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Light-Emitting Diode –1924 –SiC –Lossev
Light emission in first LED
History of AlGaAs IR and red LEDs
One of the first application of LEDs
History of GaP red and green LEDs
Red GaP LEDs
Application for GaP:N green LEDs
Radiative electron-hole recombination
Radiative recombination for low-level excitation
Recombination lifetime: Theory versus experiment
Nonradiative recombination in the bulk
Recombination mechanisms
Visualization of defects
Shockley-Read recombination
Nonradiative recombination at surfaces
Demonstration of surface recombination
P-n junction band diagram
Diode current-voltage characteristics
Diode forward voltage
Non-ideal I-V characteristics
Methods to determine series resistance
Carrier distribution in pn homo-and heterojunctions
Carrier overflow in double heterostructures
Saturation of output power due to leakage
Electron blocking layers
Emission spectrum
The light escape cone
Light escape in planar LEDs
Far-field patterns
Effect of encapsulant
Temperature dependence of emission intensity
Temperature dependence of diode voltage
Drive circuits
Homostructures versus double heterostructures
Efficiency versus active layer thickness
Doping of active region
Non-radiative recombination and lifetime
Lattice matching
Pseudomorphic layers
Current-spreading layer
Theory of current spreading
Current crowding in LEDs on insulating substrates
Theory of current crowding
Experimental evidence of current crowding
Current blocking layers
Double heterostructures
Shaping of LED dies
Rectangular parallelepiped shape versus cylinder
Truncated inverted pyramid (TIP) LED
Cross-shaped contacts and other contact geometries
Transparent substrate technology
AS versus TS technology
LED with Reflectors
Distributed Bragg reflectors
RCLED design rules
RCLED spectrum and performance
650nm RCLED for plastic optical fiber (POF) communications
Power package
Flat glass versus lens package
Thermal resistance
Visible-spectrum LEDs
The AlGaAs/GaAs material system
The AlGaInP/GaAs material system
GaN material system
Optical characteristics of high-brightness LEDs
Temperature dependence
Light output power (LOP) versus current
Electrical characteristics of high-brightness LEDs
Forward voltage versus temperature
Comparison –Efficiency of LEDs versus other light sources
Comparison across spectrum
The “green gap”
Comparison: Light bulb versus LED
Spectral sensitivity of rods and cones
Photopic and scotopicvision regime
History of photometric units
Eye sensitivity function and luminous efficacy
Luminous flux and efficiency
Colorimetry and color matching functions
MacAdam ellipses
Color purity and dominant wavelength
LEDs in the chromaticity diagram
White illuminant –the solar spectrum
Planckian spectrum or black-body radiation spectrum
Color temperature
Color mixing
Example of color rendition
Reflectivity of color sample objects
Color rendering index (CRI)
Color rendering
Color render index examples
Simplest approach: Dichromatic sources
Luminous efficacy of dichromatic light sources
Wavelength converter materials –phosphors
Wavelength converter materials –dyes
Wavelength converter materials –semiconductors
Efficiency of white light source based on LEDs
Formula for efficiency of white light source based on LEDs
White LEDs based on phosphor converters
Proximate and remote phosphor distributions
White LEDs based on semiconductor converters
Spectrum of PRS-LED
Multi-LED white light sources
Analysis of tri-chromatic LED source
Demonstration of trichromatic source
Luminous efficacy and CRI of tri-chromatic source
Tri-chromatic white LED sources
Further information: Light-Emitting Diodes
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