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Top 10 Books Every College Student Should Read

Top 10 Books Every College Student Should Read

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Published by essaytask
We have prepared a list of top 10 books, which in our opinion every college student should read. We also provide links where you can read summaries.
We have prepared a list of top 10 books, which in our opinion every college student should read. We also provide links where you can read summaries.

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Published by: essaytask on Jan 11, 2012
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Presented by www.essaytask.com
Top 10 Books Every College StudentShould Read
 Throughout history, there has been a wide variety of books written.In case you are not familiar with the top 10 books every collegestudent should read, we share a list along with important facts.Many times people may look at the ones with books as strangecreatures. For instance, you may notice someone who is reading abook on the subway in the squares and in barbershops - andimmediately judge. Truth is, reading is culture, if you take a bookand read it, you learn something so far unknown.
Presented by www.essaytask.com
Reading enriches our lives, reading can teach us things that help usimprove our relationships and friendships - teach us new things andopen up a world of new possibilities. People cannot pretend to be just beautiful on the outside beauty to the eyes of those who look atus. College students must read important books to understand whatis going on. Many recent titles are inspired on traditional papers andbooks. It is no good if you buy a nice dress when you do not stop totalk or transmit anything on the contrary.In our opinion, every college student should read the followingbooks:1. The Conservative Mind written by Russell Kirk2. Natural Right and History written by Leo Strauss3. The Illiad written by Homer 4.Mere Christianity written by C. Lewis 5. The Abolition of Man written by C. Lewis 6.King Lear written by William Shakespeare 7.Aeneid written by Virgil 8. The Road to Serfdom written by Friedrich von Hayek
Presented by www.essaytask.com
9. Orthodoxy written by G.K. Chesterton10.Animal Farmwritten by George OrwellReading books is going beyond reading fashion magazines andrandom gossip. The above titles will bring many benefits. They canprovide the knowledge you require to become a wise and betterperson. Having the wisdom of the books is not easy, but the booksare at your fingertips, and the contents in them will certainly amazeyou!
 You need to get prepared. Set your mind and begin the booksadventure. Resolve to read, especially reading books that can teachyou. Try to at least read one of the above titles every month. Thesebooks will provide you the good things to ensure growth. Collegestudents are always more aware of things pertaining to their hearts,and they tend to think that reading books can not contributeanything to this effect, so they just ignore reading.It is very important to read. Today you can find a wide range of books and very cheap options. At times, you may find used books. The above books are among the top ones so you will find used and

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