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Executive Coaching Case Histories+Coachg Benefits

Executive Coaching Case Histories+Coachg Benefits

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Published by John M. Read

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Published by: John M. Read on Nov 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Executive Coaching Case Histories
What is it like to be coached? How effective can it be? Let’s hear from those who havebeen coached…
Case 1: Mid-level Bank Executive responsible for Country Operations, after 6 monthscoaching:Solid Learnings
Ask more questions, covering a broader range (content, process, people). Don't be one-dimensional around performance
Don't compete with my team; compete with competitors (other banks, Group, other countries)
Awareness is important, but don't be overly self-critical; I can (and have done) much of what we are working on
Focus on other person's needs (e.g., Bill’s need to be seen as running his team)
Inspire and connect with others by sharing my emotions
Leadership will require listening, questioning, giving/receiving feedback, solutions focus,coaching, and change management
Getting better at each will require baby steps...but that's okay
Things That Have Made A Difference
Coaches’ willingness to make me feel uncomfortable when I am gliding into my comfortzone/bad habits (e.g., when I start competing with you to make a point, you point out thatI am competing with you, which is counterproductive)
Coaches’ insightfulness about who I am, what makes me tick, and development areas(e.g., my discomfort in asking questions about feelings)
Coaches’ broader experience and the context this brings (e.g., the suggested approachof bringing Bill into the fray proactively ahead of the Paris trip)
Coaches’ genuine interest in helping me develop
Coaches’ emphasis on helping me to find my own solutions in the future (teaching me tofish)
Case 2: Mid-level CFO Executive responsible for Regional Operations, after 3 monthscoaching:
What are some benefits that are appearing evident? How convinced is the coacheethat this is the leadership style he wishes to exemplify?
The benefits are:
“Managers are more forward in giving suggestions in problem solving;feel that they are the contributing positively to the well being of the staff’s workingenvironment and increasing the productivity.…I am convinced that this new leadership style is the way forward in my dealing with allmy managers and that both the managers and myself will also benefit from it in terms of openness, improvement in mutual trust and increase in productivity, in the long term.”
What are some challenges that the manager is encountering in practicingthis new style of leadership?
More time consuming in arriving at a decision or taking action. Some staff thinks that hehas turned “soft”, not having his own opinion, indecisive, etc. He is confident that timewill prove that he is still as decisive, as action-oriented as before. The only change isthe newer approach he adopted.
To what extent have there been instances of reverting to old habits whenthere is pressure of deadline or heavy activities? What can be learned fromthese to prevent future recurrences?
There are indeed occasions when old habit creep back. These happened when themanager felt the pressure of deadline or events are out of his control. To prevent suchrelapse, he would try to keep his cool, under all circumstances.
What is being done to encourage staff to communicate directly with eachother? Why is this an important effort?
When staff brings out issues the solution of which may involve another staff, I will askwhether he has indeed discussed the matter with that staff. If the answer is no, I willencourage him to do so. I will also do a follow up to ensure that it is done.This is an important effort as it inculcates a culture whereby the staff will resolve issuesamongst themselves and only bring up to me issues that cannot be resolved. Onlythrough this way that the managers could grow and be confident of making decision andthat I will be freed to have more time on other more pertinent issues.
Case 3: Branch Manager, Financial Services mid-coaching assignment:
I really was surprised at myself during the conversation we had because the coach wasable make me reflect on what I should do instead of assuming what I want to do. I wastoo eager to want to rush in to do something without giving much thought about it first.After talking to the coach, I will be planning to talk to the 2 staff whom I have identified,using a more structured manner and using the skills that have been taught and be ableto convince them to commit on the objectives that they set.After talking it over with the coach I plan now to do the following:Briefly, for the new recruit, I will help him to build his confidence and competency level inour company and to develop him into a professional Executive who will be able to workindependently in 6 months time.For the second, I will help her to identify and develop her weaknesses and areas shewould need to improve and develop on things she has not done previously, beforeembarking her on her future plans and ambition to want to move up the corporate ladder quickly. I will set a time frame of 12 months for her to get her ready.

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