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Moscow In Your Pocket

Moscow In Your Pocket



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The only guide to Moscow, Russia, you will ever need.
The only guide to Moscow, Russia, you will ever need.

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Published by: In Your Pocket City Guides on Nov 06, 2008
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 All abard!
 All you need to know about taking the Russian train
Msc's parklife
Moscow's best parks,gardens, pools and beaches
Tp 5 shashliks
 August - September 2010
August - September 2010 N°10moscow.inyourpocket.com
August - September 2010
A word from our Publisher 
What’s new in the city 
Russian trains 
Cyrillic Alphabet tips
Culture & Events
Discover Moscow’s cultural scene
From traditional Russian to Asian fusion
Moscow never sleeps...
See St. Petersburg
All you need to know about the expat scene
Health & Lifestyle
Peter Richter 
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In Your Pocket 
August - September 2010
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Moscow In Your Pocket
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Роскартография ФГУП МАГП, 2005
Editor’s note
The editorial content of In Your Pocket guidesis independent from paid-for advertising.We welcome all readers‘ comments andsuggestions. We have made every effort toensure the accuracy of the information at the time of going to press and assume noresponsibility for changes and errors.
Moscow City Day 
With 2010 being Russia’s Year of the Teacher, this year’s863rd celebration of the founding of the city will place specialemphasis on youth and education. The birthday weekend runs04 to 05 September and the city promises to host more than3,500 different events, which are expected to be attended by more than two million people. As that’s quite a lot for us to writeabout, we will try to give you only the highlights. Down on RedSquare, undoubtedly the biggest event is the Moscow Military Tattoo which opens on September 04 and runs every night untilSeptember 09, (see page 16 for more details). Meanwhile in thesurrounding squares of Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Teatralnayaand Lubyanka stages will be erected and shows by local musi-cians, dancers and ‘respected artists of the Soviet Union’ will beperformed. The city’s Boulevard Ring will become ‘the boulevardof art’ aimed specifically at youngsters who want to expresstheir creativity and love of the city in crayons and paint, whilethe Hermitage gardens will host a book fair for adults and kids.Various events will also be taking place in Gorky park, the park at VDNKh (VVTs), Kolomenskoe, Tsaritsino and Park Pobedy will host its first festival of classical and jazz music (see pages49/50 for details on how to get there). And it just wouldn’t be areal birthday party without the fireworks blasting off at 22:00each night from Red Square and the hills of Park Pobedy.
Ramadan in Moscow
On the night of Tuesday August 11 the month long Muslim fast-ing holiday of Ramadan begins. It is estimated that Moscow hasbetween one and two million Muslims, most of whom hail fromTatarstan, Central Asiaand the Russian Cau-casus. For one monthMoscow Muslims willonly eat in the twilight hours until the holiday reaches its final cul-mination at the feast of Eid al-fatir or UrazaBayram as it is knownin Russia, which this year falls on Thursday September 09.The main hub of prayers and religious activity in Moscow isthe Grand Mosque just off Prospekt Mira. Due to the mosque’ssmall size and the high number of local Muslim’s wanting tomark the occasion, the atmosphere can get claustrophobicand in previous years local churches and halls have had tostand in to help the flow of worshippers. Although largely Tatar,the Grand Mosque accepts Muslims from across the Muslimworld as does the larger Memorial Mosque on Poklonnaya inPark Pobedy. Some embassies such as the Malaysian em-bassy also usually organise their own celebrations. For thoselooking to buy Halal products the Grand Mosque has its ownsupermarket, while the local markets Dorogomilovsky andDanilovsky have many Muslim sellers. See page 58 for Mosqueaddresses or head to the site www.muslim.ru for news fromthe Muslim community.
Metro News
New Stations opened.
The expansion of Moscow’s massivemetro system continues as two new stations, Dostoevskayaand Marina Roscha on the light green line, opened this sum-mer. The Dostoevskaya station’s theme is obvious and if you are passing through the murals on the station platformsof shady looking Raskolnikov types in trench coats, make aninteresting (if not slightly disconcerting) passing interest. Thesecond station, Marina Roshcha, is themed around the ver-dant dacha filled area that was once here in the last century,and is filled with pretty mosaics of the Russian countryside.
Interchange at Belorusskaya closed.
The interchange at Belorusskaya metro station between the dark green andcircle lines will be closed all the way up until December 01, asthe escalators between the stations are replaced.
Moscow’s hottest station revealed.
And finally the hot-test stations of Moscow’s metro have been revealed. Whenit’s 30 degrees on the street and you are trapped down onthe platforms, it may feel like everywhere under the groundis a furnace, but according to recent testing the hottest sta-tions in Moscow is Chekovskaya with an average of 30 de-grees. Close behindon the sizzling scaleare Kievskaya, Ulitsa1905 Goda, Rech-noi vokzal and Tre-tyakovskaya wheretemperatures of 28- 29 degrees wererecorded. The study  failed to mention thetemperature insidethe metro wagons,which we suspect is probably even higher. So high in fact that we’d probably rather not know.
Yom Kippur in Moscow
September is not only an important month in the Muslim calen-dar, Russia’s Jewish population will also be celebrating this monthwith Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement starting at sunset onFriday September 17. If you are looking to break the fast withsome good kosher food we recommend you head to the cafe of the Synagogue on ulitsa Bolshaya Bronnaya or try the delightfulChagall restaurant in the Jewish Cultural Centre on BolshayaNikitskaya ul. For contact details of your local synagogue or Jewish centre see page 58.
Москва В Твоем КарманеУчредитель и издатель:ООО Красная ШапкаРоссия, 196084 Санкт-ПетербургУл. Цветочная д. 25, лит. А.тел. : + 7 (812) 448 88 65факс: + 7(812) 448 88 64Главный редактор:Бонни ван дер ВелдеОтпечатано в типографии«Uniprint», Эстония, г. Таллинн,Ярвевана теэ, 9ФСвидетельство о регистрациисредства массовой информацииПи №2-6849 от 17.10.03 выданоСеверо-Западным региональнымуправлением комитета РФпо печати.Цена свободная.Тираж 30 000 экз. № 9. 01.08.2010
Yuri Dolgoruki or Yuri Long-arms, is reputedto be the founder of Moscow and this statue,a masterpiece of socialist realism on Tver-skaya ploschad appeared in 1954. Photo by Dreamstime.
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Europe In Your Pocket
A lot of people have been asking me recently how we are doing now that I live in Moscow and a large part of my colleagues livein St. Petersburg. Especially given that we have been publishing Moscow In Your Pocket for over a year now and are starting tobe taken quite seriously in the capital. Well, I can tell you, theanswer is; we are doing very well! If you ask me, Russia is on theup and In Your Pocket is growing in popularity accordingly. We aregrowing so much in fact that I am now in the middle of a hunt for new colleagues. Anybody who is serious about doing businessin Russia knows how frustrating it can be to look for new staff. Idon’t know what it is with Russians and work. We’ve just comeout of a serious economic crisis, but if I judge by the ‘serious’approach to applying for a job here, it seems Russians haven’t really been affected much. For example I had this guy reacting to our vacancy, name of his CV: ‘Krutoi’ (translation: ‘awesome’),salary request 60.000$/month. Heck, if I the position paid that much I’d keep the job for myself! Then there is this thing about cancelling interviews. The best reason I've had so far is the girlwho doesn’t want to meet with me because her parents toldher that foreigners cheat you and that our company is probably a scam. I have never felt so offended - investing over ten yearsof my life to this country to be called a scammer? Excuse me!And then there are the standard excuses: I cannot come to seeyou because my mother is ill, but I promise I will return your call,although my personal favourite is - the ‘
semenie obstayatyel- stvo 
’ or ‘family crisis’. Which really means; I’m not interested or actually I want to go out to my dacha. If you start a company hereand are looking for staff in August, don’t bother. By September most people have been on holiday and have had enough of thedacha so it might be worthwhile trying again then. Good luck!Ps: I must add here that I have a great dedicated team working through deadlines, no matter whether it is +38 or -25. Thanksto them this little book is really very good - enjoy!
Bonnie van der Velde, Publisher In Your Pocket, Russia 
Russia In Your Pocket is not only a comprehensive series of printed guides to Russia’s favourite cities Moscow and St.Petersburg, we also run our own massive website cover-ing thousands and thousands of venues in Moscow, St.Petersburg and further afield. Via
you can download free pdf and iphone versions of our guides as well as offer us your feedback and live com-ments on places that you’ve been to and liked, didn’t likeor just couldn’t find. Our 
group Russia In Your Pocket is the place to find out about upcoming eventstaking place near you, share tips, experiences and usefullinks and of course to get talking about Russia. And not to forget ‘Russian reality’ our editor writes a
that willgive you the background insight into the ups and downs of being constantly on the road finding all the useful informa-tion that makes In Your Pocket the ‘
cheeky, well-writtenseries of guidebooks 
’(New York Times) that it is. Find her at louiseinyourpocket.blogspot.com
In Your Pocket Online

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