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Published by Ben Dahl

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Published by: Ben Dahl on Nov 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Security Council Number 5 – Somalia 1992ChinaThe Decision in SomaliaThe decision in Somalia that the Security Council was concerned with in 1992stems from a multitude of issues and is relevant globally in a variety of ways. Theinternational community at this point in time was just beginning to shift their eyestowards the deteriorating state of Somalia due to the recent dissolution of the Union ofSoviet Socialist Republics as well as the Bosnian War.Once credence was given to Somalia, it became very clear that United Nationspresence, as well as that of many other international organizations, was not only advisedbut necessary. This issue is one that the international community as a whole wasconcerned with due to the state of humanitarian affairs in Somalia. The InternationalCommittee of the Red Cross found that in southern Somalia 40 percent of the peoplewere severely malnourished and another 50 percent were moderately malnourished.Moreover, warring factions saw control of food as a military asset which preventeddeliveries of food and other humanitarian relief supplies by the United Nations andbilateral aid agencies, as well as by NGO’s. Furthermore, there were a number ofservices and institutions integral to a functioning society that had collapsed during thedeterioration of Somalia. Among these are non-functional water and sanitation systems,nonexistent local government, vacuous country schools, and a twenty-four percent rateof functioning hospitals and clinics, most of which did not have the medicines andequipment necessary.The United Nations is deeply involved in Somalia, particularly in the field ofhumanitarian assistance. In accordance with recommendations by Boutros Boutros-Ghali the United Nations Security Council has passed two resolutions to help allay theissues in Somalia. On 23 January, the Security Council adopted Resolution 733 whichurged all parties to the conflict to cease hostilities promote reconciliation and facilitatethe delivery of humanitarian assistance. Under Chapter VII of the Charter of the UnitedNations, a “general and complete embargo on all deliveries of weapons and militaryequipment to Somalia” was imposed.Paralleling this is Resolution 746 which supported Boutros Boutros-Ghali’sdecision to send a technical team to Somalia. General Aidid and Mr. Ali Madhi bothsigned agreements on 27 and 28 March, respectively, on processes to facilitate andmonitor the cease-fire and equitably distribute humanitarian assistance and aidthroughout Mogadishu. From this point, the United Nations was to send fifty militaryobservers to Mogadishu (twenty-five to the North and twenty-five to the South) as well asan amount of security personnel to be decided on at a later date. Furtherance to theUnited Nations mandate was the recommendation to send five-hundred infantry toprovide security for relief personnel, equipment and supplies at Mogadishu’s post andairport and to escort the relief supply convoys.China has long supported a level of international peace that affords all people ofthe world the same security that its citizens have. The situation in Somalia is one thatrequires assistance from the international community but requires commitment from theresident leaders to assure success.In light of this, China has supported paragraph five of Resolution 733 and issueda circular dated 3 January 1991, stipulating that all Chinese departments concerned andarms trade companies must stop delivering to Somalia any kind of military equipmentand spare parts. As of 10 February 1992, the Chinese departments concerned have

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