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Illuminati New World Order? NEW.

Illuminati New World Order? NEW.

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Published by Anthony
Illuminati New World Order? NEW.
Illuminati New World Order? NEW.

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Published by: Anthony on Jan 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====WARNING: This Report is under threat of being taken offline due to its content. It is important thatyou read below to know how to access the rest of the information before the Report is takenoffline.http://tinyurl.com/illuminati2012 ==== ====What is the New World Order? There is great debate regarding the identity of the power groups and individuals who arecontributing to this conspiracy, opinions differ based on the groups doing the research. The termIlluminati is most often used to refer to them, but just who or what makes up this group is shroudedin secrecy. Leading organizations who are accused of being at least part of the Illuminati includethe Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission. The Bavarian Illuminatiwas formed by Adam Weishaupt in the late 18th century, but even though it was quickly disbandedby the government of the country, rumors of its survival and infiltration into other secret societieshave remained. Bible prophecy plays a large role in many different theories concerning the New World Order,especially since prophetical books of the Bible such as Daniel and Revelation, speak of thecreation of a global government ruled by a single dictator known as the Antichrist. Equallyimportant in this scenario is the creation of a single worldwide currency being used in conjunctionwith RFID chip technology to prevent anyone who doesn't have a coming mark from buying orselling goods. Strict population control and even major reduction of the world's population play a significant rolein the New World Order as well. The mysterious Georgia Guidestones, a large monument ofgranite located in Elbert Country, Georgia, speak of maintaining the earth's population at 5 millionpeople. In order to reach that number there would need to be a reduction of the current worldpopulation of roughly 5.5 billion people. The UN Local Agenda 21 has already sectioned offspecific areas of the United States that would make the majority of the country illegal to inhabitantonce their plan for 'sustainable development' have been implemented. Illuminati plans have been shown to adhere to a formula, known as Order out of Chaos. A strategyby which powerful global leaders create global problems purposely to offer their own globalsolutions which bring the world closer to a single worldwide government. This is known asProblem, Reaction, Solution. If you are interested in learning more about the New World Order and whether or not there is anytruth to these conspiracy theories, you should visit http://www.theantichristidentity.com.International author and political researcher Mel Sanger has written a 150 page report TheAntichrist Identity that covers this and several other related topics including in-depth expose on

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