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The Return

The Return

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Published by char002

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Published by: char002 on Nov 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The R eturn The sky was red. A new day was beginning. Myfriends and I always looked forward to a new day as this meantthat the time were we can go and meet our families was near.It also meant that we were still alive unlike some of the othersoldiers both enemies and friends. We were all exhausted,battered and everyone was quiet, each one of us lost in ourown world of thoughts. Our commander came in the tentannouncing that he had good news. We went still,all hopingthat the good news was that this was all over. It was. We weregoing home after the long never ending days and months of hearing the cries of the dying and bullets whizzing past ourheads.All of us had mixed feelings as we were afraid thatthis was only a dream and that we’ll wake up in our tents backin France. The sound of the train’s wheels fainted in thedistance as my head lolled and I fell into a deep sleep. I waswoken up by the jerk of the train on its tracks while it sloweddown until it stopped altogether. I picked up my luggage whichconsisted of only a small backpack. I couldn’t wait to meet myparents, my two sisters and my two younger brothers. I gazedat the mass of people all gathered to see their relatives. Therewere Christmas decorations and the Christmas lights blindedme for a split second unaccostomed to the dazzling lights.I heard my name being called and in that instant I feltat home once again. I turned around and saw my motherrushing towards me, enveloping me in a bear hug with tears of  joy in her eyes. I returned the hug, too emotional to utter aword. I felt two pairs of small hands tugging at mycamouflaged jacket. I squatted and picked up my two brothers,they started bombarding me with questions to which Ianswered wholeheartedly. My two sisters came towards meeach hugging me in return and finally I was welcomed back bymy father and engulfed me in a hug.

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