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Pi - Empyr Part II

Pi - Empyr Part II

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Published by Brendan

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Published by: Brendan on Jan 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Empyrean Revelation Part II
By Protilius ErmPhorus 1/9/2012www.collapsingduality.comThe future of how we, as a human race will communicate with each other lies not intechnology, but in spirituality! But the way we will make contact with each other, is notunlike how we communicate via the internet and social media outlets. Only instead of loggingonto the internet, we will be logging into or connecting with our spirit self, whereby we areafforded the ability of communicating with others who have also logged into their spirit self.This is not our potential future; it is our future! Finally, at long last, it is being realized in thehere and now. All of our technological advances in the past have been leading up to this point;this hand-off if you will, where on one side of the bridge you have the internet and on theother; spirituality. But, crossing that bridge to spirituality is going to take some good oldfashioned faith and belief that we are more than just flesh and that we are soul. For that vehiclealone; the soul; is how we are going to communicate and make contact with each other.By going within and reconnecting with the higher self, we are ensuring that the initial Contactwill first be made by YOU, looking no further than at your very own reflection in the mirror.Once we see who we are as spirits and embrace that, then we can look into the eyes of ourMother, Father, Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Friends and neighbors  who, by the way, are allfrom the stars.
Spiritual evolution does not happen in reverse. In other words: It is not up to the spirit self tobecome aware of the physical self. No...If not for the spirit, there would be no life in the first  place. But rather, it is the souls goal for the physical self to become aware of the spirit self. Achieve this and we achieve continuity with God!
 If we ponder the memories, and reflect back over our lives, we will see that (most of us) havebeen waiting for something. But what is it or who is it that we are waiting for? Are we waitingto be saved? If so then we should expect more waiting. Should any of us expect the great godsfrom the sky to come swooping down from the clouds in a fiery wheel with thunder and smokein an effort to enlighten us? We shouldnt, and they will not! They will not present themselvesin this way because Contact works in quite the opposite way in which we were lead to believeespecially in more modern times. What I am trying to convey is that it is up to US to reach outand make contact. By going within we will find that our vehicles to communicating with thosearound us and the spirit world, have nothing to do with time machines, NASA built rockets oranti-gravity devices. The real time machines are our souls and in order for us to make thatContact, we must make contact with our own kind, first! If we cannot accept a person of anygender, regardless of race, color and creed, then how are we to accept our own true selves the spirit self  which may or may not look anything like we do, now.
any people over the course of many centuries have pondered the question regarding Genesis1:26 and why it was that God spoke in the plural and not the singular. However, in my humbleopinion, there is one person who asked most eloquently. That person is Erich Von Daniken. In hisbook, Chariots of The Gods - published in 1969, Erich asks, and I quote: "Why does God speak inthe plural? Why does he say "us," not "me," why "our," and not "my?" One would think that theone and only God ought to address mankind in the singular, not in the plural." I believe this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Don't you? Well, Erich asks many direct questions like this one and I'll attempt to shed some light on one or two of them. Theinformation I share below is combined information that Paula and I have been shown fromProtilius and Idavathian.Erich asks: "Was God an astronaut?" Brendan says: God was not an astronaut, per se. However, those sons of God that were talked about in the bible, are! In the beginning, God created two souls to begin the physical experienceof life on this planet. Who were these first two souls of masculine and feminine balance? Thesouls that would incarnate to earth would become known as Adam and Eve! This is also why God spoke in the plural. We could also go so far as to say, not just sons of God, but sons and daughters of God. These sons and daughters of God were given the gift of co-creation to carry out the experience of physical life, first in spirit as the higher or spirit self (4D level) and then inthe flesh. All of the spirits have the gift of co-creation. As the soul family(s) in that place commonly called heaven, grows, the population of mankind grows, (as above, so below) and a distinct shape becomes apparent. It is the shape of divineorder! And in that order, from top to bottom or heaven to earth, it is the shape of a pyramid - just like the ones in Egypt and many other places. The pyramid is yours, mine and "OUR" (plural) family tree and it is set in stone to remind us that there really is an order to creation - not hierarchy. Hierarchy is manmade; order is of God! Of course the pyramid has many meaningsbut I thought that this one was just a little more important than simply calling the pyramid a"tomb for Pharoahs." Don't you? 
This is why Contact starts with the self and as we work our way towards self enlightenment,we may then turn our attention to those around us  our Soul Mates!The Contact that has long since been awaited and prophesied about is here; it is spiritual innature and it is not between mankind and some invading alien race, but it is between us  you,me and the rest of our 7billion Soul Mates. This is what Protilius and Idavathian taught meabout US; shortly after our first reunion.Having reconnected with Protilius and Idavathian in Empyrea (formerly called: The Plains) was atime of advanced spiritual learning for both Paula and myself. After Paula made her first journey to find her Higher Self and having come back with the name Idavathian, the first thingwe were taught is about Worship and how it is in that place our spirits reside. Then we learned
the importance of teaching children at that level because half the time we ever visitedProtilius and Idavathian, they were always surrounded by the small children that they wereteaching. Then we learned about the many places they live from the palace in that city of lightwhere even the walls and structures are alive with information; all the way to the pyramids thatrepresent The Divine Order of Creation.
Hierarchy or Divine Order:Hierarchy was manufactured by the minds of men. Divine Order was birthed by the love that isGod. Hierarchy is a manufactured idea of the ego, whereas Order has a natural process - muchlike a beach is shaped by the wind, wave and water.
The Hierarchal structure humanity has faced since the beginning, was devised for the control of man and not self empowerment. Divine Order on the other hand is about sharing our Royal Divine Sacred lineage and co-existing peacefully without power structure and ego
In learning about The Divine Order of Creation we were taught about a Soul Family that we aremother and father to numbering in the range of 4 million souls. This would also mean thatthere would be nearly 2 million blocks of stone to this very pyramid; taking into account thateach block has two souls: one of divine masculine and one of divine feminine. But before weknew we were mother and father to this many we started out by learning that there wereonly 8 soul children to the second row or generation we created. Initially, we created apage for this on Collapsing Duality that we called The Ten. We called it The Ten because wetook into account the first generation (Protilius and Idavathian) plus the second generationwhich had 4 blocks of stone or 8 souls total.Protilius and Idavathian explained to us that the 8 souls which make up the 2
generation werealive; scattered across the planet and that it was up to us to make contact with them and/orwake them from their sleep. They never told us where they were, who they are or how tocontact them. They left that for Paula and me to figure out.During one of Paulas earliest journeys to Empyrea, after reconnecting with Idavathian, Pauladiscovered a group statues and there were 10 of them. In the middle there was Protilius andIdavathian that much was clear. Then, to Protilius right and Idavathians left 4 unknownbeings on each side! Who were the 8 mysterious being? Our first soul children! Then, Paularealized that by simply asking or even touching the statue of each unknown soul that she couldobtain information about them from their Higher Self Name and even to their incarnate nameand current location anywhere on Earth.When Paula came back with our first Higher Self name, incarnate name and even the locationon earth where that person was living, I was simply amazed and couldnt wait to try thismethod for myself.

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