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USREM Press Release 06-28-2011 | U.S. Rare Earth Minerals Announces Shareholder Update Letter

USREM Press Release 06-28-2011 | U.S. Rare Earth Minerals Announces Shareholder Update Letter

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Published by RareEarthMinerals
U.S. Rare Earth Minerals Announces Shareholder Update Letter
U.S. Rare Earth Minerals Announces Shareholder Update Letter

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Published by: RareEarthMinerals on Jan 12, 2012
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Date: June 28, 2011
Dear Fellow Shareholders,The first half of 2011 has been an exciting period for the growing team at U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. Your Company has made significant progress on its way to becoming a major force in re-mineralization the earth.Many thanks for the flood of shareholder compliments after we announced our name change and three for onestock split in April. The new name draws attention to the fact that while our product is composed of a broadspectrum of macro, micro, and nano minerals, it also contains most of the seventeen known “rare earth”elements. Included below is the AA Labs mineral analysis of our primary product,Excelerite™, with its rareearth minerals contents highlighted in red for your review. While our primary business at present is themining, packaging, and sales of our Excelerite™products, it is our intention to focus on the extraction and saleof certain rare earth minerals in the near future.Since our name change and stock split, we have acquired the necessary mining equipment in order to takecomplete control of our mining operations. Below are photos of the mine that show our equipment, largestorage warehouse and living accommodations for our workers. (
equipment and building is all paid for in full 
6,000 sq ft Bldg Loading with the Gradall fork lift for storage over 400 1 ton (2,000 lb) totesSome of the loading equipment Erecting the building Loading in bulk 44,000 tons
Unloading our John Deere Excavator Loading up 23 1 ton totes Picking up the 5 wheel to take to the mineOur semi & trailer taking loader to mine Our local delivery box truck (carries 8 tons) Warehouse caterpillar forklift, lifts 2 tons at once
Besides the increase in our domestic sales this year, we have responded to substantial international productinterest, sendingExcelerite™test shipments to companies and agents in Brazil, Ghana, Ethiopia, Paraguay,China, Australia, India, Japan, England, Mexico, Honduras and Dubai. We are diligently working towardslarge volume sales and strategic alliances with companies both at home and abroad. Your Company iscurrently bound by “non-disclosure agreements” with certain countries and several major U.S. agriculturalfirms and therefore cannot announce any contracts or test results until we are permitted to do by the terms of the contracts. We look forward to issuing press releases regarding these relationships in the coming months.Until such time as we are able to post shareholder communications within the “Investors” section of our upcoming new corporate website, currently under construction, all official company shareholder communications will be accessible via the “Press Releases” link at www.us-rem.com.We don’t know of a single customer who has not triedExcelerite™and marveled at its obvious effectiveness.You, our shareholders, knowExcelerite™WORKS, so keep spreading the word! We look forward to afantastic future and wish to thank you for your continued loyalty and support.Best regards,Dennis Cullison, PresidentPaul Hait, CEO
Rare earths roster
 Here's a closer look at some of the ways each rare earth element is used: 
Added to mercury vapor lamps to make their light look more likesunlight. Also used in certaintypes of athletic equipment — including aluminumbaseball bats, bicycle frames and lacrosse sticks — as well as fuel cells.
 Produces color in many TV picture tubes. Also conducts microwaves andacoustic energy, simulates diamond gemstones, and strengthens ceramics, glass,aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys, among other uses.
 One of several rare earths used to make carbon arc lamps, which thefilm and TV industry use for studio and projector lights. Also found in batteries,cigarette-lighter flints and specialized types of glass, like camera lenses.
 The most widespread of all rare earth metals. Used in catalytic convertersand diesel fuels to reduce vehicles' carbon monoxide emissions. Also used in carbonarc lights, lighter flints, glass polishers and self-cleaning ovens.
 Primarily used as an alloying agent with magnesium to makehigh-strength metals for aircraft engines. Also may be used as a signal amplifier infiber-optic cables, and to create the hard glass of welder's goggles.
 Mainly used to make powerful neodymium magnets for computerhard disks, wind turbines, hybrid cars, earbud headphones and microphones. Alsoused to color glass and to make lighter flints and welder's goggles.
 Does not occur naturally on Earth; must be artificially produced viauranium fission. Added to some kinds of luminous paint and nuclear-poweredmicrobatteries, with potential use in portable X-ray devices.
 Mixed with cobalt to create a permanent magnet with the highestdemagnetization resistance of any known material. Crucial for building "smart"missiles; also used in carbon arc lamps, lighter flints and some types of glass.
 The most reactive of all rare earth metals. Used for decades as a redphosphor in TV sets — and more recently in computer monitors, fluorescent lampsand some types of lasers — but otherwise has few commercial applications.
 Used in some control rods at nuclear power plants. Also used inmedical applications such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and industrially toimprove the workability of iron, chromium and various other metals.

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