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The Hoho Motor-Harnessing the Power of Magnets for Alternative Energy

The Hoho Motor-Harnessing the Power of Magnets for Alternative Energy

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Published by canhdong90

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Published by: canhdong90 on Jan 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Hoho Motor-Harnessing The Power OfMagnets For Alternative Energy
Hojo Motor
Who Is Howard Johnson?
ere is a great need for alternative energy throughout the world. Scientists have beenworking hard for years to discover untapped sources of energy. Howard Johnson isone such scientist who dedicated his career to developing revolutionary technologythat uses the power of magnets.- Howard Johnson is an American scientist who stunned the scientific world with hiswork and inventions. His studies at Vanderbilt University are what cultivated hisinterests in magnetics and the ability to generate energy. One of his most recognizedinventions is the Howard Johnson Motor (
Hojo Motor 
). It debuted in the 1980 editionof Science and Mechanics magazine. He overcame many obstacles to receivepatents for his revolutionary work.- 
Howard Johnson’s professional history as a scientist is quite impressive. He has
worked in the fields of both chemistry and physics and has been involved with morethan
30 patents
(!!). He contributed to the motor industry throughout his robustcareer. Various contributions include a ceramic muffler designed for the military thatsilences a portable motor generator at 50 feet. This technology has been used foralmost twenty years. He also developed inventions that make cars safer such asmaterials that prevent brakes from locking and prevent skidding. The HowardJohnson Motor is one of his most revolutionary inventions.
What Is The Hojo Motor And How Does It Work? 
- The Howard Johnson motor is a magnetic motor. The series of magnetsused in the motor are placed at strategic points around a rotor. The first pair ofmagnets are called stator magnets.They are placed inside of a cylindrical casing.The rotor consists of a rotating drum and a second pair of magnets called armaturemagnets. A belt connected to a generator creates the electricity that powers themotor.- 
Why Is The Howard Johnson Motor Controversial And Significant? 

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