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A Manual of Abhidhamma

A Manual of Abhidhamma

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Published by: PYY32e092p on Jan 11, 2012
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E-mail: bdea@buddhanet.net Web site: www.buddhanet.net 
Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc.
By Narada Maha Thera
A Manual of Abhidhamma
(Abhidhammattha Sangaha)
A Manual of Abhidhamma
(Abhidhammattha Sangaha)
A Manual of Abhidhamma 
 Abhidhammattha Saïgaha 
ofBhadanta Anuruddhàcariya 
Edited In TheOriginal Pàli Text With EnglishTranslation And Explanatory NotesBy Nàrada Mahà Thera,Published By the Buddhist Missionary Society,123, off Jalan Berhala, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Publication of the Buddhist Missionary Society,First edition 1956Second revised edition 1968Third revised edition 1975Fourth revised edition 1979©All rights reservedFifth Edition published by theBuddhist Missionary Society.ISBN 967–9920–42–9 (1987)
 About this book 
is the Higher Teaching of the Buddha, some-times referred to as the ultimate teaching (paramatthadesanà). In it, man is described as a psycho-physical beingconsisting of both mind and matter, and it gives a micro-scopic analysis of the human being.
explains the process of birth and deathin detail. In addition to defining consciousness, it alsoanalyses and classifies thoughts mainly from an ethicalstandpoint. Various types of consciousness are also setforth in detail, as they arise through the six sense-doors.Modern psychology has begun to acknowledge that itcomes within the scope of Abhidhamma for the reason thatit deals with the mind, with thoughts, thought-processes,and mental states. Buddhism has, from the very beginning,taught psychology without a psyche.
also helps the student of Buddhism tofully comprehend the Anatta (No-Soul) doctrine whichforms the crux of Buddhism. To a person who reads thisbook in a superficial manner, Abhidhamma appears as dry as dust, but to the wise truth-seekers, it is an indispensableguide as well as an intellectual treat. The reader who readsthis book with deep thinking cannot fail to find it withplenty of food for thought and which will help him tremen-dously to increase his wisdom so essential for leading anideal Buddhist way of life, and the realization of UltimateTruth, Nibbàna.

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