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Growing Audience

Growing Audience

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Published by mangoman

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Published by: mangoman on Nov 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Syndication White Paper
Growing Your Audience with Video Syndication
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Wherever your audience may be, showthem what you’ve got with a variety of distribution options that stretch yourbroadband video investments.
Is your online video going anywhere?
You have invested a lot in your content. But if your audience can see your video on only your site or just a few outlets, you need to send it to where your users are instead of trying to pull them to you. Syndicating your content through avariety of channels will put your video in front of audiences and expand your business. This white paper explores the majordistribution methods available and considerations for choosing how to distribute your content.
Follow the audience
New distribution channels offer additional revenue streams, access to new viewers, and the opportunity to strengthen yourbrand. So why aren’t more content owners doing it? They may be focused on making their own site a prime destination.To grow their businesses, content owners must realize that audiences have become used to self-selecting their favoritesites, content, and viewing experiences. Viewers’ online experience is about their relationship with the video; not withthe content owner or distributor. They seek content in non-linear ways, and whenthey
nd what they like, they quickly abandon the host site if there isn’t additionalcontent they want, or if the content isn’t fresh.So what to do? Don’t waste your video investment by binding it to your site or to just a few portals. To engage consumers, you need to offer relevant content that iseasy to
nd and play on a wide variety of sites. Consumers’ brand loyalty will alwayscome second to convenience.
ts of syndication
Syndication is a win for everyone involved, including your outlet partners andaudience. The bene
ts to content owners are numerous:Brand exposure
When you distribute your branded player to a partner site or portal, you
strengthen viewers’ association of your brand with your quality content.With unlimited distribution channels, audiences can see your branded
content no matter where they are.Drive your audience back to your site to get more of your content; a player
with your logo lets them know that you’re the source of the video they’rewatching.Advertising revenue
Create longer-term relationships with your partners through ad revenue
sharing or similar agreements.Attract more advertisers; syndication can provide more ad hits by supplying
a larger or more targeted audience.Audience expansion
Present your video on both broadband and mobile devices so users can
access it whatever their viewing method.Give viewers the programming they want, whether on your site or through
partner portals.Let audiences spread your video across the web. They’ll feel ownership of 
the video, strengthening their emotional relationship with your brand whileexposing and promoting it to new viewers.Audience retention
A branded video can bring viewers back to your site and help you build
c.Distributing a player with playlists, recommendations, and ratings tools
attached gives your audience ways to build community around yourdistributed video, keeping them in your library instead of in someone else’s.
Use case: ExerciseTV
ExerciseTV needed a video-on-demandnetwork that made their programmingavailable to more people in more formats.They use thePlatform’s mpsConnectservices to extend the reach of theirvideo. With just a few clicks, ExerciseTV’sworkout videos are available on a varietyof different outlets.ExerciseTV also syndicates customizedbroadband players to iTunes and AOL,which are constantly updated through theFeeds Service.ExerciseTV also increasestheir viral syndicationusing Clearspring’sLaunchpad distributiontechnology that lets theaudience share video tosites such as MySpaceand Facebook.
Improve your audience’s viewing experience with a consistent, uni
ed look and feel.
Provide search and browsing options to encourage further discovery of your video.
Better business relationships
Offer quality content and strengthen relationships with outlets to help you build a more sustainable business.
Your distributors know what their audiences want. Give them the ability to build their value-added proposition with
 your video, curating it to attract more visitors.Syndication lets you be creative in your revenue sharing. You and your outlets can bene
t from companion ads,
microsites, storefronts, and other ways of coupling content with revenue.
Types of syndication
Feed syndication: your media + your feed + the outlet’s player
A feed is a regularly updated stream of content published by one site and pickedup by other sites that “subscribe” to it. RSS and MRSS feeds are probably theeasiest ways to distribute streaming and downloadable content. A feed can besyndicated to a wide range of RSS-enabled media aggregators, digital media searchengines, and directories.How does it work? You select a category or group of videos—“items,” in RSS-speak—that you want to distribute, and create a feed of them. Distribution outletssimply set their broadband players to subscribe to the feed, which tells them howto get the video
les stored in your media management system. They get only thecontent that you want to send them; you control what goes into the feed.Syndication via feeds is especially useful when:You want to distribute to sites that natively support RSS 2.0 or MRSS formats.
Your outlet sites don’t have complicated transcoding or delivery requirements.
You want to increase searchability.
You have teaser video intended to pull people back to your site.
You want to easily categorize content (news, entertainment, etc.).
Integrating advertising is not as important as wide distribution, or you are using
an advertising partner who can stitch ads to your media.
Player syndication: your media + your feed + your playerembedded in the outlet’s site
Syndicating your video in your own player for distribution to partner sites is agreat way to get your video in front of a larger audience while emphasizing yourbrand and capturing full advertising revenues. With player syndication, you cancontrol both the content and the user experience. Because you can incorporatetools like ratings and recommendations in your syndicated player, your mediamakes more of a brand impact when viewers share your video with others. Inaddition, distributing your media in a custom player gives you greater control overaccompanying advertising, letting you easily drop in the ad formats of your choice.Syndicated players use one or more feeds to drive content for playback in outlet-hosted players, and are bene
cial to content owners who want to syndicate tomultiple web portals and portals that have varying video formats, thumbnail sizes,or XML descriptors.Syndication via players is especially useful when you want to:Have full end-to-end control over the playback experience
Dynamically attach advertising to your video
Use case: MyOutdoorTV
MyOutdoorTV has created a uniquebroadband niche for outdoor videoproducers who need to distribute theircontent. They wanted to syndicate playersto content providers’ sites, includingfederal and state government agencies.MyOutdoorTV uses our Feeds Serviceto connect with distributed players.Administrators simply select the mediacategories, de
ne the feed, and associatethat feed with the destinations site’splayer.

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