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Book of Mormon Scripture Journal Prompts

Book of Mormon Scripture Journal Prompts



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Published by Dana Ward Cockrum
These scripture Journal prompts are coordinated to work with the Book of Mormon Stores published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
These scripture Journal prompts are coordinated to work with the Book of Mormon Stores published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Published by: Dana Ward Cockrum on Jan 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lehi had animportantmessage forthe people ofJerusalem.What was it?
Lehi traveled withhis family into thewilderness. Whatwas Laman andLemuel
s reaction?What was Nephi
What wasthe Liahonaand how didit work?Nephi did notknow how tobuild a ship.How did he doit?
Joseph Smithread a scriptureverse thatencouraged him topray for ananswer. What wasit?
   T   h  e   L  o  r   d  w  a  n   t  e   d   N  e  p   h   i  a  n   d   h   i  s   b  r  o   t   h  e  r  s   t  o  m  a   k  e  a   d  a  n  g  e  r  o  u  s   j  o  u  r  n  e  y   b  a  c   k   t  o   J  e  r  u  s  a   l  e  m   t  o  g  e   t   t   h  e   b  r  a  s  s  p   l  a   t  e  s .   W   h  y  w  a  s   t   h   i  s  s  o   i  m  o  r   t  a  n   t   ?
Tell aboutLehi
s Dream.What did thetree & rodrepresent?
   T  e   l   l  a   b  o  u   t   t   h  e   t  e  r  r   i   b   l  e  s   t  o  r  m  a   t  s  e  a .    W   h  a   t   h  a  p  p  e  n  e   d   ?   W   h  y   ?   W   h  a   t  c  a  u  s  e   d   t   h  e  s   t  o  r  m   t  o  c  e  a  s  e   ?
Scripture Journal Prompts
These Scripture Journal Prompts are made toaccompany the Book of Mormon Scripture Storiespublished by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-daySaints. They are formatted to fit Avery label 5163 (10labels per sheet) but can also be printed, cut and glued.
   B   o   o    k
   o    f
    M   o   r   m   o   n   S   t   o   r   i   e   s
After they arrivedin the promisedland, Lehi died. Thefamily split into twogroups. What werethey called and whowas in each one?Alma hid inthewilderness.What did hedo during thistime?
Who wasSherem?
Who was KingLimhi? Howdid his peopleescape fromtheLamanites?
Tell about Almathe Younger andthe four sons ofMosiah.Who was Enos?What made himsuch a goodman?King Benjamintold thepeople manygreat things.Name 5 ofthem.
Who was KingNoah? Whatdid he do?Alma and hispeople werecaptured by theLamanites. Howdid they escape?
Who wasZeniff?
After Almathe youngerand the foursons ofMosiahrepented,what did theydesire to do?
Alma and Amulekmet Zeezrom.Who wasZeezrom andwhat happenedto him?
Ammon wentamong the peopleof Ishmael.What happenedwhile he wasamong thesepeople?What happenedto King Lamoni
sfather when heheard theteachings ofAmmon?
Who wasKorihor? Whatdid he do?What happenedto him?Who was Amlici?What did hispeople do?Whathappenedwhen Ammonmet KingLamoni
sfather?The people ofAmmon repentedand vowed tonever kill again.Did they keeptheir vow? How?
Alma and otherswent to preach tothe Zoramites.What strangethings were thepeople doing?
Who wasNEHOR?

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Lisa Gardner Walker added this note
Is no one else having a problem with printing these!? First I couldn't get into scribd then when I printed the first sheet the pictures did not line up with the stickers. The first two on the top are good but each one gets a little higher from there on down. Is there anyway to make these work? What do I need to do?
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