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self hypnosis made easy how to use hypnotherapy easy hypnotherapist tips

self hypnosis made easy how to use hypnotherapy easy hypnotherapist tips

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Published by kompany4
for your easy self hypnosis and hypnotherapy tips go here:http://redmor1639206.positivestrongeryou.com
for your easy self hypnosis and hypnotherapy tips go here:http://redmor1639206.positivestrongeryou.com

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Published by: kompany4 on Jan 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Hello from user. for self hypnosis and hypnotherapy tips for a positive stronger youhttp://redmor1639206.positivestrongeryou.com ==== ====Hypnotherapists have long given their patients hypnosis recordings to listen to between sessionseither as a supplement for treatment or instead of teaching them self hypnosis. Commercial hypnosis CD's should not be seen as a substitute for live, one-to-one hypnosissessions but on the other hand they enable you to benefit immediately from hypnosis, sometimes just by clicking a few buttons. You can occasionally you can get considerable benefit, especiallyfrom repeated listening. In fact the great advantage of these recordings is that you can enjoylistening to them again and again and the in many cases the hypnotic suggestions will becomeeven more deeply embedded each time. So if you're thinking of buying a hypnosis recording what are the most important things to look outfor? Insist on hearing an audio sample. There are so many sources of hypnosis CD's now that you'dthink the days of buying one without having listened to at least a small sample are over - but this isfar from the case! Even some of the largest, longest established websites offer no listeningfacilities. Make sure you can listen to at least a segment of the recording, or an example of the author'swork regardless of all the hype, advertising rhetoric, and offers of money back guarantees.Otherwise there is a strong risk you will have purchased something dreary at best and at worstunusable. It's so straight forward for any web designer to set up audio samples on the internetthese days - like cooking a can of beans! Ask yourself...what have some of these large providersof hypnosis audio got to hide when they make it so difficult or impossible to listen to a sample oftheir work? Make sure you like the sound of the hypnotist's voice. If there's anything about the voice that jarsor irritates you - it's almost certainly best to stay clear and go somewhere else. The typicalHollywood or media portrayal of a hypnotist is mostly fiction - there's no such thing as a set type ofvoice for a hypnotist. Some people are impressed by weirdness - don't be, because this hasnothing to do with genuine hypnosis! Voices can be high or low and regional accents are fine - so long as you find them pleasant. It'sprobably best to go for someone who sounds friendly, relaxed, natural and sincere. Theatricalvoices are okay, (like say a professional actor reading out a 'talking book') however, steer awayfrom someone who is obviously trying hard to sound 'mysterious', 'hypnotic', powerful or 'overlysoothing'. Also you might want to avoid those who adopt an unnaturally deep vocal delivery. This kind of thing may sound impressive to some, but it is most likely affectation and has nothing
to do with the usual vocal delivery used by most hypnotists in a therapy setting, or for that matterby stage hypnotists. You may like voices that seem to have been made to sound 'thicker' usingstudio techniques, or that adopt an authoritative tone - if any of this stuff impresses you or appealsto you then fair enough...go for it...but you should be aware that it's unlikely to make the hypnoticexperience itself any more powerful or effective than a natural voice Above all, if what you hear sounds occasionally sounds stilted because it's someone obviouslyreading from a script...stay well clear! This is an indication that you may not listening to acompetent, or even a genuine hypnotist. Be wary of recordings that have a lot of emphasis on special effects. This doesn't mean youshould steer clear of them altogether but some titles bombard you with echo effects, reverberation,panning (side goes from left to right) and similar studio tricks. Though fine in moderation, don'tmake the mistake of assuming that these effects necessarily make the hypnotic suggestions anymore powerful or the content more effective. More likely than not, they are being used to concealthe poor quality of the content, or a lack of real life experience on the part of the hypnotist! Onceagain, these effects have little to do with real hypnosis and are far more likely to be favoured bythe newcomer than the professional. The quality of music and sound effects - if any - in the background is important. Some seasonedand talented professionals can get away with no musical accompaniment whatsoever, but if musicis absent completely, it is more likely to be down to the fact that little time, trouble or dedicationhave gone into the production. Getting hold of suitable music for hypnosis is tricky to say the least- for many reasons: i) If a hypnotist publishes several titles it will become boring for the listener if an identical, or almostidentical music backdrop is used for each title. Imagine buying the whole set and finding the samemusic on each title! (It happens). It would be like watching several films on DVD and finding theyall had the same soundtrack! This scenario is an indication that the whole approach andproduction has had little thought or effort put into it and/or is being done on the cheap. Somehypnotists use the sound of the sea for every recording they produce....this can be boring! ii) Expense. Copyright laws mean that the hypnotist may have to pay royalties of up to 50% for theright to use somebody else's music in the background, so to get round this some use no music orpoor quality music. iii) Some recordings use 'royalty free' music that you'd normally hear playing in supermarkets -known as 'muzak' - which you should avoid at all costs as it is usually pretty dreadful. If you listento a number of hypnosis samples you'll soon come across music that sounds so corny even yourgranny wouldn't like it! Be open minded though, remember, as with the voice, if you like the musicor sound backdrop, that's what counts. iv) Make sure you get to hear some of the music or sound effects before you buy. The right kind ofmusic to accompany hypnosis could come from almost any kind of musical genre but the best stuffis likely to create an effect rather like a gentle film score can do. Simple, evocative music that canpowerfully enhance hypnotic content and visualisation. Generally speaking the music should be fairly simple with minimal percussion so as not to detract
from what is being said. Some hypnotherapists still insist that music should be absent, but usedproperly it can elicit very powerful feelings and emotions. It's a bit like the movies - silent movieshave their place but films are usually a lot better with a good soundtrack. Satisfy yourself that the recording is by a reputable, qualified, professional hypnotherapist. This is no small matter. A badly phrased hypnotic suggestion can do considerable, permanentdamage. During hypnosis the subconscious mind can often take instructions quite literally, evenextracting the wrong part of a phrase. If an unskilled hypnotist were to say: "Everytime you wake up you will feel ablaze with happiness" He or she may have the best of intentions, but the subconscious mind may take it all literally andtake the 'feel ablaze ' bit as a command. Consequently, on waking up a good hypnotic subject mayfeel as if they are actually on fire! An extensive knowledge and experience of avoiding damagingsuggestions is vital. Even stage hypnotists with phenomenal hypnotic talent have sometimes nothad sufficient training or experienced in using hypnosis as form of therapy before embarking onmaking a series of CD's or tapes - so beware. (It should be pointed out that there are many stagehypnotists who have considerable ability and experience as therapists in addition to beingentertainers). As with any other field, whether it is acting, music, or medicine -you are much more likely to getquality from a professional hypnotist. The hypnotist is qualified, but does he or she have genuine experience of successfully treatingpeople in one to one situations? This should never be assumed. Is there a way, for example that you can currently arrange a livehypnotherapy appointment with this person, regardless of price? If not, beware, it is possibly anindication that the hypnotist is not practicing and may have in fact never treated more than acouple of people since they did their training. Cheap v. expensive recordings A good quality recording (say a hypnotic relaxation or de-stressing CD) can be a life investment -not just for yourself but possibly your entire family! Be especially careful before you opt for a very cheap recording - because it could quite easily endup doing you more harm than good. It may seem like a bargain - but you would be well advised totreat your mind with the respect you would treat your body. Ask yourself, would you let a cheapplastic surgeon with doubtful credentials operate on your body? It may work out okay but is it reallyworth the risk? As with everything else in life, you usually get what you pay for. Remember,hypnosis is not a gimmick, it is a real and potent power - treat your mind with the respect youwould treat your body! Did you know that there are now many entrepreneurial amateur hypnotists on the internet and on

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