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Published by abuadzkasalafy
Legion Of DOOM Technical Journal 5
Legion Of DOOM Technical Journal 5

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Published by: abuadzkasalafy on Jan 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The LOD Technical Journal: File #1 of 12Volume 1, Issue 5 Released: June 18, 1993.LOD TECHNICAL JOURNAL--------------------- The Legion of Doom will long be remembered in the computerunderground as an innovative and pioneering force, thatconsistently raised the collective level of knowledge andprovided many answers to questions ranging from the workingsof the telephone system to the structure of computer operatingsystems.5. At all times relevant herein, the Legion of Doom (LOD) was a closelyknit group of computer hackers involved in:a. Disrupting telecommunications by enteringcomputerized telephone switches and changing therouting on the circuits of the computerizedswitches.b. Stealing proprietary computer source code andinformation from companies and individuals thatowned the code and information.c. Stealing and modifying credit information onindividuals maintained in credit bureau computers.d. Fraudulently obtaining money and property fromcompanies by altering the computerized informationused by the companies.e. Disseminating information with respect to theirmethods of attacking computers to other computerhackers in an effort to avoid the focus of lawenforcement agencies and telecommunication securityexperts.- Indictment laid down by a US District CourtIt wasn't the crimes they were committing, but the danger,the potential hazard, the sheer technical power LoD hadaccumulated, that had made the situation untenable.- Bruce Sterling in The Hacker Crackdown Its been over THREE whole years since we last put out a TJ! May, 20th 1990 tobe exact.The LOD TJ, will publish any acceptable and original articles, technicalexplanations, schematics or other files that deal with computersecurity/insecurity, telecommunications, data networks, physical security,credit, law enforcement, privacy, cryptology, restricted information,editorial commentary and other topics. To submit an article for publicationsimply send it to us. Freelance writers are always sought after to provideoriginal articles for the TJ. Bigger is better as far as this Journal goes.The more information, the more instruction and the more people can benefitfrom it.
The LOD also seeks qualified members to fill its ranks. You must possess astrong desire to both learn and teach. Those with an eleeet attitude need notapply. LOD's former membership was a list of some of the brightest and mostcapable individuals in the underground - names like Mark Tabas, The Mentor,The Prophet and others. Take advantage of your opportunity to join the ranksof the world's greatest underground group. Apply today.What is particularly needed right now is someone in the publishing businessto publish all the TJ's on hard copy and make them available for mass sale.Not just another "hacker book company" mind you, but one that will be able toplace the TJ in your common book store. As this will both give us legitimacyand make it available to the average person and not just those with modems ornet.access. We expect to receive no profit from this so there is an addedbonus to any potential publishers. If you are a publisher or can get us incontact with one that can undertake this, by all means contact us.Reach us at:Internet Email: tdc@zooid.guild.orgMail:LODP.O. Box 1044700 Keele St.North York, ONM3J-1P3Voice: +1-416-609-7017The Legion of Doom is back to...o Provide free education for the public in data and telecom networks,operating systems and other aspects of technology. Through both ourTechnical Journal and our new Legion of Doom Technical School.o Turn hacking back into its former glory of technical understanding awayfrom its c0de abusing state today.o Publish a high-quality Technical Journal available to all who areinterested completely free of charge.o Give fellow hackers an organized group of similar minded individuals tocommunicate and learn with.Please be advised that we are still getting "back on our feet". So look formuch better journals and other things to come from us in the future. It willtake at least a couple years to get the Legion back to its former glory sodon't expect things to happen instantly. Hopefully these journals can comeout every couple of months, instead of our previous year odd gaps betweenreleases. But as finding and writing suitable articles is very difficult itmay be sometime before the next issue comes out. If this does happen, don'tassume we're dead. More journals will come out, it is only a question ofwhen.For one reason or another the LOD has always been surrounded by an atmosphereof mis-information, confusion and downright lies. Everyone has heard theexpression "don't believe everything you hear". This is especially true withanything concerning the LOD. As a general rule if you didn't hear it in thisTJ, chances are its untrue or incorrect.This TJ may be freely distributed on either hard or soft copy forms as longas it has not been altered.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS:Name of article or file Author Size-----------------------------------------------------------------------------01 Introduction to the LOD Technical Journal Staff 03Kand Table Of Contents for Volume 1, Issue 502 The Legion of Doom Technical School: Staff 08K1993-1994 Program Calendar 03 Index to the LOD Technical Journals: Staff 06KIssues 1-504 Communications Technology Unequal Access 24K05 DMS-100 Maintenance Unequal Access 14K06 Operator Service Position System (OSPS) The Enforcer 12K07 Testing Operations Provisioning Administration Mystik Freak 09KSystem (TOPAS)08 International Switching Systems Mystik Freak 30K09 Hacking GANDALF XMUXs Deicide 12K10 TEMPEST Technology Grady Ward 13K11 Presidential Security Argon 14K12 Network News & Notes Staff 63K Total: 12 files 208K-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope you find this Journal to be of some use to you it took a good deal oftime to put together. Remember that the mind is like a parachute. It onlyworks when open. Stand back, open your mind and get ready for an influx!(>-------------------------------------------------------------------------<)The LOD Technical Journal: File #2 of 12 1993-1994 PROGRAM CALENDAR Legionof Doom

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