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201201 LNA Newsletter

201201 LNA Newsletter

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Published by ericfruits
Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association - January 2012 Newsletter
Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association - January 2012 Newsletter

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Published by: ericfruits on Jan 10, 2012
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Volume Number  January 
The Laurelhurst project includes constructing 16green street facilities and replacing about 400 feet of sewer pipe that was in poor condition. Constructionshould be completed in early 2012.Green Street CareGreen streets use low-growing plants suitable to a variety of conditions. City maintenance crews makesure plants are healthy and green streets are workingproperly. The city welcomes help from volunteerGreen Street Stewards. You can get more informationabout green stormwater management infrastructureand the Green Street Steward Program at: www.portlandonline.com/sustainablestormwater.
January 2012LNA Regular Membership MeetingTentative Agenda
Time: Tuesday January 31, 2012 @ 7 pmPlace: All Saints Church Parish Hall, Glisan and Cesar EChavez Blvd.
Call to order, review agenda, approval of minutes
reasurer’s report
N; Neighborhood Watch
LNA Garage ale: Coordinator Needed
epresentative Alissa Keny Guyer
Funding for ummer Movies in the Park 
Laruelhurst Arches
Portland Providence Medical Center
Bitar Mansion
Note: Agenda items and timing are subject to change. 
Green Streets inLaurelhurst
By: City of Portland
Green stormwatermanagement is coming tothe LaurelhurstNeighborhood. You have probably seenthe construction going onaround Laurelhurst School.The City of Portland is constructing greenstreet facilities in Laurelhurst and surroundingneighborhoods as part of a citywide expansion of green stormwater management infrastructure. A green street is a vegetated curb extension orstreetside planter that collects stormwater runoff fromstreets. Vegetation and soil filter pollutants as the water soaks into the ground.Sanitary, storm and combined sewer pipes aremainstays of Portland’s wastewater and stormwatermanagement system. But facilities like green streetsand rain gardens complement the traditional pipesystem. They manage stormwater at its sourceto reduce volume, help reduce sewer backups in basements, protect water quality in rivers andstreams, and replenish groundwater supplies.
The LaurelhurstNeighborhood Association
The newsletter is published every othermonth. The deadline for submissions is the1st of the month of publication (January,March, May, September and November).Contact Jennifer Lewis, Editor forinformation. Articles published here areopinions of the authors unless indicated asLNA’s of 
cial statements.Similarly LNA resumes no responsibility  with regards to the content of advertisements or the credentials of advertising entities. All rights reserved. Reproduction in wholeor in part without permission is prohibited.
Newsletter Staff 
Jennifer Lewisnewsletter.editor@laurelhurstpdx.orgLNA Board Of 
President – Eric Fruits Vice President – Beth ZaunerSecretary – Jeanne FergusonTreasurer – Kristi Kasparek Editor - Jennifer LewisSEUL Rep – Don GardnerNE Quad Rep – Elena MacPheeNW Quad Rep – Lyle HowardSE Quad Rep – Kelly BocianSW Quad Rep – Jim EdelsonGeneral Rep:
Gary NaylorLNA Committees
Doug Lovelace 916.207.4277
John Russ 503.231.5363
Coe Circle:
Greg Klott 503.381.9553
Garage Sale:
Land Use:
Gary Naylor 503.232.3398
Kids Club:
Jessi Fleagane 503.432.8220
Marilyn Harlin 503.233.2555
Public Safety:
Fern Wilgus 503.231.8464
Jill Punches
Goudarz Eghtedari503.235.6136
Lisa Adajian 503.233.8235***
Justin HawkwoodFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/LaurelhurstPDX
From The Editor
By: Jennifer Lewis, LNA Newsletter Editor
It’s hard to believe that it is now 2012. We arefortunate to live in Laurelhurst and the City of Portland. When Laurelhurst was
rst built, theCity knew even then the importance of parks and green spaces. The City continues to work towards making Portland sustainable and green. You willlearn a bit more about their Green Streets program in this edition. As we ushered in the New Year, many of us made resolutions we will struggleto keep. Mine include more adventures with my children (3 and 5) andgetting more exercise. With it being cold and the rain threatening to start inearnest, it’s hard to get my kids outside. But a short walk is usually withinmy coaxing abilities. There is an easy 3.5 miles walk through Laurelhurstthat Metro has put together highlighting historic homes and heritage trees.In fact, the Zelcova is in my back yard. If you make it out to try this walk,stop by and say hi. I always enjoy getting to know more of my neighbors.Thank you to all of you who have written to me to let me know what you would like to see in this newsletter. Your comments and support areinvaluable. The Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association couldn’t exist without your support. If you are interested in becoming more involved, we need your help! Kristine Akins has done an amazing job coordinatingthe Garage Sale the past few years, and has streamlined the process. Sheis starting a new business, and will not be able to serve as the Garage SaleCoordinator this year. If you would be willing to help continue this greattradition that helps to preserve the Laurelhurst Arches, please let me know. You may also want to help by coordinating the 4th of July Parade. AlisonKalmanson, who has coordinated it for the past few years has moved outof the neighborhood. If you would be interested in helpng with this family event, please contact me.I hope that you have a fantastic year in 2012!
Basement / Attic ConversionsKitchens, Bathrooms, AdditionsMoisture / Dry Rot Repair Home Sale Prep/Post InspectionMaintenance/Handyman service
Owner / Contractor / Carpenter 
wner / Contractor / Carpenter
Call us with your tax &accounting needs. . .We’re just down the street
1725 S.E. Ash Street
Portland, OR 97214503-239-0932
 Member American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Member Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants
The Creation oLaurelhurst
In 1850, Congress passed the Donation Land Act,encouraging folks to move west. If a man was mar-ried he could claim 320 acres, and an unmarried mancould claim 160 acres. To gain the deed to the land, asettler would have to live on and maintain the land forfour years.The area that became Laurelhurst was comprised of two claims. In 1869, William S. Ladd began to ac-cumulate land in this area. One purchase was of theHazelwood Farm in 1869. He accumulated 486 acresand created a purebred Jersey cattle farm, theHazelfern Farm.Ladd passed away in 1893, and in 1909 the Laurel-hurst Company. The Laurelhurst Company had previ-ously developed a neighborhood named Laurelhurstin Seattle, and stuck with the name that had been suc-cessful for them. The neighborhood was advertisedas “The Addition With Character.” Individuals could buy one to six lots each, with a plan for less than 1000homes across the 442 acres. Today there are morethan 1800 homes in Laurelhurst.Laurelhurst park and neighborhood developed to-gether. Soon after construction began on homes,the City of Portland purchased 31 acres to constructLaurelhurst Park with a natural landscaping ap-proach. In 1912 Emanuel Mische, Portland’s Park Superintendent from 1908-1914, designed LaurelhurstPark. There were several distinct sections to EmanuelMische’s plan that you can still see today: FirwoodLake, a picnic grove, a Rhododendron Hill, broadmeadows and a plateau, and a play park. In 2001Laurelhurst Park was named to the National Registerof Historic Places, the
rst city park ever listed on thenational register.If you know an interesting part of Laurelhurst’s his-tory, please share it with us by contacting theNewsletter Editor. It’s always fun to learn more aboutthis amazing neighborhood we live in.
Keep a level head in anup-and-down market.
Bryan E Brumley, AAMS®
Financial Advisor 
5522 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97215503-233-8920
Member SIPC

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