are the reasons and effects of this phenomenon?Poverty is the first cause in fact, when the parent are poor they prefer to send only boys to school, but sometimes the boys too have to leave school to find a job ad help there family divorce make children neglect and leave school. thelong distant from school, especially in the countryside. all this facts and others lead to a catastrophic situation, infact these young people easily become jobless and useless in society, they my find job with a low salaries, thereforewhen they found a family their children too can't go school and become illiterate too. I personally believe that wemust fight this phenomenon as soon as possible, to reduce the number of illiterate, the mass media must alsosensitize of the dangerous of this phenomenon.
 paragraph 04 
Why do children leave school?: Write an article to your school magazine showing some of thereasons and the effects of this problem.One of the biggest issues that 
some families encounter is their children's dropping out of school.
This is due
to many reasons.
, most children who live in rural areas can't attend school regularly
it is situated far away from where they live. Their parents
need them to help with the housework.
 Another reason is that 
poor families can't afford to provide their children with all what they need for school, as books and school things aregetting expensive.
The problem is also due to
family problems and divorce. Children can't study when parents oftenhave rows. In cities, small children leave school early to go out to work and support their deprived families.
 As aresult,
these poor kids get lost in the world of adults. Some become addicted to smoking and drugs. Others turn tocrime.
Generally speaking,
they are victims of circumstances and are,
often imprisoned.
 Paragraph 05
Advantages of TV Commercial
Ads on television give consumers a lot of information. They let consumers know what products look like,how much they cost, and where they are available.
For example,
a Toyota dealer wants to sell the Toyota Camry.The dealer’s ads will show the new Camry over and over again and tell the consumer that the Camry has power windows, six cylinders, and so on
 . In addition
, the ads may compare the Camry with the Mercedes. They may saythat the Camry runs as well as the Mercedes but the Camry’s price is much cheaper. The ads may
tell where to buy the Camry. When consumers see these ads, they think about all this information about the Camry.
theycan decide if it is the car they want.

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