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Teaching Strategies- Hw

Teaching Strategies- Hw

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Published by: Daniele Katrina Pimentel on Jan 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution toa problem.2. The art and science of planning and marshallingresources for their most efficient and effective use.The term is derived from the Greek word for generalship orleading an army.
Interactive DiscussionHealth Education
comprises consciously constructed opportunities for learning involving some form of communication designed to improve health literacy, including improving knowledge, and developing lifeskills which are conducive to individual and community health.
General objective:
Statement, in more or less precise terms, of the trend of the learning activity. Thestatement, which defines the outcome of the learning activity, represents a particular point inthe general orientation of a curriculum. (The general objective is the first level of specification of the aimfrom which it derives.)
Specific objective:
Statement which describes the trend of the learning activity. It is formulated interms of observable behaviour. (It is an interpretation of the general objective from which it derives.)
Health Promotion
is the provision of information and/or education to individuals, families, andcommunities that-encourage family unity, community commitment, and traditional spirituality thatmake positive contributions to their health status. Health Promotion is also the promotion of healthyideas and concepts to motivate individuals to adopt healthy behaviors.
Disease prevention
covers measures not only to prevent the occurrence of disease, such as risk factorreduction, but also to arrest its progress and reduce its consequences once established. Diseaseprevention is considered to be action which usually emanates from the health sector, dealing withindividuals and populations identified as exhibiting identifiable risk factors, often associated withdifferent risk behaviors.
Public health:
The approach to medicine that is concerned with the health of the community as awhole. Public health is community health. It has been said that: "Health care is vital to all of us some of the time, but public health is vital to all of us all of the time."
poor health resulting from disease of body or mind; sickness;
a disease.

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