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Worst of Each Inequality

Worst of Each Inequality

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Published by Akiko Tomitaka

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Published by: Akiko Tomitaka on Jan 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Liberia is a small country in West Africa,about half the size of the United Kingdom. It is only a few degreesfrom the equator so it is hot and wet and has tropical rainforestnear the coast. Inland is grassland and is a little hillier.Liberia means ¶land of the free· and it was founded by freed slavesfrom the United States in 1820. It suffered a terrible war in the1990s from which it is still recovering.Liberia is the second biggest licenser of ships in the world,especially tankers. Ships are not built here but they register herewhich saves the shipping company from paying taxes. This earnsLiberia £10 million per year. Apart from this it earns money fromexporting iron ore, timber and rubber.Very few people in Liberia have proper 9-5 jobs. Companies do notwant to set up here because they think it is unsafe. As well as that,the price of iron ore and rubber has gone down so there has notbeen much mining or rubber extraction.But things are looking up. Liberia held elections in 2005. It is a lotmore peaceful now. So many people are returning home, such asteachers, doctors and businesspeople. The country is now allowed toexport gold and diamonds and timber, as well as iron ore and rubber,so these industries should provide many more jobs. Roads andbridges are being rebuilt and slowly life is improving.
ewest telephones)
uinea-Bissau is a tiny country on the west coast ofAfrica, about half the size of Scotland. It added theword Bissau to its name so it would not be confusedwith another African country called
uinea. Bissau is its capital.It has a tropical climate with rain for 6 months and a dry season for6 months. It is a lowland country, gradually becoming higher inland.
uinea-Bissau is the sixth largest producer of cashew nuts in theworld, quite an achievement for a tiny country. Cashew nuts are quiteexpensive for us to buy but unfortunately farmers there get verylittle money for growing them. So the people are generally very poorand the government is very poor, as it has little else to export toother countries.This means people are too poor to afford landline phones or mobilesand the government cannot afford to install many. There are only20,000 telephone lines in the whole country.Many of the telephone lines that the country did have weredestroyed in a war ten years ago. The country is still trying to repairall the damage done. With very few telephones it is unlikely thatmany companies will set up here, which means the country will loseout on jobs and money.Many skilled engineers left the country during the war and only nowdo they think it is safe enough to return. Three mobile phonecompanies have just set up in
uinea-Bissau and provide coverage of90% of the country. So the telephone system is improving but it isstill very expensive for people to make phone calls.

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