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Right to Work Reality Check

Right to Work Reality Check

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Published by Go Iupat

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Published by: Go Iupat on Jan 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As Governor Daniels prepares for his final State of the State address thisevening, it’s time for a reality check on Indiana’s chief executive. In his TVads pushing for the so called the “Right to Work” law, which are being paidfor by secret donors that he refuses to name, and in speeches andinterviews, the governor is continuing to peddle unsubstantiated claims andfuzzy math to try to make his point.Study after study,including one that came out earlier this week from theUniversity of Notre Dame, prove that this proposal lowers wages and livingstandards for working people, and actually has anet negative economicimpacton the states that have passed it.Regardless of what Governor Daniels says on TV or in tonight’s State of theState address about this legislation, here are the facts:
Employer surveys show RTW is not important to employers’ decisionsabout where to locate – especially for higher-tech, higher-wagemanufacturers. When asked,state officials have admitted that they are unable to produce documentationsuch as names of companies oranonymous survey data supporting the claim that the state is losingone-third of prospective business deals because the state lacksRTW. In the last two yearsIndiana has added twice as manymanufacturing jobs as all the Midwest RTW states combined. (IA, SD,ND, NE, KS)
 The last state to adopt RTW --Oklahoma (in 2001) -- has seen thenumber of manufacturing jobs in its state, and the number of newcompanies coming in to the state, both fall by one-third in the decadesince they adopted RTW. They made the same claims as Gov Danielsis now making -- but in reality those claims proved totally false

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