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Summary of Key Books on Conspiracy

Summary of Key Books on Conspiracy

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Published by Hal Shurtleff

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Published by: Hal Shurtleff on Jan 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Don Eckelkamp -Aerican Opnon
A Sumary Of Key 800ks n
Robert W ee
is  gdte of the Univesity of Uth nd  fome opotion pesident He is  Contibting Edito fo
 Rvi   
whee his "Fom The Hoppe nd "A Cpitl Repot olmns ppe eglly
nbr  Arican 
ar rily cncrn ab hgr  gvrnn an i inr-in in narly vry ac  ir liv h ihring  raiinalanar  raliy, h irbing a   cny an alli -ic rbl In inrnainalaair hy av in  all n cnry ar anr in
Cni an, grn angry aUS invvn in nin ar anvi i aar  vlin  aU.S. rign licy ic r ca a rrnr r nain inr i blring nrinlyrgi nrining rinly nan ring  ign  cvrly aniArican agnci a hUni ain.
Wil rcgniing an laning  an r angr ign, anyArican rain cnu abu xn  ic ur nainal aninrnainal ill ar  rul  r canc. y nr i all   iar ar rally  cn-qunc  ba jugn an i-a by linnin l, r 
r y rul r  illulacin  clr cnirar rin  brng u  ur nr ay a bn a i, in nian a, n carciy  riab nrain u-ring  cniracy rya  "accin ry lauibl In rcn yar, r, inc ining  cniracya a ajr acr cnribuing any  ur rbl a bc abunan, an  raily aail-abl  any illing   i u,a  cal a i in ar   cniracy analy ur ur- r i briy  ri ny   b ic rn ainc, an  r n ag ry-nin a biblgray  n unrlu a  inigaing cn-iracy ry ul n uu.rr n Rbin' 
ProosOf A Conspiracy
ir ubli in178, i$ a ajr urc  inrain abu  rr   Ilui-nai,  cr cbinain unn May 1, 1776, in aaria by In-gla Uniriy rr AaWiau. Rying aily n rr n cun (ic rcnica an a ublic by grnn cial uring  1780),rr Rbin cnir  r-r ulia gal  a bn rucn  all nainal rign-y in ar  a  Wrl rr. aci a n, Wiau ani llr ug  abli alli rlign (an cialy Criian rligin an i ral r2c), abi ria rry, -ry ariic nin, an ri r ar url igan in  ay  r n Wrlbjci.Any an, air r ul r b cnn,  lng a y ciy r  rr' gal.Eucain a  b caur ("Wu in  cn l n rycrnr. i il b bain ciyby an   c.);  c-unicain ia r  b cn-rl ("I a rir ubli anying a arac nic, an i inil ju, bu  n accr iur lan,  u naur  ini r, r cry i.); an, rulng aurii r  b ur-run by  rr agn ("i  .ur uy  urrun  ii 
the Odes]
br,  a ran ay a n acc ....W u  ur u rcur  aancn  Il-luinai in all iran ciil -c) . aralll bn  gal,, an rganiain   Il-luinai, an   unry rlunary n in xinc -ay ar rarabl. ug u-y ur an iban in 1780,  iri   Wiaurr rain alia H illingn 
Fire In heMinds O Men Origins O heRevolutionary Faith
cr in clarly ail cr   cr rganiain (an  rluinari  jin ) c rur  aning   FrncRluin in  la ign cnury   bginning   Ruan Rluin in  arly ni. Inclu, nauraly, i a -criin   Illuinai, icrr ilingn cnc ar inunc lling i xur an "urin an br.
Many Americans have been wonderng if ou serious national and international crisesare really the consequences of honest mistakes or whether they result from the wlful actons of ceer conspiators.
n recent years theevidence ointing to the latter has tipped thescales in favor of conspiracy analysts
And there are fascinating accountsof the surprisingy important rolewhich such factors as music language (including fithy speech geometrc symbos (especiay circles andtriangles) numbers dress codes
have played in revolutionary move-mentsProfessor Bington confirmsmany caims made by "conspracytheorists over the years Yet he ishmself cosey assocated wth eements of the "Libera Estabishment For exampe he is a member of the Counc on Foreign Rea-tons directs the Woodrow WilsonInternationa Center for Schoars received his doctorate as a RhodesScholar at Oxford has taught at both Harvard and Prnceton and wasCharman of the Board of ForeignScholarship which runs the world-wide Fulbright Schoarship Program
Fie n The Minds Of Men
s a
important work in its own right but is especialy so consderinthe credentias of ts authorDr Bilngton is not the ony scho
ar with Estabishment ties to con-tribute dramatc support for the conspiracy theory In 1966 Professor Carro Qugley of Georgetown Un-versty competed his 1300pagestudy
Tragedy And Hpe A Hstry Of The Wrld In O Tme
aportion of whch s devoted to a de
scription of the secret maneuvers of a network of internationa bankng families strvng to contro the finances and affairs of governmentsncuding our own Dr Quigeywrites: "I know of the operations of this network because I have studiedt for twenty years and was permitted for two years in the early1960s to examine ts papers and se-cret records I have no aversion to t or to most of ts ams and havefor much of my life been close toit and to many of ts nstruments I have objected both in the past andrecently to a few of its pocies but in general my chef differenceof opinion is that it wishes to reman unknown and I beieve its rolein history s significant enough to beknownProfessor Qugley describes a se-cret society established in 189 byCecil Rhodes (of Rhodes Scholarshipfame) Its purpose was to unite theEnglishspeaking peopes then bring the remaining habitable parts of theplanet under their control After thedeath of Rhodes the actvties of that secret socety were carried on byhis successors who establshed sem-secret "Round Table groups in thechief British dependencies and theUnited States The Round Tabes inturn founded the Royal Institute of Internationa Affairs An American3

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