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We Have a Choice in 2012

We Have a Choice in 2012

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Published by Mick McKenzie
We have a choice in 2012 to put America back on the road to prosperity.
We have a choice in 2012 to put America back on the road to prosperity.

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Published by: Mick McKenzie on Jan 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1-11-12We Have A Choice!Well, 2012 is finally here and it marks a year where we, as Americans, will have to decide if wewant more from a president and an administration that promised hope and change, but insteaddelivered gloom and despair. We will have to decide if we want a president who will work for allAmericans, including black, white, Republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal Americansalike, or do we still want a president who considers over half of all the American people hisenemy because they won¶t go along with him and his failed socialist policies. He continues withhis massive spending programs and continues to ³reward´ many of his political contributors withtaxpayer¶s money. Because he has no way to defend his policies, he uses racism as a tool tocastigate those who oppose him as a way of trying to demean and discredit them. This has also been a failure. Obama lacks the experience and fortitude to be a good leader or president and heis not good for America.Because of Obama and his administration, we now have fewer individual rights, moregovernment intrusion into our personal lives, more regulations in our business lives, morenational debt, higher unemployment, higher energy costs, higher taxes and not only a lower worldwide credit rating, but also a lower worldwide credibility rating. Thankfully, in November,we will have a chance to start undoing the damage this president has done and help put ourselves back on the course our founding fathers intended by electing a new president.For the sake of the economy, we must elect a president who believes in less government, moreindividual rights, a balanced budget, lower taxes and fewer government regulations. Lower taxesand fewer government regulations will start creating more jobs and will invigorate the economyalmost immediately. We must elect a president who will represent all Americans as one peopleand that includes conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats, blacks, whites and everyone in between. We must also have a president who recognizes who our enemies are and does not pander to them. By electing a strong leader who recognizes the true strength of America, we willcreate a renewed ³hope´ and a new optimism for all Americans, which will revitalize theAmerican spirit and the American economy at a rate that this country has not seen in years. TheAmerican economy will once again roar.People need to know that they can still achieve the American dream if given a chance, and because we in America have always rewarded the productive and the innovative rather, than penalizing them, we must rid this country of a president who does not believe this. We must havea president who understands American integrity and American pride. We must have a presidentwho understands that the only ³hope´ people want is the hope for a chance to achieve successwithout government interference. Most Americans do not want government hand outs or 

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