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Sugar and Salt Scrubs From the Kitchen

Sugar and Salt Scrubs From the Kitchen



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Published by jamiewarnock16147

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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Published by: jamiewarnock16147 on Nov 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sugar Scrub from the Kitchen
1/2 cup of sugar2 Tbsp. of olive oil1 Tbsp. of any extract (I've tried vanilla and mint - but not together!).Mix all ingredients, jump in the shower, wet your skin, massage the scrub into your skin and rinse. Thesugar removes all the dead skin and all that remains is soft skin from the olive oil. I've even used it onmy face and lips (don't rub too hard) and my face looks and feels amazing.Don't be concerned about olive oil on your face - it's one of the most natural oils and won't clog yourpores. I love using the vanilla for Saturday nights and peppermint for mornings. You can use any scentyou want! Experiment and enjoy!
Get ready for almost unbelievably soft skin (even for those of us with older skin).The other day I was speaking with Larry Pleasant, CEO of The Vermont Soapworks, and hementioned that he and his staff had spent the morning testing homemade sugar scrubs, and thateveryone was commenting on how incredibly soft their skin felt. Aware that sugar cane producesglycolic acid, one of the natural alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliates the skin, I was immediatelycurious about his recipes.
50 percent white cane sugar (note that organic sucanat, while the best choice for food,doesn’t work as well for this recipe)
50 percent vegetable glycerin to moisten the sugar (I used avocado oil since I was out of vegetable glycerin and it proved to be a successful substitute)
Small amounts of aloe vera gel, vitamin C crystals, or anything healing that dissolves inwater 
1 or 2 drops of essential oil if desired (Larry recommends combining orange andlavender)
Enough ground hibiscus powder for pink color (if desired)Combine the ingredients in a bowl. Scoop some of the scrub onto your hand and massage gentlyonto your skin for a minute (the scrub will actually tighten onto your skin like a masque). Leaveon for 3 to 4 minutes before rinsing.
1 clear plastic jar1 cup
 1/2 cup
 lemon juice(optional)scented essential oil (optional)
Mix the sugar and olive oil in the plastic container. I do not recomend using a glass jar for this, since you will most likely have this in your bathroom.Add any optional scents you like. I have discovered that adding peppermint oil ororange oil helps refresh you, while lavender is more soothing. My favorite oil to useis sandlewood. To use: place some on a wash cloth and rub in circles anywhere you needexfoliation. After letting it sit for awhile the sugar may settle to the bottom, so itmay be necessary to shake this up a little before using.
Blending Procedure:
 1.Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl using a whisk.2.To use, scoop out and massage over hands and feet. Doing this in the bath tub makes clean upmuch easier. Because of the olive oil, it could leave the tub a bit slippery in the tub so be careful.
Recipe #5 Bergamot/Neroli Sugar Scrub
lending Procedure:
 1.Combine the sugar and sweet almond oil in a large bowl and stir well to combine.
Add the shea butter and honey next and use a hand held blender to mix/whip on high speedabout 3 minutes. The heat generated by the mixing process will increase the temperature of theshea butter so it combines easily.3.You should have a grainy paste. To use, stand naked in a tub or shower and scoop the scrubusing your palms. Begin massaging body, extremities first, in circular motions to exfoliate andcleanse.4.This mixture is oily and so you will have to be especially careful that you do not slip in the tub!
After you're finished, you can cleanse with soap or bath gel as usual if you''d like to remove someof the excess oil from your skin ... which should feel polished and luxuriant after your treatment!
1 heaping tablespoon cornmeal1 tablespoonhoney2 tablespoonswhipping cream2 dropslemon essential oil 
Blending Procedure:
 1.Combine all ingredients together well in a small bowl.
Wash your hands thoroughly. Do not dry them. Scoop out all of the Cornmeal & Honey HandScrub and massage liberally all over hands and forearms, even elbows. Scrub the nails and nailbed gently and scrub the webs of the hands. Pay special attention to the "heel" of the palms andany rough areas. Allow hands to rest with the scrub on them for 5 minutes, then rinse well withwarm water. Apply moisturizer.3.This treatment makes a great addition to a manicure. Use it before buffing and applying cuticlecream and polish.
1/4 cup shea butter 2 tablespoongrapeseed oil 2 tablespoon jojoba oil1/4 cup honey1/2 cup Epsom salt1/2 cupfine sea salt1/2 cupcoarse sea salt1/2 cupsugar (white or brown)1/2 cup orange zest powder 12 millilitersorange essential oil 
Blending Procedure:
Warm the grapeseed and jojoba oils slowly over a very low flame. Do not burn the oil. Add theshea butter. When the shea butter starts to melt, remove the mixture for the heat source. Stir tomix oils together.2.Let the mixture cool, but not harden. Then add the other ingredients one at a time in the ordeshown.3.Add the essential oil last and stir well to combine.4.Put the mixture in the refrigerator to cool completely and harden. The oils will rise to the top andform a soft butter. The other The other ingredients will settle on the bottom. When it is completelycooled, scoop it out into a plastic container for use in your bath.5.To use, scoop a handful of scrub (reaching to the bottom to get the scrub ingredients). Massageinto your skin from head to toe.6.Be careful not to slip. This scrub contains lot of oil, which makes the tub slippery. If you wish, youcan place a towel in the tub to prevent slipping. Happy scrubbing!!!!

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