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Human Final)

Human Final)

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Published by NILSCRIB

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Published by: NILSCRIB on Nov 06, 2008
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“Through our scientific genius, we have made this world a neighborhood; now, through our moral and spiritual development, we must make of it a brotherhood.”
- Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
(I wish to add a Lesson in Human Dignity)
 “If We Cannot treat Our Fellow Human Beings with Respect, then we have No Right Whatsoever to callourselves Human…I was Born Free, I Live FreeI Feel Free…”In the coming millennium, we can optimize the prospects of life on Earth for ourselves and our children…
 Are you a Human Being?Of course you are…So am I.We All agree that we are humans. But then we forget about it in our daily lives.We live out of our differences, disagreements and conflicts. This is not satisfactory. The challenges and opportunities of our rapidly shrinking world call for Human Unity.What should you and I do? We must refocus on agreement. Without being foolish and naïve, we can declare our unity as humans and begin to work together for a better world. Start now, right with yourself…”
There is always sufficient room for a Healthy Group Discussion especially when the Topic concerned is “What, inyour view, are the prospects of Human Unity, given the ground realities as explained by our Guest Speakers?”The Ground Realities are immense in scope and Application. Human Unity is such a subjective and vast issue thatnot everyone is expected to nod ‘every time anyone says anything’…However, let us not deny ourselves. Let usstimulate our intellectual capabilities to the absolute core-OPTIMIZING THE HUMAN PROSPECT:
“There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness,knowledge, and wisdom. Shall we, instead choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels?We appeal as human beings, to human beings: Remember your humanity and forget the rest…”
- Bertrand RussellThe events and aftermath of Sept 11, 2001, a most extraordinary time of pivotal events and rapidly acceleratingchanges propel the world towards either self-destruction or unexpectedly wondrous endowment: security andwholeness of lives and environments, for each and all on earth… “The choices we are making right now- andthose we will make- determine the quality of our lives, and even more so, that of our children’s lives…”(Anonymous)We owe it to ourselves and our children to give
 Human Unity
our most serious consideration…A PARADIGM SHIFT FOR ALL: We have finally emerged, the family, the band, the clan, the tribe, the nation, but not yet to the human. Our 
we have relegated- to culture, religion and nation…we do NOT LIVEour common shared humanness… we live our differences, yes, I admit there is a fundamental distinction, yet,there is no denying one Fact: that We Are All
Is it not right? Not Good? Wherein we all? The Earthlies culturally disconnected, and we are but orphans to the core. We MUST reconstitute ourselves as
... Our Ultimate Fulfillment, as also perhaps survival, depends in pretty much measure to an integral andoptimal Relationship with the
human whole…
THE ADVENT OF UNITED HUMANS : ‘A realization is emerging that everything we want, love, value, andhope for- everything that is enduringly important to us- depends on healing all of us into wholeness’-
uniting ashumans…
of it all would be that in our own relationships, one would prefer a kinder, more humaneworld… Why then would grow ups take to arguments and Wars…?HUMAN NATURE: O! We always seem to have a Rationale, a Reason, an Alibi… call them explanations for our failures on Earth…
“It’s just human weakness”,Subject to human error,We are only human, It’s human nature, you know.”
There always seems to be a Separation from our humanness, We All seem to Believe in the
‘Human quintessence’ of our Lives, we all agree that we are humans, then why the disagreements?
“WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS” : ‘In actuality, if brought to the foreground, this agreement is the root thatnourishes and supports all the branches of human diversity and would allow us to act in concert.”Former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn once famously remarked:
“The day after a nuclear attack, what would we wishwe had done? Why aren’t we doing it now?”
 Presently,rapid proliferation of polarizing forces, lethality, technical advances in warfare and communication, has made usless distant but certainly more vulnerableCurrent measures seem impractical, and latent widespread resentment among groups and individuals pose unprecedented perils and challenges… To achieve humanagreement, we need some sort of an “insurance policy” against risks…
How do we then release and harness our universal human agreement?WE COME TO THE “MESSAGE OF HUMAN UNITY” :
 In the True “Spirit” of Freedom(s), Let us join theworld’s six billion human beings… let us embrace our shared innate potential, make sincere efforts to ‘Unlearn’ our learned habits of inhumane and violent interactions, 9/11 was crucial, but there happens to be something more urgent and imperative, our major responsibility, our CHILDREN, our planet’s past, present & future! Weneed fresh perspectives, because the Lives of Others, including our very own, are at stake…The Cost Benefits of Economies investing in highest shared human priorities rather than WARFARE areenormous…like diverting a percentage of Military Expenditure to Social Development, like Health & Education…
SRI SRI AUROBINDO (“LIFE DIVINE”) has been followed from “THE IDEAL OF HUMAN UNITY”:To curb deforestation & reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, to tackle climate change, Renewable Energy can be used to improve access to Food and to Light, and to promote Enterprise. Projects with potential to play asignificant role in offsetting carbon emissions can actually drive Policies on Climate Change… incubating newenterprises, & obtaining subsidies, credit & soft-loans for end-users at micro-credit and institutional levels, andthese include Solar PV pumping systems (installation), Solar home systems, solar lanterns… A Renewable EnergyProject can generate both profit and employment. Profits include Pay Less for Power, and yield more reliable and better quality of light besides off course Employment-generation and profitable initiatives such as Drinking Water.Traditionally, Poverty-alleviation has been linked to schemes offering food, clothing and shelter. There is now agrowing understanding that Poverty can be alleviated or even eradicated by providing better and more dependableenergy, specifically Renewable Energy. ‘Way of the Future’ (in India, RE systems are expensive, not widelyavailable, and often unreliable), RE forever remains the best option environmentally, as also for Social Uplift…One has to look for creative ways to provide RE reliably & relatively cheaply to disadvantaged sectors. RE isGender-friendly and easy to operate.
Renewable Energy represents the future… The World needs to take big steps to effect a radical change in energyuse…“AURORE” CEO Hemant Lamba points out: (Lessons in Human Unity):
“The biggest motivation for me to get involved in promoting Renewable Energy is not only just good ecological and scientific reasons for doing so, but that there are deep spiritual reasons for changing our energy use. TheMother pointed out that the present form of energy, which is drawn from beneath the Earth, is not an elevated  form of energy, and that the future lies in drawing energy from above. This remains my guiding belief…”
MANAV EKTA DIVAS(Human Unity Day), April 24, 2006“A new spirit of oneness will take hold of the human race..."Towards unity?
Vasudhaiva kudumbakam
, said the ancient Indians: the world is one family.The ideal of human unity, which was already present at the dawn of civilisation, has never appeared so close torealisation, but paradoxically the closer we come to it, the more it seems to elude us. It is as if at the onset of the21st century the need for human unity has never been so great, and yet quite often this very unity, seen asinevitable, is perceived as somewhat threatening.World in crisisWe speak of globalization, and in the same breath we deplore the dangers of uniformity... We speak of democracyas a universal ideal and of the progress of all nations towards it as irreversible, and yet at the same time thisdemocratic model is perceived as a system imposed by some nations on others. We are facing environmental problems which threaten the very survival of our planet. We are aware of 'global warming' and a decrease in thefinite resources of the planet, and we know that in order to tackle these common problems the individual nation-state is not an adequate institution anymore. But the very concept of a supra-national body is perceived as a possible infringement on the sovereignty of the nation-state, won in numerous cases after many decades - or longer - of struggle and pain.Erasure of culturesWe claim that today's world is a global village, because technological progress has made our earth very small, andnews can instantly reach every inhabitant of the earth through the highroad of information. But there is the fear that this global village culture may erase the diverse cultures of the earth; indeed it is argued that there is alreadyan immense drive towards uniformity of life habits and uniformity of knowledge.Economic frontOn the economic front, the much-talked-about liberalization process is seen by many as an attempt to imposeeverywhere a model only suited to some countries, and to spread everywhere a culture of consumerism. Acomputer for everyone and bread for only one quarter of the world population; is this the goal towards which weare advancing?ScienceIn the 19th century, intellectuals saw the progress of science as the great factor which would lead to theunification of mankind, since science was a thing common to all men in its conclusions and was international inits very nature; but we know now that science can be misused, and is being misused, to discover more and moremeans of destruction. We have lost faith in science as a panacea for all evils, but what is there to replace it?Biggest obstacleWe know that egoism is the biggest obstacle to a life of harmony and peace on earth, but after so many centuriesof civilisation no amount of religious preaching or moral teaching has been able to convince the ego to forego itsclaims, as to speak to him of fraternity is to speak to him of something fundamentally contrary to his nature.It All Started With God…He Created Nature, and Then He Created Man. Was He Aware of the Consequences?Pray, Have We Forgotten How to Think Deep? And though the Consequences May Have been somewhat, if notentirely Disastrous, in Our Efforts to Preserve Nature, and Restore Harmony to Mankind,

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