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01 09 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

01 09 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

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Published by Heather Mann
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript 01/09/2012 - topic: Your goals for 2012
#crafterminds Twitter chat transcript 01/09/2012 - topic: Your goals for 2012

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Published by: Heather Mann on Jan 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Mondays at 4pm Easternhttp://crafterminds.comHashTracking.com Report656 tweets generated
impressions, reaching an audience of 
followers within the past 24hoursCalculated from up to about 1000 tweets | Generated Mon Jan 09 2012 14:17:40 GMT-0800 (PacificStandard Time)Top 10 by number of impressions1.crafterminds: 238,3922.graphicsfairy: 133,0833.muralmaker1: 94,1504.taunitweets: 88,3525.countrychiccott: 44,0226.dollarcraft: 38,1367.prettyhandygirl: 33,7878.condoblues: 24,5109.glittershim: 20,27510.roadhomequiltn: 17,980Top 10 by number of tweets1.crafterminds: 882.muralmaker1: 503.gloriafox: 474.lovinourchaos: 465.taunitweets: 446.skullsandponies: 387.craftmoore: 358.countrychiccott: 339.graphicsfairy: 3110.roadhomequiltn: 29Top 10 by number of followers1.craftychica: 12,7622.dollarcraft: 5,4483. jenjentrixie: 5,2094.graphicsfairy: 4,2935.glittershim: 4,0556.beadsoul: 3,1737.crafterminds: 2,7098.condoblues: 2,4519.thesickchick : 2,27410.taunitweets: 2,008
about 7 minutes ago @craftmooreyes...sigh...it is a table with a tablecloth to the floor and little boys toys under it....seen it??#crafterminds
about 8 minutes agoDrat, missed#craftermindstoday! One quick note tho -- if I can blog on WP, anyone can!
about 8 minutes ago @countrychiccottdid you try googling words that describe the pic, and then click "images" in google to see if you can find it#crafterminds
about 9 minutes ago @PrettyHandyGirlNice.#silverlining #crafterminds
about 9 minutes agoThank you@craftermindsfor hosting, great info from some great lady bloggers!#crafterminds
about 10 minutes ago @gloriafoxShe's fixed and running faster than every! #silverlining #crafterminds
about 10 minutes agoBye! Off to try for the tenth time to find the picture that inspiredmy post for tomorrow...darn pinterest....#crafterminds
about 11 minutes agoThanks@craftermindsfor a great chat! C U next week! #crafterminds
about 11 minutes ago @PrettyHandyGirloooh, thank you!#crafterminds
about 11 minutes ago @PrettyHandyGirlDid you get your blog all fixed?#crafterminds
about 11 minutes agowoo! RT@crafterminds-Next week - How To Get Inspired #crafterminds
about 11 minutes agoC my post today! RT@whbsblog: while you're all here, what are some of your fave WP plugins?#crafterminds http://t.co/fogetq6e
about 11 minutes agoThanks for the info lovelies! :) Have a nice week!#crafterminds
about 12 minutes ago @madiganmadeTime is short. It's the cost. LMK if you need some recommendations.#crafterminds
about 12 minutes ago @craftmoore @taunitweetshahaha! Brilliant#crafterminds
about 12 minutes agoYes! THANK YOU!! RT@taunitweets: Thanks to@crafterminds for hosting this great chat.#crafterminds
about 13 minutes agoRT@taunitweets: Thanks to@craftermindsfor hosting this great chat.#crafterminds
about 13 minutes agoYes! RT@taunitweets: Thanks to@craftermindsfor hosting this great chat.#Crafterminds
about 13 minutes agoI need to make it next week then! I have been a little UNinspired....#crafterminds
about 13 minutes agowhile you're all here, what are some of your fave WP plugins?#crafterminds
about 13 minutes ago @taunitweetsmore worried about the costs/time involved in the switch. Thanks for the encouragement. One of my goals this yr!#Crafterminds
about 13 minutes agoRT@taunitweets: Thanks to@craftermindsfor hosting this great chat.#crafterminds
about 13 minutes agoHa ha! I always compare these chats to trying to drink out of afirehose! RT@skullsandponies:@taunitweetsIm buzzing!#crafterminds
about 13 minutes ago @craftermindsApparently it's not sick enough to shoot so I have to wait a few days & call them back if it gets worse.#crafterminds
about 13 minutes agoThanks to@craftermindsfor hosting this great chat.#crafterminds
about 14 minutes agoschedule some posts RT@crafterminds: B4 you go, what is one thing you will do this week to improve/grow your blog?#crafterminds
about 14 minutes ago @craftermindsWent to let the dog out and there was a sick racoon in the back yard. Called Animal Control.#crafterminds
about 14 minutes ago @gloriafox @countrychiccott @taunitweetsyep! And when you have to get up and scribble down notes too!#crafterminds

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