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Durable Morphology of Lotto System

Durable Morphology of Lotto System

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Published by Bradly Storsteen
For mor information check out my link http://tinyurl.com/2012lotto
For mor information check out my link http://tinyurl.com/2012lotto

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Published by: Bradly Storsteen on Jan 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Check out this great informationhttp://tinyurl.com/2012lotto ==== ====The Lotto system as we know it today, could not have appeared on earth without the thoughts of aman. Initially, it was supposed to be as a mere agreeable instrument which brings some fun,making human life more passable and pleasant. But, over the centuries, at another time, anotherman has sophisticated this system, making it profitable to organizers and less conveniently toplayers. Today, lotto is still with us, despite the fact that an estimated 99 % of players are losers and therest of 1 % are mere occasional winners. Lotto is hated and loved in the same time, always indispute, nevertheless it is a very popular play for adults. How it might be so?. In my opinion thereare two causes for that. Firstly, the players are unprepared happy-go-lucky participants and thesecond, lotto system is still an insufficient examined field, especially from another perspective thana mathematical point of view. Nothing happens in universe by accident. Permanent care of universe to avoid chaos determinesorder and rules for all processes, situations and events. Who do not respect this order and naturalrules is pushing inevitably towards destruction and rejection. In space of universe, lotto is a tinypoint, therefore exists, yet so long time. This is a sign that lotto follows that order of universe. Thereason that lotto uses numbers on balls and no letters, is because the main function of numbers isto install order. They are presenting to us the lesson that in lotto there is no chaos. An empirical experiment, from a fresh perspective, has shown me that there are importantunknown aspects of lotto system that can bring serious advantages to players. In this article, I willpresent an analysis of a basic texture and construction of lotto as a first step to betterunderstanding this system. However, considering that lotto is a man-made system, logically, acontemporaneous man can explore this system, decoding at least a few from its secrets. As a matter of fact, I know that lotto passes the typical reputation of traditional gambling concept,misunderstood by many people. because this system is accessible, free procurable by everyone,adaptable to many changes in time, learnable and ready to use as a piece of cake. Lotto is apenetrable mystery. It is an easy system for manifesting exact what you want: fun and money. It isgetting up into space of full play and creativity. Lotto is a fair game, meets the eye pleasure andthe mind adventure. Lotto is somehow a part of a world of banks and if a man in times of needs wants to win the lotteryas a solution, he should to devote himself to it as a matter of money, by no means only imploringan invisible force called luck, to help him. The potential of winning the lottery exists unaffected byour doubts and beliefs. It has to be earned with a bit of work and effort like any other job.Unfortunately, because lottery is still associated with money obtained without any effort, peopleget a wrong path of playing lotto.
 Lotto serves as a bank of a set of fixed numbers and a host for all possible combinations of sixnumbers from that amount. For example, a system formed from a set of 49 numbers is anaggregate of a set of 49 numbered balls and 13,938.816 fixed combinations in potential. Lotto system is composed from two separated parts that work as one. The first is a set of xnumbered balls and a lotto machine. The second is a structured numbers distribution into virtualspatial arrangement by their frequency. Each part has a different role and activity, but togethermake this system so strongly and durable in time. But first, the two lines of activity involve anelementary understanding of the meaning of numbers. In contrast with balls, the numbers are nota physical objects. They are an abstract objects only in our head and remain there unnoticed untilwe write them upon a physical objects, as in our case, on balls. Now, the visible number becomesan attribute and a sign of its ball. I named this first part an external world of lotto, or physical part, or macro-level of lotto. It is visibleand known by all. It is a scene that offers a kind of tragedy-comedy weekly ritual. Big mistake of alllotto players is done when they use only this external world of lotto. They take in considerationonly the chance and luck as the relevant factors for winning because a rooted popular belief thatdoes not exist control on lotto numbers. But throwing in this idea generates fear of failure and it isexactly what happens to them. I named the second part, by contrast, internal world of lotto or inner invisible level. This part hasmultiple states of virtual structure of numbers arrangement by their frequency in space and time. Itis considered the main force of development and progress of this system in time. It is a sceneshadowed by those things we do not know yet. Virtual arrangement of numbers is just real asphysical structure is. We would not understand lotto system properly if we did not imagine thisinvisible reality. The very moment of live drawing creates a strong link between these two parts. We can picturethe live draw as an outcome of a long invisible process and an opportunity for us to learnsomething from the enigmatical rules inside the system. Also, it is the force that makes activewhole system and produces changes in the virtual structure of numbers arrangement. The livedraw is governed by physical laws but what is here very interesting is the fact that the result iscreating a large invisible virtual structure of abstract world. Consequently, in lotto we have to solvean abstract problem too, not only a mathematical probability. Then, when physical external forcesgive rise to an internal virtual structure, it is not enough to seek a solution by thinking physicallyonly. You have to use a metaphysical thought too. A holistic examination of lotto system isneeded. A fresh view, a desire to know and understand how this system works. I am acutely aware that if we want to benefit from lotto, we need to know how this system haswoven its arboreal distribution of numbers. And how evolutionary process became so Herculean.Lotto can not work randomly. There is a tested way of analyzing previous draws that showbehavior of numbers along with evolutionary process. Lotto is a dynamic system based on permanent motion of numbers and permanent changes thatcreate its labyrinthine complexity, but in the same time, it is a system that seeks equilibrium with aclear tendency to pass randomly through all possible arrangements and changes. 

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