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Beam & Col Formulae

Beam & Col Formulae

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Published by relhanpk2793

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Published by: relhanpk2793 on Jan 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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13920,4567.3.2, parallel legs of rectangular hoop shall be spaced not more than300 mm centre to centre. If the length of any side of the hoopexceeds 300 mm, a crosstie shall be provided (Fig.7B).Alternatively, a pair of overlapping hoops may be provided withinthe column (see Fig.7C). The hooks shall engage peripherallongitudinal bars.
b) Arrangement of transverse reinforcement:
 1) If the longitudinal bars are not spaced more than 75 mm oneither side, transverse reinforcement need only to go round corner and alternate bars for the purpose of providing effective lateralsupports (see Fig.8).2) If the longitudinal bars spaced at distance of not exceeding 48times the diameter of the tie are effectively tied in two directions by open ties (seeFig.9).13920 93 7.4.8 The area of cross section, Ash, of the bar forming rectangular hoop, to be used as special confining reinforcement shall not beless than0.181
 g ck  sh y
 A f  ASh fA
 13920 93 7.4.6 The spacing of hoops used as special confining reinforcement shallnot exceed 1/4 of minimum member of minimum member dimension but need not be less than 75 mm or more than 100 mm.13920 93 7.4.1 Special confining reinforcement shall be provided over a length
o’ from each joint face, towards mid span, and on either side of any section, where flexural yielding may occur under the effect of earthquake forces (see Fig. 9). The length ‘
o’ shall not be lessthan (a) larger lateral dimension of the member at the sectionwhere yielding occurs, (b)1/6 of clear span of the member, and (c)450 mm.13920,4567.3.3, (1)The spacing of hoops shall not exceed half the least lateraldimension of the column, except where special confiningreinforcement is provided, as per 7.4.
c)Pitch and diameter of lateral ties:
 1) Pitch-The pitch of transverse reinforcement shall be not morethan the least of the following distances;
i) The least lateral dimension of the compression members;ii) Sixteen times the smallest diameter of the longitudinalreinforcement bar to be tied; andiii) 300 mm.
FORMULAE TO CHECK IS CLAUSESFormulae used in case of Beams
Area of reinforcement at bottomA
or A
Considered as tension reinforcement, when tension at bottom.
Area of reinforcement at top
or A
Considered as tension reinforcement, when tension at top. Otherwise, compression
Exposure condition
Used to check the cover as per Table 16 & Table 16 A of IS 456
Fire resistance
Used to check the cover as per Table 16 & Table 16 A of IS 456
Minimum tension reinforcement
ck y
0.24 bd
 fck =fy = b =d =IS 13920-1993. Clause 6.2.1 (b)
Maximum tension reinforcement
0.025 × b × dIS 13920-1993. Clause 6.2.27.
Spacing of shear reinforcement at supportMinimum (d4, 8 × min dia of longitudinal bar)It need not be less than 100 mmWhen tension face = topIS 13920-1993. Clause 6.3.58.
Spacing of shear reinforcement in mid-spanMinimum (d/2, 0.75 d, 300)When tension face = bottomIS 456-2000. Clause
Minimum shear reinforcement
A0.4 bs0.87
 Asv = bsv =IS 456-2000. Clause for spacing of shear reinforcement10.
One side face reinforcement0.1 bD100
 IS 456-2000. Clause when D > 750 mm

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