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My Story - The Evolution of The Trust Frequency Vision

My Story - The Evolution of The Trust Frequency Vision

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Connie's life journey and the experiences that led to the vision of The Trust Frequency - soon to be a book: THE TRUST FREQUENCY: 10 Assumptions for a New Paradigm" co-authored by Andrew Cameron Bailey.
Connie's life journey and the experiences that led to the vision of The Trust Frequency - soon to be a book: THE TRUST FREQUENCY: 10 Assumptions for a New Paradigm" co-authored by Andrew Cameron Bailey.

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: Connie Baxter Marlow on Jan 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Story – Connie Baxter MarlowThe Evolution of The Trust FrequencyRaised in Maine in a family of visionary philanthropists who lived a life of servicethrough the political realm as governors, mayors, legislators and communityleaders, I noticed that not everyone lived according to the reality of generosity andlove for their fellow humans. In fact, looking around as a teenager, I realized thatsomething was missing in our understanding that led us to creating a world out-of-balance. I set about finding what I call “the missing pieces of the prevailingparadigm.” A misfit in upper middle class New England, at nineteen I took up withan Austrian ski champion, thinking that in Europe I would find what I was lookingfor. I went to Europe after graduating in 1968 from UC Berkeley in Economics anddisappointingly only found the roots of the thinking that I found myself enmeshedin.Then, in 1976, in a bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I picked up a book of Native American poetry and I knew at that moment that I had discovered themissing pieces I was seeking: 500 Indian Nations knew the pathway to the heartand had a resonance to all of life and the unseen forces of the universe. The AAAIndian Country map that I had with me spoke to me, and told me that I had destinythere.When I became a mother in 1980, I knew, that to bring appropriately educatedadults to the human community I would have to expose my children to NativeAmerican thinking and way of life. This was not an easy task. My children and Ispent many years “on the outside looking in” through the window of the dances atthe Pueblos near Santa Fe. Then, in 1990, as a result of what I call “The Malaise” aphysically debilitating illness, and being thrown from a horse at full gallop on a foxhunt, I saw a shamanic healer, again in Santa Fe. I was living in Aspen, Coloradoraising my three children in a rather radical manner at the time, in response to theinformation that had come to me regarding the human heart and the human spirit.Mothering was a serious matter to me; my contribution to the evolution of thespecies. The next generation. Shortly after that visit to the healer my life flippedup-side down. Watches began to stop, then start on time. Serendipitous eventsbegan to show me things and tell me things about the nature of the universe. Anintuitive consultant opened the door for me to leave my three children, the
youngest of which was 4 and head to Hopiland where I was to “click into mydestiny path.” He had informed me that the relationship with the Native Americanswas not about my children –it was about me and the role I was to play in the future.My purse was stolen days before I was to leave, so I had to “rebirth” myself bygetting all new identification. I climbed in my van and headed to Hopiland withinformation about the Hopi Prophecy that had been handed to me by some Bahifolks in Aspen. On the way, I saw the head of Christ in the rock formation outsideof Palisade, Colorado. I’m not a Christian, never been to church to speak of, andthere in the rock was the head with the crown of thorns. I was blown away.In that two-week trip to Hopi, I indeed came to understand my purpose and the roleof the Indian in the future of humanity, and I made friends with Hopis on the threemesas, returning for years with my son who subsequently dropped out of firstgrade. The friendships have continued and my destiny with the Hopi has still toplay out. Andrew and I share the important Hopi prophecy and way of life throughour INNsitute At Sedona, our film
and ourphotography exhibition:
 Rhythms of Creation. Impressions of Indigenous Peoplesof the World.
Not long after returning from that trip I met Wallace Black Elk, whom I call a“walking phenomenon.” Experiencing the reality of this great Lakota “spiritinterpreter” I saw through his stories a glimpse into a larger reality. If he could talk to rocks and animals and learn from them, and hear the trees sing, then so can therest of us, I figured. I formed an organization called Friends of Earth People and Ibegan to create forums for visionary elders to share their understanding of thenature of the universe. People thought I was crazy. Even the Indians wonderedwhat I was talking about: A synthesis that will occur between the whiteunderstanding and the red knowing that will bring a whole new way of walking onplanet Earth – a way of walking in balance that has never been here before.(Wallace said one night after a sweat lodge – “Man has doubted the Creator sincethe beginning, and that doubt has plagued him.” It was then I knew that trueTRUST has never been on the planet and we are going to walk in Trust very soon.)This was given for me. An absolute – this WILL happen in our lifetime. We WILLcome to understand what the indigenous peoples know about the nature of thehuman heart and the workings of the universe and the melding of our gifts WILLbring Peace on Earth – Heaven on Earth. It has to, it’s all there is.An understanding of the Trust Frequency came from my association with the many
visionary elders who then came into my life and personal experiences that broughtme information. I could tell when I was being shown a piece of Truth by theenergies and I would just add that to my worldview. We are sharing this worldviewwith you in this book. When Andrew and I met I saw immediately that weresonated to the same knowing and that our meeting was, in fact, divinelyorchestrated. We have each enhanced the unfolding of our shared vision insignificant ways within a context of love and life partnership. It has been a greatrelief to fly together with a fellow eagle high into the realms of Spirit from whencewe can “report back all that we see” – a job description given me in an Ayawaska journey several years ago.So, I’ll thank Wallace Black Elk for being my “seeing eye dog” into another realityand for being a good friend over fifteen years. I miss you, Grandfather. I’ll thank Grandmother Bertha Grove and her son Alden Naranjo, Ute elders for sharing yourwisdom and being my friends, Grandmother Kitty, Gram Twylah, MarilynYoungbird and Larry Littlebird for giving me important clues and Arnie Neptune,for joining me on the “Connie and Arnie show” as we traveled through Maine overthe years sharing his heart-felt understanding of the love that drives all things;Henry David Thoreau for being a bridge between the mystical and the practicalwho has yet to have his true day in the sun. All my Hopi friends, Ernestine,Catherine, Ramona, Marcella and others who have been there through the years;the Maya friends in the jungles of Chiapas – Chan K’in Quarto and family, mychildren Alison,(28) Consi (26) and Jonny (22) who have joined me on this journey and who took my hand and led me into the unknown as I honored mycommitment to their hearts and spirits. Finally I thank my father and mother Jack and Alice Baxter who respected my divine autonomous sovereign beingness fromthe outset and my ancestors before them – William and Alice Mullins who climbedaboard the Mayflower with their daughter Priscilla seeking freedom of conscienceand my great, great grandfather James Phinney Baxter who drives me to this day tocarry on the vision of a great nation which could lose its way if it doesn’tremember the inspiration of its founders.
Peace Within, Peace Without, Peace on Earth

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