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Fascism & National Socialism

Fascism & National Socialism

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Published by Hal Shurtleff

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Published by: Hal Shurtleff on Jan 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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f. Armstong Rbe
F   A SCIBNT  O .SALM 
William . Hoar
is a atur olumnist and Contriuting Editor or 
The Revew Of The News
t autoritativ national Consrvativ nwsmagainMr.Hoar wo is a graduat o Bowdoin Collg is a rqunt ontriutor 
to begi by itodcig two leadig playes. The fist was highy pased by o less a damaticctic tha eoge Bead Shaw,who called his movemet most pogessive Mahatma adhi the diapeed champio of staged ovolece caled o potagoist a"spema Accodg to the theAchbishop of Cateby o fst 
paye was "the oe geat fige iEope. Ad Wsto S. Chchillalso heaped citical accoade o this pefome ifomg hm that if they wee cotyme  a se  wod have bee with yo fo be-gig to ed ..  ad potito hs getle ad sme beag ad his calm detached poe The woddecaed pomiet bae Otto 
The web of crprat sciaism tat assun ound Italy ad Geray threates teU.S. ody. Unde Hitler, in the Thities, for xame,he te ook u o
pecet of incoe; here the figure i ow
percent. Regulation, ce controls, atiol lannig, adoher ocali ides hve been ioed
Kahn of this leading player "owes hi a det of gratitdeOr second character in the words of French intellectal Andr ide"ehaves lie a genis I particlary adire the diversity of his eth-ods  Soon even those he vanqishes will feel copeled while crsing hi to adire hi "Lier-al historian Arnold Toynee was sre this was a an of peace And the president of Hnter Colege de-clared in 934 that this leading anwas "destined to go down to history as a cross etween Hotspr and Uncle Toy and to e as iortal as eitherWel now The fact is that lie Hotspr oth of these draaticfigres are now food for worsThs as the Prince said of Hotspr"Ilweaved aition how ch art tho shrn! For the two inaries here descried were respectively Benito Mssolini and Adolf HitlerFor years of corse or coen-tators have excoriated Fascis as the worst of a possile worlds Bt "Liera acconts stop with the an-tiSeitis oornings concentration caps and wartie atrocities of the Axis powers Ignored is the 
coectivist ideology that ade sch 
otrages possie if not inevitale
The trth is that Fascis springs 
fro a conspiratorial appeal for 
power to the ower and iddle casses 
via handots peritting eitistat the top to cal the shots while theselves reang protected fro the restant confiscationsAnd that description now hits very close to hoeWeare not iicing the radicals and Reds who niversaly rand their eneies as "Fascists to distract attention fro their own style of to-talitarianis Nor are we saying the United States has ecoe a Fascist contry Rather we are pointing with concern to the trend in that directionand the siiarities to what happened in taly and erany earlier in this centry
talan Fascsm
Mssoini chose as the syol for his Blacshirts the 
a nde of rods ond together with a pro-trding lade which had een sed as a syol of athority nder the ancient RoansThe fasces appearsin fact on the US tencent pieceand it aso was on the coat of ars of the French RepicansSo ch for the origin of the naeOf ore interest is the fact that the spposedy "rightwing Mssoini was nothing of the sort* He was 
*In 1904, for example Mussoini spoke atthe anniversary o he Pars Commune beorean adience otaans Germans French andRussans.

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