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Confidence on Demand

Confidence on Demand

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Published by sedcgn
It's no secret that self-confidence is very important to achieving success in any area of life. The
thing about self-confidence is that it is very sensitive to our personal experience and is inherently
instable. In other words, your self-confidence has a "snowball affect." And it can snowball in a
positive direction or it can snowball in a negative direction.
It's no secret that self-confidence is very important to achieving success in any area of life. The
thing about self-confidence is that it is very sensitive to our personal experience and is inherently
instable. In other words, your self-confidence has a "snowball affect." And it can snowball in a
positive direction or it can snowball in a negative direction.

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Published by: sedcgn on Jan 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Grab your FREE e-BOOK !http://courage-and-confidence.blogspot.com/  ==== ====If you could embody the ideal of confidence, what - for you - would this entail? Really think aboutit for a moment - solid, invincible confidence -- the kind that senses, believes, and knows it canonly succeed. Would you experience, for example, full, unabashed communication expression? Taking bold,forthright action with triumph being the only possibility you'd consider (and demonstrate)? Wouldyou experience a feeling of absolute competence regarding your ability and capacity to producefuture results? A natural affinity to determine an outcome, and then masterfully drive yourself -through total certainty and conviction - toward its decisive completion? "Uh, gee Pete; you're sort of presenting a super high-end concept of confidence here -- somethingthat's beyond what I can 'see' as possible for me" you might say. But am I? Or, am I detailing apossibility framework which is something you would really love to sink your teeth into, and one youknow you naturally would strive to produce if you had a specific strategy? "Hmm-can I get there; I mean, how do I get there?" is likely your thinking now. And through 27years as a peak performance hypnotherapist, I can tell you that this type (and parameter) ofconfidence can be developed. Its tendencies can be cultivated and rooted within you so itbecomes a dynamic life force - a force that moves you from ordinary to extraordinary. Yes -- aforce that becomes you, and helps you begin making life say yes...to you! THE ESSENTIAL MODEL OF CONFIDENCE If you believe life is against you, it will be. If you believe life is for you, it can be, but myexperience is you must become the force which converts life's willingness into personally enrichingfact. This force can be looked at as the masterful confidence of which I speak. And its core factors caneffectively be thought of as the following: o An instinctive sense of power (in response to considering current or future situations). o The natural projection of striking positive thoughts and assumptions (in response to consideringcurrent or future situations). o The natural projection of images depicting decisive competence, efficiency and mastery; anoverriding perception of being able to do what you need to -- and really want to (in response toconsidering current or future situations). 
o Embracing a solid, unswerving belief in self, and in a capability to act boldly...and Prevail (inresponse to considering current or future situations). This force of confidence then results from the collective "blending" of these factors -- to a degreewhere all of your mind, emotions and spirit is fueled by this "blend". The fact is that you've experienced and/or reflected this "blended" inner state many times in yourlife. For example, that time when: o You saw what no one else did, and went ahead with your decision and faith to produceextraordinary results. o Because of an intense demand, without thinking, against the "odds", you stood up to a situation,holding your ground, and continued to purposefully, passionately act until your point was made, orobjective was fully accomplished. o Instead of looking around you, you looked within you, and spontaneously went aheadand said or did something, or performed in a masterful way that surprised even yourselfbecause of the commanding impact your expression produced. As you search your memory, you will find these types of experiences along your life timeline. Andthe key to cultivating - and exploiting - that force of confidence is right within these memories; thesensory structure of these memories produces the "blended" inner confidence state! So as an aid to developing Sky High Confidence, you'll be using the power of your mega-confidence memories, and will extract this power for use in your current life. Can you do this? Yes. And as you engage the following process, you will find levels of ability andachievement capacity you may not have ever known you possessed. THE PROCESS BEGINS Following is a mega-confidence building process I've taught to hundreds of clients over the yearswith spectacular results. I continued to refine this process to the presentation format I'll nowpresent. I encourage you to apply it regularly, until you've mastered it. Then, use it in every areaof your life where you know you need to come on strong, make something happen, or get a jobdone. So here's the process to help you first anchor the confidence "blended" state. Then, I'll give youspecific life applications to help you use your confidence force to produce profound performanceand results upgrades in your life. Read through the entire process in its entirety. Then apply, and sustain it, exactly as outlined. Aspect A: Gaining Subconscious Access (Connecting With The Sensory Force Of Your Personal Power) 
o First, seclude yourself in a quiet environment, one where you're sure you will not be disturbed.Take your phone off the hook, loosen any tight or binding clothing you may bewearing, and then position yourself on your back, lying either upon your bed, the couch, orcomfortably stretched out in a reclining chair. o Next, let your eyelids gently close down, and take 3 l-o-n-g, d-e-e-p breaths, inhalingeasily through your nostrils, and slowly exhaling through your mouth. o Next, envision yourself slowly descending a staircase of 7 total steps. And with each step,mentally/silently repeat the word "D-o-w-n" to yourself, allowing yourself to progressivelylet loose, and more completely relax with each step you descend. When you've comfortably reached the bottom at Step #1, and are feeling the soothing comfort ofinner calmness, then shift your awareness so you perform the scope of the followingAspect B. Aspect B: Accessing a Specific Confidence/Power Scenario From Your Memory Next, lying comfortably with your eyelids closed, and feeling inwardly soothed, go ahead and recalla specific time in your personal life -- a time when you reflected, and embodied dynamic,commanding confidence: o A time when despite any requirement, task or challenge, you felt a masterful sense ofcompetence and ability which thoroughly inspired you to take action, and to continue acting untilyou registered a striking success result! o Or, a time when regardless of what was going on around you - regardless of anythinganyone else was saying or doing - you absolutely knew you had what it took - everythingit took - and you approached your every single endeavor completely filled with aninvincible expectation to triumph! o A time when no matter what had to be done, or who might have been involved, or what thedemands upon you were, you absolutely knew you could - and would - do exactly what you had to,exactly as you needed to - to a degree compelling you to accomplish your specific outcome,exactly as you wanted to -- And You Did! (You have had at least one, likely several times in your life such as these. Just relax, allow yourawareness to search your memory, and you will come to identify a time such as this within yourlife. Just inwardly think about the idea of you experiencing or masterfully reflecting commandingconfidence. You'll then naturally find one or several experiences from your memory "pop-up" intoyour awareness. When they do, decide which scenario best exemplifies you as the embodimentof this dynamic confidence.) Then: o Once you've mentally isolated this specific experience from your memory, make the picture ofthis scenario in your mind brighter and clearer, more vivid and more distinct... 

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