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Evaluating Firewall Policies to Manage Network Traffic

Evaluating Firewall Policies to Manage Network Traffic

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Published by Sheraz

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Published by: Sheraz on Jan 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 Module: CO4606 Wired and WirelessStudent Name: Sheraz Salim Student ID: 20388626
Evaluating Firewall Policies to ManageNetwork Traffic
Advanced Scenario 1.
In this scenario we upgrade the WAN link toOC12 and it generate the critical applicationresponce time for credit card authorizationwhich is 0.58 seconds as show in Fig3, andHTTP responce time is 0.025 second shown inFig4.
Fig3. Credit card authorization response time.Fig4. HTTP response time.
Advanced Scenario 2.
In the scenario we can take differentapproach to improve the given scenario. Firstwe activate the firewall policy to prevent theillegal downloading etc (Video, Music and FileTransfer), secondly to improve theperformance of the network we upgrade thecable 10Mbps to 100Mbps from 7 file Print &Email Servers to floor10 and upgrading thecable between Cisco PIX firewall and CoreSwitch. By running the simulation we chagethe WAN link rate to T1 instead of OC12 thereason is bank is paying more money for OC12WAN link by active the firewall and upgradethe LAN network cable it save the bankmoney. To get the result of critical applicationresponse time we run the simulation and itgenerate the result as show in Fig5.
Fig5. Credit card authorization response timeupgrading LAN cable 100Mbps.
Another approach will can implement iscollapsed backbone network withoutupgrading the cable on the network it showsthe similar result as shown in Fig6.
2 Module: CO4606 Wired and WirelessStudent Name: Sheraz Salim Student ID: 20388626
Fig6. Collapsed backbone network with 10Mbps cable.
After taking different approach on the abovescenario and as a network consultant I shallrecommend Collapsed backbone topology asit saving us to upgrade and giving more highperformance after active the firewall policyand cut down the WAN link to T1.
wireless connection implementation takesplace on the whole network with firewallpolicy on. We place a single mobile wirelessnode 11Mbps on each LAN total of 9 nodes.The wireless router data rate is 11Mbps isplaced on floor 4. However to generate theresult of wireless LAN application profile ischange as show in table.
Wireless Node Application Profile
Mobile Node 0 Email, Credit CardAuthorizationMobile Node 1 HTTP(light), Musicand Video TransferMobile Node 2 Music and Video,EmailMobile Node 3 File Printing,HTTP(light)Mobile Node 4 Credit Card andHTTP(light)Similar data value are set in remaining 5mobile node.To see the performance of the wireless routerutilization we change it to As it to timeaverage as show in the fig. The average timeshow it download utilization time is0.02second where as floor 4 switch downloadutilization is less than 0.01 second as shown inFig7.
Fig7. Comparison of Wireless Router and floor4 switch.
To see the performance of the Credit cardauthorization response time we compare thefirewall implementation scenario with firewallimplantation with wireless node as shown inFig8.
Fig8. Credit card authorization response time withFirewall_Implemented and Credit card authorizationresponse time with Firewall_Implemented withwireless nodes.
The result showed there is not a difference of credit card authorization response time. Tosee the performance of wireless node onnetwork we see the result of differentwireless node that we placed on differentLANs Fig is shown in 9, 10, 11.

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