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thought forms_ how to program and use

thought forms_ how to program and use

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Published by klocek

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Published by: klocek on Nov 06, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thought Forms: How to program and use
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3/10/07 8:24 AM
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Thought Forms:How to program and use
Rev. Len Romska
Most of us have heard of them, but just what are they, what are they composed of, how are they created
and what are they used for?
A thought form is a structured interdimensional energy form intentionally created to carry out a specific
task for which it has been programmed. It is created by you with the co-operative efforts of the universe.

A TF is different than the random thoughts we have every day which also create, positively or
negatively, but are chaotic and without structure. Common thoughts, as I call them, take on a life of their
own, seek out areas of like energy to combine with and become even more powerful. Most of humanity
is totally unaware of the destructive forces it creates moment by moment with negative thoughts.

But why would someone intentionally create a structured TF. It sounds dangerous and may possibly get
out of control. This is true if created out of fear, anger, hate, and revenge. This is called a negative TF
and is instilled with destructive negative programming. A negative TF is not something to play around
with. An individual that creates a thought form for destructive purposes may suffer severe

On the other hand, creating a TF using valid procedures with love, wisdom, understanding and
awareness becomes a very POWERFUL uplifting tool to utilize in many situations which include
healing, and removing negative energy. A TF can only do what it's programming allows. It is like a
robot, and has no mind of it's own.

I have used thought forms for many reasons. It took much time and patience to perfect the process, and
is now second nature to me. I didn't know how to construct them when I first received the information
that it was a viable tool. I began by using intuition and knowledge received from my Source (spirit
guides). Through the use of my interdimensional sight I could simultaneously observe the results of my
directed thoughts in creating a TF and make adjustments as necessary.

Many people have asked if I would also teach them. This document was written to serve that purpose. The creation of a TF is not difficult. I outline the procedure step by step. Simply follow the directions and you will have at your disposal a very POTENT tool that very few people have any knowledge of. Remember that it is also a creation of the universe, treat it with respect.

Now let us get on with the process. A TF can be created in any image you wish. Use one that best suits your intention or purpose for it. For instance, imagine there are parasites in your body. A TF could be created which looked like a small robot carrying a container. You would instruct the robot to search the entire body securing all the parasites in the container and upon completion put the container in a rocket and send it to the universe.

Other examples might be...A high-powered suction device to remove a negative substance, a bulldozer to remove obstacles, a magnet to remove impurities from the circulatory system. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and what feels right.

NOTE...The word "input " means, send these directions to the TF as part of it's programming.

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