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Weight Control

Weight Control

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Published by Raphael Rising
The Untold Secrets About Weight Loss Formulas
The Untold Secrets About Weight Loss Formulas

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Published by: Raphael Rising on Jan 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Recent records show that Americans spent billions on diet books, products andprograms-and every cent of that vast expenditure was wasted. Dieting simply
doesn’t work. Dramatic, lasting weight
-loss-like that touted by the manyweight-loss programs-is essentially mythical.
98% of these “successful” dieters regain all the los
t weight within fiveyears...and 33%-73% wind up with metabolic changes that cause them to groweven fatter.The key to weight control-known by 4.5 billion instinctive eaters-is to eat onlywhen you are hungry, and not to eat when you are not hungry. That soundssimplistic, but it is the only sure-fire technique for controlling weight.Most people have a sense of how much they should weigh, but this perception isoften far off the mark. This is because people confuse ideal and optimal weight.
1) Ideal weight
is that which each of us, for reasons of vanity, would like toreach. Unfortunately, many of us would have to literally starve ourselves toreach this weight...and once we reached it, we would probably be unhealthy andmiserable.
2) Optimal weight
is that at which our body feel and function best. For a fewfortunate people, ideal weight coincides with optimal weight. For many, optimalweight is several pounds above ideal weight.
Principles of Instinctive eating
Learning to eat instinctively does not guarantee that you will reach your optimalweight, and that is more than good enough.
: A woman attended a seminar having ballooned from 110 poundsto more than 200 pounds. She learned the principle of instinctive eating but forthe following six months remained as heavy as ever. Then, almostimperceptibly at first, her body began to shrink. Now, several years later, she is
down to a size 14. She may never again reach her ideal size four, but she hasstabilized her weight at an acceptable level. More important, her self-disgust atbeing overweight has ended.To eat instinctively:
1) Learn to recognize hunger
. Different people feel hunger differently-somepeople feel a gnawing sensation in the stomach...some a feeling of tension intheir chest...others get a headache or feel weak.Unfortunately, many signals taken to be signs of hunger are really symptomaticof illness, fatigue, sadness, nervousness or some other condition. To eatinstinctively, you must learn to tell the difference.
If you think you feel hungry but are unsure, have a bite to eat. Waitseveral minutes. If the sensation is somewhat alleviated, you truly were hungry.If the sensation persists, however, you were not. Do not continue eating if nothungry. Instead, go for a walk, call a friend, take a nap or do something else notinvolving food.At first, it may be difficult to tell hunger from other sensations. Eventually, theprocess will become automatic.
2) Determine what you are hungry for
. Your body is a machine; it requires
different kinds of maintenance (food) at different times. Hunger is the body’s
way of requesting fuel. To make sure you feed your body the right fuel, runthrough a mental checklist.Protocol: Instead of grabbing the first thing that looks appetizing, break foodsdown into their specific attributes.
a) Temperature
- Do you want something hot, cold or room temperature?
b) Taste
- Do you want something sweet, sour, bitter or salty?
c) Texture
- Do you want something smooth, crunchy, chewy or fibrous?In many cases, you will be just as satisfied by a low-calorie, nutritious food asby a calorie-dense, nutrient-poor food. This checklist cannot reduce how much

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