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Published by: anon-557055 on Nov 07, 2008
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 Molly goes shopping at Publix, picks up 25 items that she needs for the week, and isquickly on her way. Publix, being an intermediary, makes it possible for Molly to buy allof her items in one place with only one transaction instead of ordering each itemseparately from 25 different manufacturers. Even though marketing intermediaries maysometimes cause headaches for manufacturers, they are here to stay becauseintermediaries:
A.make thechannel of distributionmoreefficient.100% B.have a higher success rate because theyarefranchises.0%C.cause lesschannelconflict.0%D.can avoid the"supplychainmanagement" fallacy.0%E.are always"channelcaptains".0%GeneralFeedback :Lecture page 92:A. Correct! Marketing intermediaries are very important. Imagine if Molly hadto purchase her 25 different items from 25 different manufacturers. She mighthave to make 25 different trips to accomplish this. As a result, it is moreefficient for Molly to visit just one store, in this case Publix, for all 25 items.B. This answer choice makes no sense in the context of the question.C. Intermediaries are often a source of channel conflict.D. Created term.E. A channel captain refers to the firm that maintains the most influence over 
how the channel operates, and can be the manufacturer, the wholesaler, or theretailer.Score:1/1 
 Macy's is referred to as an "anchor store" in a large regional mall. It carries a wide varietyof merchandise, including clothing, shoes, and household merchandise. Macy's would best be described as a _______.
A.PoweRetailer 0%B.Discounter0%C.SpecialtyStore0%D.Wholesaler0%E.Department Store100% GeneralFeedback :Lecture page 91:A. Power retailers, known as category killers, are large and generally have anarrow product line with great depth. The question states that Macy’s carries awide variety of merchandise, thus we can eliminate this possible answer choice.B. Discounters generally have many product lines with shallow selection.Unlike department stores such as Macy’s, discounters do not add much valueto the products they sell. Examples of discounters include Target and Wal-Mart.C. Specialty stores are generally small and carry limited product lines, theexact opposite of Macy’s.D. A wholesaler acts as an intermediary between manufacturers and retailers.E. Correct! Department stores are large, carry a wide variety of product lineswith average to deep selection, and are generally the anchor stores withinmalls. This accurately describes Macy’s.Score:1/1 
 The two types of channel conflict are:
A.divisional andorganizational.0%B.external andinternal.0%C.supervisor-subordinate andsubordinate-subordinate.0%D.horizontal andvertical.100% E.transactionalandtransformational.0%GeneralFeedback :Text page 407: Choice D is the answer. Horizontal conflict occurs betweenintermediaries at the same level in a marketing channel, for example betweentwo wholesalers or two retailers. Vertical conflict occurs between differentlevels in a marketing channel, for example between the manufacturer and thewholesaler, or between the wholesaler and the retailer. The other answers aredistracters.Score:1/1 
 Cross-docking and inventory management are examples of what concept?
A.Thedistinction between achannel of 0%

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