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Published by Kris

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Published by: Kris on Nov 07, 2008
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30 Days to a Happy
How a Simple Program of AcknowledgmentCan Build Trust and Loyalty at Work
ByDottie Bruce Gandy
Fireside Book NY, Simon & SchusterISBN 0-684-87329-X203 pagesBusinessSummaries.com is a business book summaries service. Every week, itsends out to subscribers a 9- to 12-page summary of a best-selling businessbook chosen from among the hundreds of books printed out in the United States.For more information, please go tohttp://www.bizsum.com.
30 Days to a Happy Employee Page 2
Author’s website:http://www.dottiegandy.com
2001 - 2003 Copyright BusinessSummaries.com
30 Days to a Happy Employee Page 3
The Big Idea
Acknowledgment motivates individuals to greater productivity, loyalty to thecompany, and pride in themselves and in what they do. Acknowledgment is oneof the most cost-effective ways to take good care of your business.
Both the affirmer and the affirmed gain from acknowledging the value and thecontribution of the one affirmed.
Chapter One: Beyond the Paycheck . . . for a Reason
Acknowledgment of the individual’s value and contribution is the key to hiscontinued improvement and satisfaction at work. The long-term retention of anemployee requires a reward beyond the paycheck.
Chapter Two: Once upon a Performance Review
The 30-day process is one of reflection and observation. The process bringsabout a situation wherein the affirmer gains a deeper appreciation, not only forthe one affirmed, but also for himself. As a result of the individual’s havingreceived a positive vision of himself, his productivity and performance improve.
Chapter Three: The High Cost of Low Trust
When an employer fails to appropriately acknowledge employee contribution,morale suffers, employee productivity decreases, and personnel turnoverincreases. When an employer-company is reputed to respect and appreciate itsemployees, the quantity and quality of individuals wanting to be employed by thecompany increase.
Chapter Four: A Thirty-Day Journey That Lasts a Lifetime
First, the affirmer must choose someone with whom he considers it important tohave a good relationship. Second, the affirmer must commit to communicatewith his chosen individual, once on each of the thirty days, a quality or trait thatthe affirmer really likes, admires, or values in his chosen individual. Theguidelines of the 30-day process are:1. Once the affirmer starts the process, be must commit to finishing it.2. He must share the traits in person.3. The individual to be affirmed must be an individual selected by the affirmerhimself.4. The affirmer must choose an individual with whom the affirmer has ahealthy relationship.5. The affirmer must explain to the selected individual what the affirmer isdoing!
2001 - 2003 Copyright BusinessSummaries.com

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