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Footsteps Episode #1 Working Through Suicide

Footsteps Episode #1 Working Through Suicide

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Published by Nikko Nguyen
Tim and Nick come across someone who is about to jump.
Tim and Nick come across someone who is about to jump.

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Published by: Nikko Nguyen on Jan 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Footsteps Episode #1"Working Through Suicide"ByNikko Nguyen
EXT. SUBURBIA - DAYNICK age 19 steps onto the sidewalk from a walkway from oneof the houses, next to TIM age 20 who walks beside him.The two walk down the street.Nick plays with a worry stone in his hand.TIMSo whats YOUR take on this wholething called life?NICKWhat do you mean?TIMWell, how would you define life inthis time and place, within thisdimension of reality, and from whatyou’ve learned so far being alivein general?NICKThat’s....such a broad question.A pause.NICKI’m not too sure how to answer thatexactly.TIMWell just humor me with what you’vegot.NICKAlright, then I would have to saylife can have its ups and downs,sometimes one outweighs the other.Generally speaking life is life,its the most challenging puzzleknown to man, and within this lifethat is given, you just gotta seeit through. Kinda like watching amovie you know?TIMSo you would define life prettymuch just like any other personwould then?(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.NICKWell how else would you define it?JOSHA waste of time!Tim and Nick look around to see where the faceless voicecame from.JOSHNow get the fuck away from myhouse! Can’t you see I’m a bit busyhere?Tim and Nick look up and see a man in his mid 20’s standingon the edge of the highest portion of his house.TIMWe’re on public property! Fuck off!NICK(embarrassed)Lets just get out of here...TIMNo fuck this noise! I’m gonna smokea cigarette right here.JOSHGo the fuck away! Unless you wantto see my brains splattered allover the sidewalk!An Awkward pause.NICKWait, are you gonna jump?JOSHLook at the big brains on brad! NOSHIT SHERLOCK!!TIM(To Nick)Let me handle this...NICKI don’t know if you’reprofessionally qualified to handlea situation like-Tim takes a step forward towards the house Josh is going tojump from.(CONTINUED)

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