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Top 8 Reasons Why Jesus is Not the Literal Son of God

Top 8 Reasons Why Jesus is Not the Literal Son of God

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Published by youdontknowmehomey

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Published by: youdontknowmehomey on Jan 10, 2012
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"Top 8 Reasons Why Jesus is not the Son of God"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdUXJoRqhyYnot only son, not begotten son8. 3:55 - not the only one to call God "father", he told all his followers to do it also.7. 4:55 - "pais theo" primarily means "servant of God" but has been translated to "son ofGod". 8 times in NT. 5 ref to Jesus. in book of Matt once 12:15, 4 times in Acts. 3 timesnot referring to Jesus. 2 times about David: (Luke, Acts). 1 times about Israel (in Luke1:54).6. 6:45 - "huios" is almost always translated metaphorically in the Bible. the meaning of"'sons' of God" is not literal. Matt 17:25, Luke 19:9, Matt 7:9, Matt 12:27, John 19:26,Matt 8:12, Luke 10:6, Luke 16:8.5. 8:40 - scholars say "son of God" must be a metaphor because he would've beenconsidered a blasphemer and would've been executed according to Old Testament Law4. 11:00 - Jesus didn't call himself the "Son of God" in a literal begotten not made sense(12:45). Hasting's Bible Dictionary ("whether Jesus used the term 'Son of God' ofhimself is doubtful" 11:30). Harper's Bible Dictionary (Jesus never claims for himself thetitle "Son of God" 11:45). The scholars are talking about the original sourcemanuscripts, not the translations 12:20.3. 12:42 -13:15, Jesus called himself the "Son of Man" 88 times. New CatholicEncyclopedia: this title was Jesus' preference to designate himself and his mission.2. 14:10 - Jesus is called "son of David" 14 times in NT. can't be literal because Jesushas no father, must be figurative and metaphorical. Luke's geneology: David 41generations to Jesus. Matthew: 26 generations between David and Jesus.
18:33-19:47, first commandment, no partners besides God. 3 times in the NTJesus is asked about most important commandment, "Know O Israel, your God isOne God" this is reported three times in the Bible, and there are no passages thatcontradict that or shed another light on that. no Trinity mentioned here.
1. 22:15, how many sons of God are you going to believe in? Christian doctrine tells usthat Jesus was the
son of God. Jeremiah 31:9 (God is a Father to Israel andEphraim is His first born), Romans 8:14(as many as are led by the Spirit of God, theyare the Sons of God), Exodus 4:22 (Israel is my Son, even my firstborn), Luke 3:38(Adam was the Son of God), 2 Samuel 7:13(Solomon was the Son of God).

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