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World Atlas Collapsed Overview]

World Atlas Collapsed Overview]

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Published by Kieran James Hole
Basic run down of World Atlas Collapsed.
Basic run down of World Atlas Collapsed.

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Published by: Kieran James Hole on Jan 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World Atlas Collapsed OverviewChapter OneAnd thus it begins Nero is awaiting his pirate friend Valsander to get back to his village after a sevenmonth voyage. He sleeps whilst waiting, and when he wakes up his brother Thomand his father Hector are in the room with him. There is a lot of debris, and Thomis crying. Hector punches Nero for talking back at him and knocks him out.Before he passes out, in his blurry vision he watches his father get shot and the bandits capture Thom. Nero is woken up by Valsander, and he explains that Ekapsa pirate he recently hired to his crew betrayed him, and slaughtered – then re-animated- the corpses of his crew to do his bidding. They attacked Oast after Valsander faked his death. Valsander says he will give up pirating to raise Nero, but Nero convinces him to help him save Thom, and they decide to see the king of their country, Ristock. The Reader also learns about Advin and how Nero knowsValsander.Chapter TwoLand filled Seas Nero and Valsander head in the direction of the palace so they can get help fromthe palace guard, however they're attacked by mountain bandits on the way. Theymanage to defeat them, and Nero kills for the first time. They reach the castle andare arrested, there Valsander explains his is true heir to the throne, because he isroyalty but ran away from home due to a monster he saw. The chancellor says hewill execute them, but Valsander manages to break out with Nero, they release aman from the prison but are then stopped by the King, who says they are free to goanyway, but must talk with them first.Chapter ThreeThe idea of killing a beast which you never knew existed and once appeared to bea human man is a very difficult and tiring deed Nero becomes nervous on telling Trey, the King, his and Valsander's plans. Hemet a boy named Fan who was a friend of Thom back in Oast. Nero also realizedhe couldn't sleep and had no idea why, despite the beds in the palace beingextremely comfortable. The chancellor takes a particular liking to Nero and leads
him away from Valsander and Trey as they catch up. Whilst they are away, Fanasks Nero if he's seen Fan's uncle, because he has vanished. His uncle is captainof the guard in the castle, and Fan is there because his parents, like Nero, werekilled by Ekaps when Oast was destroyed. Nero waits for the Chancellor Woodgruffin to finish eating, but interrupts him and finds out that he, surprisingly,is a real Woodgruffin. Nero runs back to the throne room where Valsander, Treyand Nero fight it back. It fakes its death, then gets Trey into a hostage situation.Fan sneaks into the room and kills the Woodgruffin. Nero realizes he couldn'tsleep because when he awakened in Chapter One he saw his Dad die, thus sleepscared him in fear of killing his loved ones, thus he mourns his parents loss andcan sleep once more. Trey lets Valsander, Nero, and Fan have a boat from their navy, and they begin the search for Ekaps.Chapter Four Your compass is brokenThe three men sail out of Ristock and into Fanbul where they dock at the town of Sangmus because they see Valsander's old boat. The eerie town has the boat there,meaning they have Ekaps and Thom found already. They desguise themselves andhead into the inn where Ekaps has been staying. They say they're assassins andEkaps tells them to kill Valsander and Nero when they arrive, Valsander lies andsays that Nero and co. will arrive in the morning. Fan points out that they'll befound out when the ship doesn't turn up, so they have to find out how to kill Ekapsand rescue Thom before the morning, thus the trio split up. Nero meets Redgie, athug from the inn who tries to kill him. Nero scares him off, and Redgie tells himabout Thom being held in the ship. After that he meets Tashk who tells him of asecret entrance to the inn, so they could kill Ekaps. They found Valsander, Fanand Redgie, and all broke into the inn. With several rooms to search, they split upagain, and climbed through the walls as there were holes to help them find their ways around. Nero's led him to a big room where Valsander had began combatwith Ekaps. Thom was in a cage in the back of the room, Nero then enters theroom and runs for the cage. He tries to open it but Ekaps swings his sword at him.Valsander jumps in the way and is killed. Ekaps turns the cage into a smallmetallic cube and takes it with him, then leaves. Valsander is re-animated into acursed being, then Nero fights and kills him. Valsander's dying words tell Nero togo to Allebasi island and give the blacksmith a ring there. Nero takes his swordand ring, then Valsander turns to stone. The town is destroyed in his honor, thenRedgie and Tashk apologize for lying to Nero and working for Ekaps. They work for Nero and Fan, then they set off to Allebasi island.
Chapter 5 None for me thanks, I'm under eighteenWithout Valsander to keep Nero's cool, he begins to become angrier as he shouts atFan and Redgie for getting drunk. Once they get to Allebasi island they arearrested for being pirates. Nero is called a liar after he tells them Valsander iskilled, as they know Valsander. He is released from prison, and has a few days to prove his innocence, so he shows the ring to Ellis, the blacksmith. Ellis says hewon't help Nero because he's sick of pirates. Nero then formulates a plan to robthe armoury. The plans succeeds and they rob the armoury blind, stealing all thesavre (mineral in Siigon), then they leave the island and are threatened to never come back.Chapter 6Live your life well Nero is now hungry for real pirating after attacking Allebasi island, and asksRedgie to look out for a merchant ship for them to attack. Meanwhile he trainsFan below deck. Fan and Nero's relationship begins to change as Fan also becomes more aggressive with no one to kill his cool, and he antagonizes Nero.Redgie finds a merchant ship in the distance and the crew sail towards it. As theyget closer they all begin to shoot at the crew on the other side, swords are drawnand a plank of wood is thrown onto the other boat, so they can cross. Nero,Redgie and Fan all cross over while Tashk continues to steer the ship. The threemen attack the deck hands, and are quickly slaying them. The protection comesout with spears, they are mercenaries so it's considered an act of war. Nero staysabove deck and fights the captain, while Redgie goes further into the ship to killany remaining deck hands. Fan fights the guards with his shotgun and a savredagger. Nero and the captain are in a duel, and eventually Nero stabs him in thechest, then shoots him in the head. Shuddering from his brutal kill he turns aroundto see Fan struggling with the fight, he has a lot of wounds. One of the men isdead. Nero joins the fight and they finish the guards off. Redgie returns to thedeck with an angry male about the same age as Nero. He is warning them thathe'll kill them all. They calm him down and find out his name is Benedict, andthat he is with the merchants so he can get to Fanbul so they can rescue his parents. He accepts that if he fights Nero and co. he'd die, so he joins with themtemporarily. They turn back in the direction of Fanbul after moving all of theweaponry and armour, then let the boat sink.

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