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Table Of Contents

Alt fails
“Whatever Being” Alt Fails
No Impact
Agamben = Totalizing
Agamben = Unverifiable
AT: Bare Life
AT: Impact Turns
AT: Muselmann
AT: Totalitarianism Impacts
K Untrue For Asteroids
Asteroid Threat = Distinct
Science Education k2 Solve
XT: Perm
XT: Perm = Interdependence
Link Turn
Space Mil. Inevitable
U.S. Domination Good
No Challengers
Cede the Political
2AC: Cap Turn
Ethics Good
Alt Fails
Ext. Uselessness
No Link
Expenditure Fails
2AC: Consumption Turn
XT: Consumption Turn
2AC: Facism Turn
XT: Facism Turn
2AC: Primitivism Turn
Internal link turn – Levinas
Alt Justifies Atrocity
2AC: Civilization/Desire
XT: Civilization/Desire
Bataille = Useless
Bataille = Non-Falsifiable
AT: Sacrifice
AT: Value to Life Impacts
Hyper-Reality = BS
2AC: Authoritarianism Turn
2AC: Conformism Turn
Alt Fails – Policy Paralysis*
Baudrillard = Nihilism
Baudrillard = Terrorism
Macro-Politics Good
AT: Agency
AT: Forgetting
Cede The Political
2AC: Transition Wars turn
Bioregionalism Bad - Environment
Alt = Authoritarianism
Thesis Incorrect
Borders Inevitable
Friend/Enemy Distinctions Inevitable
Overview Effect Solves
2AC: Intervention War Turn
2AC: Racism Turn
2AC: Terrorism Turn
2AC: Transition War Turn
2AC: War Turn
XT: War Turn
Alt Doesn’t Solve
Alt Fails – Vague Utopia
AT: Economic Integration = No Borders
2AC: Ethnic War Turn
2AC: Individualism Turn
Vulnerability Bad - Violence
AT: Vulnerability/Death Inevitable
2AC AT: Campbell
Cede The Political (Trainer Specific)
Perm – Reformism Good
Link – Cap as Subject
Biopower Good
Satellites Good
Competition Inevitable
Link Turn (Deep Eco Affs)
No Alt
No Specific Alt = Failure
Alt = Human Suffering
Alt Fails – Mars
Alt Kills Millions
AT: Epistemology
AT: Invisible Committee
AT: Patriarchy
Cap Resilient
Cap Inevitable
Cap Sustainable
Cap Sustainable (Space)
Globalization Good
2AC: Cap Good
Cap Good – Alt=Coercion
Cap Good – Environment
Cap Good – Freedom
Cap Good - Poverty
Cap Good – Terrorism
Cap Good – War
Cap k2 Space Exploration
Green Cap Good
Space Cap Good – Disease
Space Cap Good – Economic Innovation
Space Cap Good – Overpop
Space Cap Good – Overview Effect
Space Cap Good – Space Tourism
Space Cap Good – World Peace
AT: Corruption
AT: Disease
AT: Environment
AT: Ethics/Morals
2AC: Cede the Political
XT: Cede the Political
Impact – War
Impact – Kills Alt Solvency
Impact - Democracy
Impact - Environment
2AC: Uniqueness
Uniqueness – Economy
Uniqueness – Progressives Now
Uniqueness – Trends
Uniqueness – Christian Right Declining
AT: Performance
AT: Reforms Fail
Non-Unique – Statism High
Coercion Justified
Companies = irresponsible
Impact – Environment
Impact – Nihilism
Impact - Poverty
Extinction Outweighs
Life = Prerequisite
AT: Incentives Solve Enviornment
Negative Peace Key
2AC: Population Fascism Turn
Value Identification Contradiction
2AC: Fight Club Turn
2AC: Understanding Turn
Alt Doesn’t Assume Technology
Nomad Alt Fails
2AC AT: Der Derian
Deconstruction Bad - Democracy
Deconstruction Bad – Racism
Deconstruction Bad – Nazism
Deconstruction Bad – Cede the Political
Deconstruction Bad - Feminism
Deconstruction Bad - Dogmatism
Deconstruction Fails
Alt Fails - Utopian
Alt Fails – No Social Change
Deconstruction = Elitist
Moral Imperatives Good
Deterrence Prevents Escalation
Deterrence Good- General
Deterrence Good – Stops Prolif
Solves Allied Prolif
Prevents Adventurism
Deterrence = Moral
AT: Deterrence Doesn’t Assume Wars
Calculations Good
2AC: Caring Turn
2AC: Essentialism Turn
2AC: DAs Galore
2AC: Racism DA
Eco Fem Kills Cap
AT: Intentions Good
AT: Plumwood
AT: Root Cause
AT: Standpoints Good
AT: Strategic Essentialism
Government Action Good
Perm - Discourse
Kills Capitalism
Pragmatism Solves
Pragmatism / Pure Phil. Bad
State Key
2AC: Backlash DA
Backlash Turns Alt
Alt Fails/Perm Solves
Incrementalism Good – 2ac
Incrementalism Good – Pragmatism
Management Good
AT: Aesthetics
AT: Social Ecology K – Env Protection Consistent
AT: Social Ecology
2AC: Labs Turn
2AC: No Value to Life DA
Anthro Good – Captivity Good
Anthro Good – Environment
Anthro – Humans First Good
Anthro Good – Survival
Anthro – Alt Fails
AT: Role of the Ballot
AT: Animals Have Rights
2AC: Empiricism Good – Policymaking
2AC: Epistemology
Empiricism good
Focus on Epistemology Bad
Truth Good
AT: Epistemology / “Truths are Socially Constructed”
AT: Epistemology First
AT: Epistemology Impacts
AT: Indicts of Empiricism
AT: Insecurity Inevitable
AT: Link of Omission
AT: Method 1st
AT: Social Constructionism
AT: Standpoint Epistemology
AT: Truth Causes Fascism
Bobertz Concludes Aff
Guilt Inevitable
Alt Can’t Solve
Alt fails – Guilt Bad
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