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Block Zacher.sent.Notes

Block Zacher.sent.Notes

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Published by: CLDC_GS on Jan 14, 2012
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Report from Sentencing for Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher,6/1/07On Friday, June 1, in Eugene federal court, Judge Ann Aikensentenced Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher. Judge Aiken agreedto sentence both defendants together in one hearing.Presenting: Kirk Engdall for the federal governmentEngdall began by recounting the history of activism by Nathanand Joyanna. He said that in the Spring of '99 the two met inSeattle, WA preparing for the anti-World Trade Organizationsthere. Zacher also met Bill Rodgers, Suzanne Savoie and LaceyPhillabaum in Seattle during this time period.Nathan Block grew up in Maine, but studied at Evergreen inOlympia, WA and did took out loans thinking that he would nothave to repay them because anarchy would prevail and the worldwas going to end anyway. During the anti-WTO protests, Nathanpacked his bag with rocks and acting alone threw rocks at policeand windows.During the WTO confrontation, Joyanna joined the black block.She also was involved with planning an action at Cargill. Shefailed in an attempt to steal a license plate for the action and theplan was abandoned because of police contact. During theprotests, Joyanna was arrested while acting with "the black blockvandals" and released a flyer touting the actions of the WTOprotest anarchists that claimed that Seattle was "just abeginning." The following year Nathan and Joyanna went to Joshua Tree, CAfor an Earth First! rendezvous and there participated in "circles"with Rodgers to discuss property destruction. Engdall stated thatthese "circles" were precursors to the "Book Club" meetings.In March of 2000, they attended their first "Book Club" meetingwhich coincided with the Environmental Law Conference inEugene, OR. At the meeting they used fake names andparticipants were given "clean" instructions on incendiarydevices. "Clean" in this sense meant that the instructions wereprepared wearing gloves, so that they had no trace evidence. At
the meeting, Joyanna was criticized for her dress (black pants,camo vest and dreadlocks) because her appearance could drawunwanted attention. Nathan was invited to the meeting by Joyanna but was never fully accepted because of "arrogantattitudes."In the second "Book Club" meeting, held later the same year in Tucson, AZ, incendiary devices were discussed as well assecurity. An email account was set up for communication and acode book was introduced. Following the meeting an anti-geneticengineering action was carried out against Monsanto inWashington State in August. Sickles, scythes and hands wereused for the decontamination. The following month, Bill Rodgers, Nathan and Joyanna traveledfrom Olympia to Santa Cruz for another "Book Club" meeting. Onthe way, Rodgers stopped in Eugene to make a pot drop-off. InSanta Cruz, the meeting took place in a motel room by the beach.A primary topic was the construction of timing devices and theuse of "clean rooms." Joyanna was responsible for food, soshoplifted an entire cartful and returned to the motel room toshare the "booty." Nathan went by "Hasan" during the three-daymeeting and jokes were made about making a movie of the cell,and which actors they would get to play themselves.In January of 2001, the fourth "book club" meeting took place inOlympia, where Rodgers' alleged sexual assault of a woman atthe Earth First! Rendezvous was heatedly discussed. This was BillRodgers last appearance at "book club" meetings. The following month, Nathan and Joyanna participated in a treespiking action at the Judie timber sale in the Umpqua NationalForest. Over 180 trees were spiked, low and high. A communiquéwas issued. In March 2001, they participated in actions at OregonState University's genetic research facility in Corvallis, Oregon,and at Klamath Falls, Oregon facility in which GE trees weregirdled (the bark stripped to destroy the cambium layer) in orderto kill them.Meyerhoff participated in the decontamination, and asked Nathanto participate in an arson at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene. Joyanna was invited later. Devices for the arson were constructed
in Olympia at Nathan and Joyanna's residence and in a nearbyforest. Before the arson, Nathan, Joyanna and Bill Rodgersperformed reconnaissance. On the evening of the action, Joyannaand Tubbs acted as lookout while Nathan and the others placedthe devices. Driving away from the scene, Nathan observed thecars starting to catch fire and commented that it looked likesomething from a comic book. He joked during his governmentdebrief that he "was in it for the adventure". Nathan had only oneoffering for the communiqué, which was, "The time is right. Fightback."After Romania, Joyanna was asked to join another group of allwomen in Northern Idaho to plan an action against the PotlatchCompany. Joyanna performed recon and the action was called off due to police driving by. The lookout failed to notice the policecar, and Joyanna called the action off due to lax security.Meyerhoff then recruited Nathan and Joyanna for the "DoubleWhammy" arsons at Jefferson Poplar and the University of Washington. The team met in Olympia, and performed a "dryrun" the week before the action. The timing devices were storedat Nathan and Joyanna's house. On the night of the arsons, Joyanna acted as lookout, Savoie was both lookout and driver,while the others placed the devises. Afterwards, all returned toOlympia where an argument took place about devices theythought may have failed. Engdall said that Lacey Phillabaum hadexpected the firefighters at the UW fire the same night to quellthe fire before it spread to the rest of the building. Twocommuniqués were issued which Engdall said made threats tothe state government, qualifying this action for the terrorismenhancement.In June, 201, Meyerhoff, Gerlach, Kolar, Savoie, Phillabaum,Nathan and Joyanna traveled to Sisters, Oregon for the final"book club" meeting. At the meeting, some participants discussedmoving things to "the next level", meaning violence againstcorporate leaders. This provoked dissention among the group.Gerlach reports that Nathan did not advocate violence at whatturned out to be the last meeting. Engdall said that in the past,Nathan and Joyanna had participated in target practice with Bill

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