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034 Freedom Index 098 3 Old Ci

034 Freedom Index 098 3 Old Ci

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Published by David Stertz

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Published by: David Stertz on Jan 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  or 34th Conseratie ndex(the third or the 98th Congress)based on key otes of interest to Con-seraties. he scores are deried bydiiding the Right otes (stars) by thetota otes cast and dedcting twooints or each faire to ote ("Z)Recorded airings and orma annoncements rior to the cosng datesor each ndex aear as hoow starsor dobestaf daggers he absenceof a tay indicates that the Memberwas not in Congress when the ote wasrecorded A cmatie score or thisndex and the ast two aears in theeft comnhe aerage Hose score increasedto 44 three oints aboe that of orast ndex. wentyfor Reresenta-ties (down rom 31) earned erfectratings o 00 whie 57 others taied90 or higher. he nmber at zero or essmore than dobed from 32 to 73he Senate aerage med eightoints rom 39 to 47 he nmber oSenators scoring 100 decined romthree·to two (Senators Hatch andNickes)whie 1 other Senators registered 90 or aboe. hirteen Senators( romeight) scored zero or ess.As aways in these reorts the editors o
The Review Of The News
encorage yo to eaate each issecommend yor egisators when theyote right and rge imroementwhere needed Here are the detais
) R 257tertolMetry Fu Amemet)
OnAgst 3rd the Hose oted 217 to 21(Ro Ca 320) for egisation extend-ing credit to atering hird Wordeconomies throgh the nternationaMonetary Fnd (and indirecty baiig ot both domestic and foreignbanks which hae made highriskoans to sch nations) extending theathority o the Exortmort Bankridng or contined US artici
The Reiew Of The NEWS September 28 83
ation in mtiatera deeomentbanks
he most controersia asect o the egisation was the ro-osed $4 biion additiona US."contribtion to the MF. On y29th a cearct ote on that basicisse occrred when an amendmentwas roosed to deete the entireM.F handot from thebi. heamendment aied howeer by atay of 178 to 226 (Ro Ca 292) Wehae isted that ote. he "Yeas de
sr stars wil t "Nays mritdaggrs.
(2) HR 3706 Martn therKi Hliday
gnoring t idncdocumnting slan ciilrigts ladrMartin Lutr Kng Jr.s roCommunist actiits and associations, ismoraly qustonabl scaads, andis dulicitous tactic of instigatingonc undr t gus of noniolnt rsistanc to laws wit wc disagrd, t Hous arod lg-islation to stablis t controrsialMartin Lutr Kng's birtday as algal ublic oliday. f arod byt nat and signd into aw t sstimatd tat t additional oldaywill cost taxayrs in xcss of $1billon annualy n dirct xns andoss of roductiity. T ot on Au-gust 2nd was 338 to 90 (oll Cal 304).T "Yas ull daggrs t "Naysgrab stars.
(3) HR 3,Lit The TaxCut
On Jun 23rd t Hous arodlgislation to ras taxs by limitingt 10 rcnt indiidual incomtaxcut (wic wnt into ffct on July1st) to $720 for jointly fld tax rturns. T rstriction (wic t n-at subsquntly rjctd) woud amost sriously affctd middlin-com Amricans (scially twoin-com famiis) and smal businsss(articularly famly farms). t wasrdicatd on t msguidd notiontat our fiscal troubls rsult fromundrtaxng ratr tan orsnding.T ot was 229 to 191 (oll Cal 218).T taxing "Yas rat daggrs wilt rsonsibl "Nays attract stars.
HR 295 Cus VesusAatheid (Aedet)
 bl toncras fundng for t MF incudd a strong statmnt condmningt
systm of raca sgrgaton, on grounds tat
rrsnts an imdimnt to abor mobility and conomc growt cratsbalancofaymnts roblms, andtrfor contradicts t statd goasof t M.F t was argud tat t.MF sold not nd mony to natons wic ractic
Youwll not, owr, tat t dltriousconomc ls attrbutd to
ar smlar to tos sawnd by Com-munist rgims. t was for tis rasontat an amndmnt was offrd a]soto rstrict M.F. funding of Communist dictatorsis For instanc,t risd languag of t bi woulda assrtd at on ont tat "rac-tic of aartd and communist dic-tatorsi rsult n sr constraintson labor and caital mobilty andotr gly nffcnt labor ndcaital rstrictions. Ndlss to say,suc languag was oosd by manycongrssional Lftists wo faordcondmning
but wsd tok Commnism off t ook. N-rtlss t amndmnt was arod on August 3rd by a atymargin of 242 to 18 (ol Cal 37)T rincild "Yas win stars, wilt yocritca "Nays gt t ointof a daggr.
(5) HR 335, Elevated Waste(Aendent)
Wl dbating tFiscal Yar 984 gislat brancaroriatons bill, t Hous con
he Reew O T IEWS Sepembe 28 83

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