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Life After Military Service

Life After Military Service

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Published by skyvault
Strategies and Secrets for Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life - http://skyvaultpublishing.com/LDDNet/veteranjobs.html
Strategies and Secrets for Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life - http://skyvaultpublishing.com/LDDNet/veteranjobs.html

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Published by: skyvault on Jan 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====For more strategies, secrets and tips for transitioning from military to civilian life, visithttp://www.skyvaultpublishing.com/LDDNet/veteranjobs.html ==== ====First and foremost, for those reading this article that served our great country in uniform, I thankyou for defending our liberty and allowing me to breathe the free air. I realize you probably hearthis a lot, and you should, but it would not be right to discuss your life after military service if I didnot thank you first for your sacrifice. The military builds not only great war fighters, but also great leaders. Each rank not only carries aposition of authority, but the responsibility of the lives under that command. It is a responsibility nottaken lightly in either peace time or war time. Even during the Vietnam era of poor reporting by ournation's media outlets showing destitute soldiers begging in the streets and calling it "typical" ofreturning soldiers, national statistics prove that veterans of Vietnam had a vastly higheremployment rate, college education, and overall financial success compared to those of ourpopulation that never served their country. In general, military service men and women command a greater sense of their responsibility tothemselves, their careers, and their families. It is this command of self and simplicity ofcommunication that makes them great leaders. People others thrive under such command. Asmany famous leaders have eloquently expressed regarding leadership ... "Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants todo it." - Dwight D. Eisenhower"The real leader has no need to lead. He is content to point the way." - Henry Miller"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are aleader." - John Quincy Adams"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with theiringenuity." - George Patton Understanding these fine points of leadership is what draws many former military veterans toserve on a company board, or in an executive capacity, or as a manager, or technical lead, someposition that allows them to shape the agenda, direct their people, and achieve their goals.Unfortunately, as corporations move away from such leadership to where good intentions are seenas more important than good results, many great managers are being pushed out of their jobs;some mentally, some physically, some both. As stated earlier, leadership is a great characteristic of the military life, but the misery of corporatedownsizing and changing management environments are mainly felt by veterans due to the morenegative aspect of military life: the dependence on a large corporate entity. The military isexperienced as a large corporation with managers, executives, senior executives, all the way up tothe president of the company (such as general, admiral, joint chiefs of staff, etc.). A service man or
woman sees their branch of the military as a secure career, albeit dangerous at times, working fora large entity. When leaving the military, a veteran is drawn to a large corporation for perceived jobsecurity, loyalty, and advancement through hard work. But it is within the corporate structure thatburies initiative, rewards complacency and mediocrity, and drains motivation. There is a better way. Let me explain. There are 2 types of heroes: Those that risk their lives to protect their family and fellowcountrymen, and those that risk their financial security to preserve the fundamentals of theircountry's principles. You have served our grateful nation and protected us from the evil thatsurrounds us, and we are eternally in your debt. You are a true hero, even though I know yourhonor does not allow you to think of yourself that way. You, more than anyone else, understandwhat it means to live for something and being prepared to defend something. This is why I believethe entrepreneur is the second type of hero. Our county was founded on rugged individualism andthe opportunity to pursue our own path to success, not to have our success dictated anddetermined by someone else. The entrepreneur does not rely on a safe and secure wage orsalary, but prefers to take the calculated risks necessary to build lasting revenue and profit. It is this willingness to take leveraged risks in the face of uncertainty that makes owning abusiness a perfect fit for a military veteran. It is also the entrepreneur that defines our greatcountry and makes it worth protecting by the incredible sacrifices of our military heroes. So when you deliberate on what you need to do to feed your family after you leave the military,think about what truly fits your personality and leadership style. I think you will find running yourown business and making a profound positive impact on the development of your followers moreto your liking. Through leadership, coaching and mentoring, you can command a business thatyour clients and employees can admire, where you decide its direction, where you decide itsintegrity. I invite you to review my information and to contact me for more discussions once you are ready topursue a business that is specifically designed around your personal leadership style. We candefine goals and benchmarks together, and move you to a place of success, so that you are in aposition to do what all great leaders do, develop their people to become even greater leaders. God bless you, thank you for reading this article, and thank you for your service to our greatnation. Jasper Silvis is an active coach in many fields, such as internet marketing, goal setting, real estateinvesting, and fitness. He maintains close ties to the local southwestern Philadelphia Christiancommunity, where his family volunteers for several outreach programs, including homeless foodand shelter programs near 69th street station and drives collecting clothing and supplies forpeople in need. His three (3) main businesses all focus on positively impacting the lives of others,including YourWealthAdvantage.com (Internet Marketing Home Based Business),TargetHomeSolutions.com (Real Estate Investing and Loan Modifications), andModuleFitness.com (Fitness Coaching and Self Defense Training). But it is with Your WealthAdvantage (http://YourWealthAdvantage.com) where Jasper makes his biggest impact on success

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